all-inclusive resorts

My wife and I recently got back from our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, where all of our food and drinks were covered in the price of the room. Of course, this luxury came at a cost, as the nightly rate was quite high. If you stay at a resort or a hotel on vacation, how do you choose where you stay? Is the all-inclusive option a large factor?

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Have you ever read an article on how to save money on groceries only to find out that most of the tips are based around making all of your meals from scratch?

Yes, I totally agree that the best way to have a low grocery budget is to make all of your bread, yogurt, and more from scratch, while eating more bean-based meals. However, this advice is hard to follow if you don’t particularly like spending time in the kitchen.

I don’t hate cooking, but it’s something I would prefer to not to spend a lot of time doing, while still providing healthy meals for my family.

Here are a two tips to save money on groceries, even if you hate cooking.

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ways to save money

Our family sometimes comes up with some pretty crazy ideas to reduce spending. It’s fun to make a game of saving and talk about crazy ideas for saving money.

Some of the best ideas come from my middle-school child — and even the youngest has quite a few ideas that add up over time.

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We often get caught up in the idea of making more money. While almost no one will mind having a little extra cash each month, the reality is that earning money costs us in other parts of our lives. Time, for instance, is an finite resource we often give up just to get more into our wallets.

Is more money always worth having less time for everything else? What about the freedom and flexibility that having more time will offer? How do you value those?

I know for certain that I value freedom and flexibility more than I value money. I’m willing to make less money if I can improve my quality of life.
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women and finances

In many ways, women are in a strange financial place in the 21st century. Four in ten families now rely on Mom as the main breadwinner, and more women than men are graduating from college. Women’s financial responsibilities and opportunities are growing — but women’s attitudes towards finances have been much slower to change.

And because of that disconnect, there are often times when women shoot themselves in the foot financially.

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Summer is one of my favorite months as I love basking in the sun and enjoying the energy of the city. Where I live in Portland, Oregon, it’s rainy and dreary for nearly nine months of the year.

But thankfully, summertime is right around the corner, and for these three months, the weather is absolutely perfect. The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and the energy of the city is completely different — it feels vibrant and alive.

In years past, I’ve noticed my spending increases significantly in the summer. I want to be out and about and will pay the price for it. Luckily, I’ve found some frugal ways to enjoy summer without breaking the bank.

Here are a few of my favorite tips.

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