1. $64.99 Fios Internet Promotion

get-verizon-dealVerizon Fios 400 Mbps / 400 Mbps Internet Promotion for 64.99

  • No Annual Contract
  • Get $200 in Verizon Gift Card Plus 12 Months of AMC+ on Us
  • Save Up to $40 More with Unlimited Wireless
  • Fios Internet with Speeds of 400 Mbps Upload and 400 Mbps Download
  • Get Up to a $500 Credit to Help Cover Early Termination Fee from Another Provider
  • Must Sign Up for Auto-pay

Get the Verizon Fios Internet for $64.99/mo
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1. $55 AT&T Internet Fiber 300 Promotion

get att dealAT&T Promo for Internet Service

  • Get a $200 Reward Card
  • Only $55 a Month for 12 Months
  • Unlimited Data
  • Installation Included Plus a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Hotels.com coupons and Hotels.com coupon codes have started showing up all over the internet since the beginning of the company’s existence. With dirt-cheap rates to hotel rooms, amazing promotional coupons, as well as a spot-on domain name, Hotels.com was able to get the attention of many customers looking for accommodation when they travel. This page will continually be updated with the latest Hotels.com coupon and coupon codes so check back as soon as you figure out your destination for some great hotel deals.

Hotels.com Coupon Code Details

  • Get $20 with a 3 Night and $130+ Booking
  • Get $30 with a 5 Night and $200+ Booking
  • Get $50 with a 8 Night and $325+ Booking
  • Get $75 with an 10 Night and $500+ Booking
  • Get $100 with a 12 Night and $650+ Booking
  • The Hotels.com coupon code must be used at checkout. Then, you must print and mail the coupon to Hotels.com at Hotels.com Rebate Processing Department, 5000 West Kearney St., Springfield, MO 65803.
  • Get Double welcomerewards™ Points for Your Stay with a Minimum Two-Night Stay. Use Hotels.com Coupon Code WRDBLJ6
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    What does it take to get you to change your subscription from one television service to another? Clearly, your required term contract must be up, but then what? Dish Network, one of the largest providers of satellite TV, offers great promotional deals that will get you set up in a hurry and at a minimal cost. But are there any promotion codes that you can take advantage of too?

    Where To Look

    Dish Network does have offices here and there, but most of their business is conducted online or by phone. The best place to find promotions is in your local mail flyers and online while calling can be a hit or a miss. Still, sometimes the representative over the phone can give you an incredible deal, as he/she can search for what’s available that you may qualify for. Before you grab any deals, call them (888-504-3694) and see what they can offer!

    Since the competition is fierce between telecommunication firms, you can count on always finding some sort of promotion. Make good use of your favorite search engine and look for promo codes or coupons.

    New Dish Network Promotion Codes

    Dish Network is offering new codes for customers to get an even better deal now.

    Get Free Premium Movie Channels for 3 Months

    What You Might Find

    Since Dish specializes in television entertainment they are in a position to offer you some fantastic perks. The basic package includes access to ESPN and local channels, all-time favorite channels like USA, CMT, AMC, TV on your mobile devices, and 20 movie channels for free for the first three months. All of that only costs you $59.99 for the first year including DVR and Voice Remote. You can also hook up with high speed Internet for a bundled deal.

    Get 12 Free PayPerView Credits ($90 Value) – Expires 4/30/2022

    Get a 3-Year Price Guarantee of $49.99/mo on the America’s 120+ Package with Only a 2-Year Contract from DISH – Expires 4/30/2022

    • Same Package and Pricing for 2 Years
    • Free HD for Life
    • Free Professional Installation
    • Smart DVR and Voice Remote Included
    • Includes ESPN

    The Advantage of a Promo Code

    What makes finding a promo code so good? If you are going to get a television service anyway, why not save some money? If someone offered you $60 you would take it. That is effectively what Dish Network is doing with its promotional offers – handing you money. How much are you willing to work for that money? It rarely takes more than a couple of minutes to find a promotional offer.

    Dish Network is ready to save you money in order to attract your business by being the lowest-priced paid TV provider. If saving money is what you are after, then what are you waiting for?

    Travelocity promotional codes are found here. A Travelocity promo code only show up once in a while for each destinations but no worries if you are flexible because there are always deals and savings for other locations in the world. Whenever there’s an online deal available, the promotions will be listed below so check back often if you are looking for a discount on a particular destination. In fact, we list out all the officially sent out Travelocity promotional codes and promotions, so there is no need to check anywhere else.

    Site Wide Exclusive Travelocity Promotional Codes

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    Home Depot coupons are actually easier to find than you might imagine. The home improvement giant will regularly send out discounts, promotions, and deals to us and I’ve listed them conveniently for you here. If you came to look for Home Depot coupons or Home Depot coupon codes, you have absolutely come to the right place. Sometimes, they give a flat-out site-wide coupon code but other times, it’s deals for rugs, stoves, paint, wood, microwaves, you name it. You can always wait, but otherwise, check out all the coupons now.

    Home Depot Coupons Details

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    We all know Verizon. The company has become a household name, as ubiquitous as the Bell company was 60 years ago. What you may NOT know is that Verizon is constantly and consistently putting out Verizon promos, promotional deals, and coupon codes. Verizon promotions for existing customers are pretty good too, as they tend to want to reward loyal customers for re-upping their contracts or adding new services. Taking advantage of Verizon promotional deals is a great way to save some money on the services you want and need, such as Internet, TV, and cell service. It’s also a great way to save some big money on new cell phones and tablets.

    Verizon Promotions for 2017 Have a Lot to Offer

    Verizon seems to continue to up its game offering promotional deals. Competition is very fierce in the arena of cellular service, internet and TV offerings, and even the best of providers need to provide, in addition to great service, super promotions to keep potential (and existing!) clients interested. This is to your benefit! It is also a way to reward customers who are willing to go that little extra bit to get a deal. There are literally so many Verizon promos on at any one time, that you can pick and choose the plan you want and/or the device you want and save big money while doing it. There are two main categories of Verizon promotion codes. Those for cellular service, for internet, and for television. Let’s go ahead and break them down.

    #1: Verizon Promotional Deals for Cellular Service

    Verizon is first and foremost thought of by many people as a cellular service provider. Well, though they have the other services, their cellular service is second to none, and their promos are as well. They are the largest wireless carrier in the United States, and their 4G LTE network provides speeds up to a whopping 12 Mbps (Megabits per second), with peak download speeds of 50 Mbps! When searching for a Verizon promotion code for cell service, you normally need to do some serious shopping and decide what is important for you, as there are numerous deals available. As an added draw, Verizon is rolling out its 5G network in 2017, which promises to increase that download speed to more than 30 times faster! They also have free video data from many sites, including completely free data from the Go90 streaming video service!

    Choose Your Verizon Coupon Code Based On Your Needs

    One of the reasons that there are so many Verizon promotional offers available is that everyone has a different need. Many people find that they are interested in a particular phone or tablet. Some have families and need multiple lines, or they need to add a line to their current package. Others use huge amounts of data and need a large, or unlimited, cap. Still others may be eligible for special status promotions such as military and veteran discounts. It’s good to shop the offers available, keeping in mind what is important for you. For example, Verizon regularly offers brand new phones for free with an eligible trade-in, or at least with a hefty discount.

    Verizon Promos for Internet, Television and Phone

    Placing itself squarely in the arena as one of America’s fastest internet providers, Verizon has really come into its own, offering its FIOS (fiber optic service) in a number of major metropolitan areas. While you could pay full price for such a service, and get the blazing speeds of fiber optic cable to your home, why would you want to when there are so many promo codes available?

    As with the cellular service, you will need to pick and choose what is important to you. If you are looking for fast internet and television service, you might want to pick up on a Verizon Double Play promo bundle, combining the two services and saving good money on each. If you also want to cut the cord from the traditional phone company and add that into your service package, you could take advantage of the Verizon Triple Play promotional codes, bundling all three services into one package, which usually comes with a bunch of freebies and add-ons that save you even more money!

    Verizon Promotions for Existing Customers

    There are also promotions for existing customers. While most current offers are for new customers, these deals do exist. At the end of your contract, oftentimes you can take advantage of one of the new promotion codes and trade your old phone back in to get a brand-new top of the line phone, and lock in a new cellular plan as well.

    If you are going for internet and television, you can do the same, but sometimes calling Verizon directly works even better. If you are at the end of your FIOS contract, try calling their customer service line for upgrades and promotions for existing customers. The little bit of extra time could save you a bundle of money. It’s especially useful if you have one or two of the Verizon services, but not all three, and you can get in on a Fios Double Play or Triply Play promo.

    Questions About Verizon Promotional Codes

    Many people have specific questions about Verizon promo codes, so a bit of Q & A might just provide the answers to questions you didn’t even know you wanted to ask.

    How Much Does It Cost to Get Unlimited Data for Verizon?

    A common question for cellular users, this varies based upon the promo code Verizon is offering at any given time, the cellular plan you are going to sign up for, amongst other factors. The current promotion on offer is $80 for unlimited internet on a single line, or $45 per line for a four-line family plan. One very cool part of this plan is that you can tether up to 10 gigabytes per month at 4G LTE speeds at no extra cost.

    What Is Verizon Double Play?

    As we mentioned earlier, this is a Verizon promotion where you can add more than one service together to get big savings on your plans, as well as get extra value add-ons. By combining internet and television service, for example, you would save a lot more money than if you got them from different providers à la carte. The same goes for Verizon Triple Play, where you would be combining your cellular, internet and television services rolled up into one package. Some promos packages also come with freebies like HBO or another premium channel included, free home setup, a home phone, and more.

    How Do You Call Verizon From Your Cell Phone?

    This is one question that is asked frequently, and with good reason. The numbers are not always that easy to find on the net, especially if you are on another provider and are thinking about switching. The whole system is geared towards purchasing online or in a brick and mortar store, but sometimes there is nothing like the convenience of discussing something with a person from the comfort of your own home.

    If you are an existing customer and want to extend your FIOS service, you can call 1-877-745-9685, as we mentioned earlier.  If you are new to Verizon, call the Verizon consumer sales line at 1-800-256-4646. It will start with the automated system, but stay on the line and you can talk to an actual person. Many of the Verizon promotions online are available if you mention them to the customer representative, so do some research before you call to get the best deal possible.

    How Much Does Data Cost on Verizon?

    This is a tricky question. There is no one right answer, because Verizon has a number of different levels of data usage. Not everyone uses the same amount of data, so they have both cheaper and more expensive options based on your usage needs. For example, as previously mentioned, it’s currently $80 for unlimited data. If you need only 2GB a month, you can sign up for a $35 plan, or another plan in between.

    This doesn’t take into account Verizon promo deals, though, which can save you money on your data plan or get you extra gigabytes per month for the same money. It’s worth it to check around and see which plans offer something a little off or a little extra in the data department. Also, data plans for devices without cellular phone access are a bit different as well. There are also add-on plans for these devices, for as low as $10 a month for 1GB.

    Is Verizon Giving Away Free Tablets?

    The answer is YES. And no. Periodically, Verizon promotional offers arise where you can pick up a tablet for free, or for a ridiculously low price (a few dollars a month, for example), with great features, a hi-res screen, all the things you want in a tablet. The other side of this question, though, is that they don’t just hand out free tablets to someone who walks in their store and asks. Normally, a one or two-year contract for a new service (usually data service for a device) is required. If you get a Verizon promo bundle package for other services, such as a FIOS Double Play or a FIOS Triple play, there will sometimes be a free tablet choice included in the package, so that is another way to get a free tablet from them.

    Get on These Deals Now!

    Verizon is a pretty cool company to be with, and they have really taken extensive measures to continually upgrade their infrastructure and services. Normally, things are pretty cutting edge on their networks, no matter what service you are using, and it will be very stable.

    Whether you are signing up for new services, which can get you a great deal by switching, especially if you combine your services under one umbrella, such as the FIOS Triple Play offers, or you are renewing your services, in which case you know the awesomeness of the Verizon promo deals, you are pretty much guaranteed quality, stability, and saving a lot of money each month. Go ahead and check out the deals available, there is no time like the present.

    A Verizon Triple Play package is one of those things that you didn’t know was essential until you experienced it. Verizon has an awesome slew of offerings, with Verizon FiOS Triple Play deals being the biggest bundles offered. There are great Verizon Triple Play promotion codes, which can save you a heck of a lot of money on your monthly internet, television and home phone fees, plus you can take advantage of all the free offerings added to the deal. We live in a digital age, and these are services that are difficult, if not impossible to live without these days, so why not add them all together? Taking advantage of Verizon promotional deals is a great way to save some money on the services you want and need, such as Internet, TV, and phone service.

    Triple Play Bundle

    The Verizon promotion, Triple Play, is a deal where you can add more than one service together to get big savings on your plans, as well as get extra value add-ons. By combining internet and television service, for example, you would save a lot more money than if you got them from different providers à la carte. Depending on the particular Verizon Triple Play deal you take advantage of, you can also get freebies like HBO or another premium channel included, free home setup, a home phone, and more.

    Verizon FiOS Triple Play

    Whether you pick up FiOS on its own, or get a Verizon FiOS Triple Play bundle, it’s completely worth it. FiOS is Verizon’s hyper-fast internet service, which also serves up television and home phone service. It’s fiber optic service to your home, and the speeds it can reach are very fast, up to 500 Mbps. At that speed, you can download the average rented film in about 10 seconds.  Verizon is also continually upgrading and expanding their network, so chances are, if it isn’t in your area already, it will be soon. One great thing about FiOS is that, being fiber optic, the speeds are fast and stable.

    Verizon Triple Play Promotions for Existing Customers

    There are promotions for existing customers. While most offers published are for new customers, there are provisions for those who have already taken advantage of the amazing Verizon Triple Play deals before. At the end of your contract, oftentimes you can take advantage of one of the new promotion codes and upgrade your plan, with even faster internet, more channels, or a lower price for the same package.  If you are at the end of your FiOS contract, try calling their customer service line for upgrades and promotions for existing customers. The number is 1-877-745-9685. Verizon is all about the customer service, and they will try to keep your business.

    Verizon FiOS TV

    There are a number of different types of TV packages you can get activated with your Triple Play deal. They are the Unlimited TV package, the Custom TV package and the Preferred TV package. They take some explaining to get a real handle on them.

    #1: The Preferred TV Package
    If you choose a Verizon Triple Play promotion with the preferred TV package, you get access to 255+ standard definition channels, and 80+ high definition channels. That’s a large number of channels, and the range of channels is meant to have a good selection that can fit just about everyone. You also get HBO included for free for the first year of your contract!

    #2: The Custom TV Package
    The custom TV package gives the customer the choice of what type of television they like and enjoy. You can tailor your Verizon Triple Play promotion to your liking. With this deal, you can pick your favorite genre of television, and get a heavier selection of those types of channels in your package. It’s really an innovative service, and not everyone watches the same type of TV. In every household, there are going to be channels you never spend time on, so why bother paying for them?

    The service includes a number of different custom channel offerings, such as Action & Entertainment, Sports & News, Kids & Pop, News & Variety, Infotainment & Drama, Lifestyle & Reality, and Home & Family. Have kids? Kids & Pop may be more your style. Love documentaries and drama? Infotainment & Drama will be right up your alley. Don’t let the name of your package choice trick you into thinking you are going to be stuck into a particular type of TV, though. These packages include a large number of the regular channels, they just have more of the channels from the category you pick, to give you a better selection of what you enjoy. Additionally, HBO is included for free in the first year of this contract, as well.

    #3: The Ultimate TV Package
    This package has everything that is on offer. 455+ standard definition channels, and more than 145 high definition channels. The TV viewer who doesn’t want to take the chance of missing anything should take advantage of this package.

    Additional Content: On Demand

    Verizon TV also has a huge library of On Demand titles, which you can browse through and watch whenever you want … and many of them are free! Others, which cost a small fee to rent, are available for instant stream and watch, no waiting around. Oftentimes you can find great titles that haven’t made it anywhere but the theaters yet!

    Questions About Verizon FiOS Triple Play

    There are a lot of questions out there concerning Verizon Triple Play bundles. Let’s answer some questions, so you have complete, up-to-date information to make the informed decision you need to take advantage of a Verizon Triple Play deal!

    What Is FiOS Triple Play?

    As this was the point of the entire page, we are sure that you have a great idea by now, but FiOS Triple Play is, simply, the Verizon fiber-optic offering of the Triple Play package. Super-fast internet, upload and download, and the same great TV and phone service. It’s also future-proof for the near future as well, as FiOS can handle much more information than a regular connection, allowing you to seamlessly upgrade in the next few years, without having to have a new install of your hardware or wiring.

    A great part of the service is the landline phone. Adding this service can increase the amount of money you save even more, (because, let’s face it, you probably still have a traditional landline hooked up) and make that landline useful again by having unlimited calling plans available, a digital connection for crystal clear sound, and call forwarding, so that you can get your calls right to you, wherever you are.

    How Much Is FiOS Internet?

    There are different levels and speeds of internet service available, and the prices are different when you combine them with TV, such as in the Verizon Triple Play deals. There is no one answer, but generally, the internet prices begin at $55 per month for 50Mbps upload and download. There are some additional fees, like equipment charges and taxes, but that is the base. Considering, though, that’s just a few dollars more, and you can have the Verizon Triple Play bundle with custom TV and phone, it’s kind of a no-brainer to combine those services!

    How Much Is FiOS TV?

    FiOS TV has three levels of service to choose from, custom TV, preferred TV, and ultimate TV. FiOS TV packages, for the custom TV, begin at $65 per month. By combining services, for just a bit more, you could get blazing-fast internet as well! If those TV plans aren’t enough for you or your family, though, you can get the preferred HD plan for $75 a month ($10 more for the internet on a Triple Play deal!), or the ultimate TV package at $90 (again, just a slight bit more for the internet, but at 150Mbps instead of 50).

    How Much Is Basic Cable With Verizon?

    This is a common misconception that people believe. The misconception is that Verizon offers basic cable, because basic cable, as a standard, doesn’t really exist for an intelligent TV provider. Digital television services can be tailored to fit the consumer’s needs, thereby saving time and money. A custom TV experience is really the basic cable service of the future, combining the ability to choose your preferred types of channels, having standard and high definition TV channels, a massive On Demand library with many free offerings, and mobile TV-watching ability tied to your Verizon TV subscription (plus free HBO with a Triple Play deal!). It really shows how times have changed, because for less than the price of an old standard definition plan, you can get a TV plan that is updated for the digital age!

    How Much Does Verizon Cost?

    People ask this question a lot, but it is not a specific question with an easy answer. We have gone over some of the numbers already for Verizon Triple Play deals, FiOS TV and FiOS internet. Verizon has one of the largest digital service offerings on the market, and we haven’t covered their extensive range of cellular services. There are many deals on offer, each tailored to giving you a specific range of services that you need, to help save you money. For example, one person may need unlimited mobile internet, while another needs a family package with three or four lines included, and a third, not either of those but the customer might need a new device, and even that can be customized to be for a tablet, or a phone. The prices for these deals will reflect the needs of the person who is subscribing to them. The same with Verizon Triple Play promotions, you can pick and choose what you need. Remember, the more you bring all of these services under one umbrella, the more you save on all of the services combined! The deals don’t get much better than that!

    Make It Easy and Cheap

    There really is no time like the present, and Verizon is an excellent company, with great services.  Normally, things are pretty cutting edge on their networks, no matter what service you are using, and stable as heck! They have taken extensive measures to continually upgrade their infrastructure and service offerings. As a new customer, you can take advantage of some of the amazing Verizon Triple Play promo codes, and if you aren’t new, check out some of the great Verizon Triple Play deals for existing customers.

    When you put all your services together, you can save a great deal of money over getting them a la carte from a bunch of providers, and get freebies to boot—plus the convenience of paying one bill for all your services! It doesn’t get much better than that! Verizon Triple Play is a great deal, no matter which way you look at it. Give them a call and start saving money today!

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    FiOS internet deals from Verizon are starting to become readily available for standalone services and bundled packages. To determine if this is the time to switch to Verizon internet there are a few things to take into consideration. An attractive FiOS internet deal won’t be a good deal for you if you don’t know what […]


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