­­­­My son just started his junior year of high school, and although I have plenty of time to make a decision, I’m already contemplating what I want to give him for a graduation present in a few years. Television shows and movies tend to exaggerate what teens get from their parents for high school graduation. A brand new car might seem like a common gift, but the digital radio alarm clock I received from my parents is likely closer to the norm. Still, what if parents could give their child a Hollywood worthy graduation present? Would you believe me if I said you could give your son or daughter $60,000 for a graduation present? Here’s how I think you can do just that.
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wallet full of money
I’ve been getting a lot of flack for how much I spend lately. I’ve been told I spend too much on a cause I’m involved with. I’ve been told I spend too much on going to the spa. I’ve been told I spend too much on travel.

It’s true that I like spending money, but just because I’m spending money doesn’t mean that I’m being totally irresponsible with my finances. What’s actually important is to figure out what really matters to you and your future.

So take a step back and reconsider what you’re spending money on.

Once I did that, I realize that while I spend what other people might consider more than I should – or that I spend money on things that I shouldn’t – the reality is that I’m still okay because I pay myself first.
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You love your friends and family, and you’d do absolutely anything to help them.

Then one day, your friend is late on rent and asks to borrow $500 from you. He promises to pay you back when he gets his next paycheck, but you’re not so sure.

You’re worried that loaning out money could put a strain on your relationship – but you really want to help your friend in his time of need.

What should you do?
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healthy breakfast
I wouldn’t call my daughter a picky eater exactly. She has always been great about eating fruits and vegetables, but it was always on her terms. She would rather just play than actually sit and eat. What’s worst, she used her hunger as a bedtime stalling tactic many times in the past. Her eating preferences resulted in a lot of wasted food, time, and money over the past few years. Thankfully a few adjustments to our rules helped transform meal time and ultimately saved us money, so let me share those with you.
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Life can be full of unexpected surprises. No matter how much we plan, prepare, and set out to accomplish certain goals in life, life usually has other plans.

It’s in those crisis moments when we feel like we are off our “path”. A layoff, a breakup, a divorce, a move, or a financial emergency can derail your life order and have you feeling out of sorts.

When I was 22, I had a series of events that occurred that threw everything off. Within a period of six months, I dealt with a breakup, a layoff, a car accident, and the passing of my grandmother. On top of that, all the stress was literally making me sick.

At a fairly young age, when I was trying to make it on my own, it felt like everything was working against me. Everything felt hard.
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College tuition has steadily been increasing over the past several decades. In the last five years alone, it has skyrocketed by 28.9 percent.

While the four-year cost for an in-state university was around $42,000 in 2021, the price tag is projected to be around $350,000 in 18 years – which is just after the time my two kids will be college-aged.

As I take a deeper look into my financial plan, I’m torn. Should I be diligently saving for their education, or should I be investing my extra money into my own retirement account?
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