work from home
Many people want to start their own business, and consider a venture that can be managed entirely at home a dream come true. This allure of being your own boss is a powerful thing, but not everyone is ready to do what it takes.

Working from home comes with its own challenges, and you have to be prepared. Here are are a few considerations to think about before you dive right in.

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cheap decorating tips

With the growing popularity of Pinterest and shabby-chic decorating, consumers are finding out that unconventional decorating is fun and money-saving.

Pottery Barn is a big source of inspiration for recycling old worktables and mason jars into useful parts of your home. An old wine bottle collection can become your new chandelier, or an antique baby bed can serve as a desk for your toddler.

When it comes to unconventional decor, the best approach is to start with what you can find and use your creativity to craft something useful. Estate sales, flea markets, and yard sales are great sources of fodder for your redecorating project. And if you have the ability to sandblast or weld your treasures, you can also shop around at the local junkyard.

Here are twenty ideas for unconventional decorating:

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retire earlyWe cannot change the cards we were dealt, but we can certainly increase our chances of success by changing how we play the hand.

Tweaking our outlook can dramatically improve our life. There’s no doubt about it. In fact, there are plenty of tricks we can employ to improve our finances by adjusting how we view the steps needed to achieve financial freedom. Here are a few ways to help you do what’s necessary by just changing how you look at each situation.

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europe on a budget
I got back from a life-changing a 2-week adventure across Spain and Portugal a little over a month ago.

I explored Madrid, where my love of traveling first hit me. I met up with my friend who is teaching abroad in Nerja and ended my trip in the oh-so-charming Lisbon.

It was perfect and exactly what I needed. I was working all the time for months prior, so this vacation was my much needed break and a restart button on my life and debt repayment goals.

Whenever I tell people about traveling though, most people instantly ask me, “But isn’t traveling expensive?” Yes, it is. But it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. I managed to travel abroad for 2 weeks and spend just under $1,000.

Here’s how I did it.
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debt and interest
Taking on debt really seems like a great idea: You can make a purchase you might not otherwise be able to afford, and you can pay it off in small increments. Even though you are paying interest, the inconvenience seems to be worth it, since you can have what you want now.

But are you thinking of all the ways debt is affecting you?

Interest – paying someone else for the privilege of borrowing money – might be the most obvious cost associated with debt, but there are other costs too:

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cheap conference

Conferences can be a pricey proposition, requiring you to pay for a ticket, travel, a hotel room and meals out. Even if you have an employer willing to the foot the bill, they can be pricey in terms of just the time you’re investing in attending.

Luckily, there are approaches that can help you keep costs under control, while still getting the most of actually being at a conference. Here are seven such money saving tips.
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