How to Score the Best Deals On Summer Concert Tickets

by Connie Mei · 2 comments

Summer is finally here! Warmer, sunnier weather means spending more time outdoors and enjoying new activities. One of the quintessential things to do during the summer is to attend an outdoor concert. It’s a great atmosphere to sit back, relax, and just enjoy the music.

Even though most of us would love to go to a concert in the summertime, it can get really expensive. For big name artists, tickets can easily cost a few hundred dollars or even in the thousands.

With a little bit of research and persistence though, you can find some good deals on concert tickets. Unless you want to be stuck in the nosebleed section, take a look at these tips to score a deal on summer concert tickets.

Check Out StubHub

If you’ve ever tried to either buy or resell tickets to any musical or sporting event, you’ve probably heard of StubHub is a marketplace where anyone can resell and buy tickets.

Since you’re not buying direct, you’ll likely find a good deal. Take your time and check the site regularly. You can set up an alert so that StubHub will send you an email if tickets go below a specified price.

Separate From Your Group

If you’re going to a concert, you’re probably going with a group of friends. No one wants to sit alone but it might be a lot cheaper if you do.

Often times, single seats are difficult to sell so concert organizers will discount them to sell them quickly. It’s not ideal to be separated from the group but you’ll still be able to enjoy the music and catch up with them later. It’s usually so loud that you aren’t able to talk anyway.

Find Free Local Events

The great thing about summer is that there is always something to do. No matter where you live, there are bound to be free local events to keep you entertained.

Check out the websites for public spaces in your area and see what’s going on. For example, there are often free concerts held in Central Park in New York City in the summer months.

Buy Tickets at the Door

If you’re flexible, you might be able to try your luck the day that the concert is expected to play. Unsold seats may be discounted and sold through the box office the day of the show.

You’ll probably have to get there early and get a place in line if you want to snag some. Try sites like StubHub they day of too, as there many be some ticket holders who need to get rid of theirs last minute.

The summer is the perfect time to go to a concert. But don’t get stuck spending a fortune on it. With these tips, you can find a great deal.

What are some other tips for saving money on concerts? How do you find the best deals?

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  • Adam @ says:

    Hm… I don’t see the #1 ticket resale market mentioned – Craigslist. That’s where I buy the bulk of my tickets, typically last minute.

  • Mrs. Budgets says:

    Coachella is a big concert in my area. The past 2 years we bought pre-sale tickets (which always sell out that day) and than re-sold than on StubHub. We’ve made over 30% profit both times, even accounting for StubHub’s enormous cut.

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