AT&T Coupon Code, Promo Deals Updated July 2024

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1. $35 AT&T Internet Fiber 300 Promotion

get att dealAT&T Promo for Internet Service

  • Get a $150 Reward Card (Get $50 More for a Total of $200 with Promo Code SPRING50)
  • Only $35 a Month for 12 Months
  • Link Your Unlimited AT&T Cell Phone Plan and Take Another $20 Off for $35 a Month
  • Unlimited Data
  • Installation Included Plus a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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If there are any AT&T or AT&T DIRECTV coupon codes available, then we will list them here. But the truth is that AT&T has not promoted a coupon code for signing up for their service in years other than offering movie coupon codes. The good news, though, is that the company still advertises the same amazing deals online without the need to enter any cumbersome and cryptic codes. Plus, you can now get promotion cards worth up to $50 on qualifying bundles when you sign up. They can afford to do this because AT&T is, in essence, passing on part of the commission they pay a salesperson to you. If you are looking for a new cable TV, high-speed internet, or home phone service and want to research the best AT&T promotions out there today, then you found the right place since this AT&T promo page will continually be updated with the latest coupons, deals, and promotions. In fact, the offers were updated in July 2024 so these are current offers.

A promotion that’s interesting right now is the current triple play offer because you can get a promotion card when you sign up for the deal. This free $100 promotion card is like getting a discounted rate every month. And plus, you’ll be getting the promotional card way before you’ll have to pay for future services too.

Enough of me talking though, and let’s get straight to the AT&T coupons.

Aside from the AT&T DSL promotions, there are AT&T Wireless discounts listed towards the bottom of the page too. If you came for cell phone deals, then scroll down for those. Also, There are some U-verse coupon codes AT&T specifically offers for its movie selection, which we list on this page as well.

AT&T Promotional Deals Details

There are quite a few promos available right now for cashback and discounts. This is a list of a few of them, so click through any of the ones below to read more and sign up.

2. $60 AT&T Internet Fiber 1 Gig Promotion

get att dealAT&T Promo for TV

  • Get a $150 Reward Card (Get $50 More for a Total of $200 with Promo Code SPRING50)
  • Only $60 a Month and Price Locked for 12 Months
  • Link Your Unlimited AT&T Cell Phone Plan and Take Another $20 Off for $60 a Month
  • Get HBO Max Included
  • Auto Pay and Paperless Billing Needed for This Price

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3. $39.99 AT&T Double Play Bundle Promotion

get att dealAT&T Coupon for AT&T TV + Internet

  • Get a $200 Reward Card
  • Get 12 Months of HBO Max Included
  • Only $39.99 a Month for 12 Months, $79.98 for 2nd Year
  • Internet Modem Rental for $10 a Month Extra
  • 2 Year Term and AT&T AutoPay Signup Required for Discount
  • Get Starz, Cinemax, Showtime for 3 Months Free
  • Don’t Even Need to Type Out a Coupon Code
  • Installation Included Plus a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Below are More of the AT&T Fiber Promotions

Money Saving Tip: An incredibly effective way to save more is to reduce your monthly Internet and TV costs. Click here for the current AT&T DSL and U-VERSE promotion codes and promos and see if you can save more money every month from now on.

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  • Jamie says:

    My parents signed up for ATT Internet back in January and there was an additional promo code for an EXTRA $100 reward card, but they never received it even though they signed up online and it specifically showed the reward card listed in the final total sale amount. Once they made the payment, however, that promo code didn’t show on their receipt they printed and now ATT has no record of that extra reward card promo code. They tell them that if they can tell them what the promo code was they can go back and authorize it, but since it didn’t print on the receipt they don’t remember what it was. Has anyone else had this happen? Do you remember what the promo code may have been for the additional $100? (They received the extra $50 because they remembered that code, but didn’t remember the other one.)

  • Petra says:

    AT&T is the devil.

    No one there has a soul.

  • Rachel Lara says:

    I have used this AT&T Coupon for DIRECTV Select + Internet All Included and this actually worked and save some money from this, i would love share this my relatives and family friends hope they will work for them as well, between Thanks 🙂

  • brad says:

    your link for $40 internet for November 2017 does not give what you say it does. no free install, and its only for 12 months vs you have listed 24 months.

  • G says:

    Beginning January 15, 2017, we will no longer continue the AT&T Refer-a-Friend program. The program will remain in place until January 15, so you may continue to refer friends and family to earn more rewards for any qualifying services they activate until the last day of the program*.
    Thank you again for being a part of the AT&T Refer-A-Friend Program.

  • JJ says:

    As of 7/14/2016, AT&T now has new referral program. Use the following referral link:
    Any of the following service qualifies. Wireless on a $39.99 per month or higher rate plan; Home Phone including Wireless Home Phone; Internet including AT&T Gigapower; Home Security including Digital Life on a $39.99 per month or higher rate plan; and TV including DIRECTV.

  • David Stevenson says:

    I switch from time warner to direct and i got a $200 card and it is worth what they said it was.

  • marice alleb says:

    I’m suck and tired of art they lie and say one thing then do another I’m so angry with at that I can text fast enough to explain but they’re always changing my bill screwing plan up then apologizing giving credit then inflating the account two month later say ing everything expired at the first of the year or in February. I’m just tiredvi refused to pay bill can anyone refer me to another internet service?

  • vicki says:

    After the 12 month promotion, if you cancel you are required to pay for what would have been left on the rest of the 24 months which could be as high as $ over $400. I just read the provisions and can’t remember exactly the amount but it isn’t like you can just get the 12-month rate and then get out without paying for it so probably in the end unless you are going to keep the service it wouldn’t be much of a saving.
    I just cancelled my account because it was $85 a month and I never watched it.
    After watching Amazon and Netflix and Showtime which are fairly inexpensive, it is hard for me to go back to commercials!

  • Racheal Sachs says:

    AT&T offers you these ‘rewards’ but be very, very weary as they never actually tell new customers exactly how to get them. When my 300$ Visa should have been near to arriving I spoke to a rep ($5 fee your unaware of ) and was just told to -watch for the letter- 2-3 weeks later I acquired again and was informed that I never sent back what ever was in the magical mystery letter so it’s expired. When I told them I never received a letter, just to bad it’s expired,you lose. I paid all the installation fees for a tech to set up everything. A month later when I had to get a new box because of very shotty TV reception I was told it would be sent in the mail and I could do it myself— Needless to say, I couldn’t and went w/out service for 2 days waiting for the tech I had originally paid so I wouldn’t have to deal w/ this type of stuff!! I have been charged $8 every month for a movie channel I cancelled 2 weeks into my service and do not receive now totaling $48 . The service on TV/ Internet is ..meh, better then nothing I suppose. I’m truly amazed as a customer of this awful company. They seem to take pride in deceiving any and every penny they can can get from their customers- I’m shocked their still in business and truly hope that whatever top CEO’s and greasy henchmen that do this to people who have so little in comparisons to themselves rot in hell for beaning such greedy, deceitful people.

  • Antonio says:

    Worse service I ever had. Reps lied to me but were quick to take my money then explain later. Stay away

  • james jacques says:

    I have had several auto loans with Ally bank. I will never have another. To the smart ass who sent the stupied e-mail to me from Ally. You have worked there 6 months. That makes you an expert, right? You are just another dumb ass hired by a second rate bank. Don’t ever send me another insulting e-mail. I AM the custermer. You are the idiot.

  • Yashoda Jordan says:

    Just moved from New Jersey to CA. I have had Directv for the longest time and am very happy with them. Reading all these comments, I think I’ll stick with Directv . Great customers service, great channels, incl. the local channels like NBC, ABC etc.

  • Tina Coe says:

    You can use my referral code for any AT&T service: MYATTREWARD

    If you have activated a valid AT&T Wireless voice service on a Postpaid rate plan equal to or greater than $39.99 per month and/or one or more of the following AT&T residential services as a result of being referred through the Program: 1) Wireline Home Phone service; 2) AT&T U-verse (voice, TV, and/or Internet); 3) AT&T High Speed Internet; 4) Digital Life on a rate plan equal to or greater than $39.99 per month and/or Wireless Home Phone (Voice or Voice + Internet) service to be eligible for participation in the Program. If you should cease to be an AT&T subscriber or transfer your account to an ineligible product plan, your account in the Program will be subject to cancellation. Existing AT&T customers can only become Referees if they are not already members of the Refer-A-Friend program and are subscribing to at least one of the qualifying services and are referred for and become new customers of at least one other qualifying service. Existing AT&T customers who are upgrading to a new rate plan of their existing service(s) or are resigning/renewing a contract with AT&T do not qualify to be referred as new customers.

  • Citizen says:

    ATT -UVERSE/ATT are not the old Southwestern Bell that had a degree of professionalism, accountability..,,this is just another corporate conglomerate that pisses on the people who were loyal for decades. You can call them up then call back 5mins later and get totally oposite information. There is something to be said for the oen free market… sounds so lovely has a nice ring until there is a PROBLEM especially when it comes to billing. They promise you things that they ABSOLUTELY have no intention of delivering. Customet service does not exist… services were off for 6weeks bc they could not communicate about whether the problem was an inside or outside problem. To resolve the problem they had to be fired and it was HELL trying to get thrm to understand that i did not have a balance. I kept a notebook for them and documented every interaction, every name, every title, where they were calling from, the content of the convo and also the person’s employee ID……it meant nothing absolutely nothing til i informed them that the court system would be surprised and would consider my extensive documentation. Be very careful what you wish for, now adays monopolies dont look so bad. Please dont go to time warne t cable they were a lot worst. I suggest bombarding the corporate offices ,not secretaries, but the corporate assholes voicemails, emails, board members. It i as a tremendous amount of time, but as consumers just leaving one cesspool for a lesser cesspool is not effective. ZECONOMICS HAVE HISTORICALLY CHANGED THE WAY BUSINESSES RESPOND, NOT TALK THERAPY. GET IN THERE AND FIGHT AND PASS THE WORD IT IS GREAT ADVERTISEMENT. I did do an experiment where i dropped, internet, and cable for 5 1/2 months, i was a graduate student and maintained my cell. I worked from libraries, i rented movies….it was the best 5 1/2 monthd that i had. It was difficult and inconvenient, but i wanted to know what i could without because i was tired of the heafaches, tired of being bilked and SERIOUSLY tired of the poor customer service. I did go back to services that are not great, but i know what i can live without.

  • Jason says:

    If you are starting new AT&T service, please use my referral code to get $25 gift card per service. Register at AT&T referral website. My referral code is (case-sensitive): at&t

    Qualifying services include: AT&T High Speed Internet; AT&T
    U-verse (voice, Internet and/or TV); Digital Life (on a $39.99/mo. or higher rate plan); Postpaid Wireless (on a $39.99/mo. or higher rate plan); Postpaid Wireless Home Phone (Voice or Voice + Internet); Wireline Home Phone service.

  • Cdd says:

    AT&T is a NIGHTMARE.
    I live in a rural area and can only get their internet service, but previously when I had an AT&T phone, I had to contact them EVERY month regarding my bill. Even after dropping them with a $.OO balance, I continue to receive letters from a collection company re a balance. I have told them to take me to court, because I owe nothing.
    I have had Vonage for over a year, and have NEVER had a problem with them; I actually forget I have them because of the peace and calm I now have with telephone service.
    AT&T cell phone service is the worst. After putting up with their service for over twenty years, I also had to DROP them.
    I had to contact them monthly because my bill would rise every month, until I refused to pay them. Even after AT&T would review my bill, bring it down to $.00, they would continue their attempt to increase the bill monthly. I dropped them like a hot potato and signed on with US Cellular. US Cellular was the BEST service in the world! I am so sorry they went south.
    I then had to get Sprint, that is only an eon of a percent better than AT&T. I have had to call Sprint far too often, also, but it still isn’t as bad as AT&T.
    If more prople drop AT&T, perhaps they would make an attempt to get better.

  • Alan Malisow says:

    Beware of these offers! I agree that this is a bait and switch situation. I also have TV, internet, phone and also cell service. Loyalty is a one way street and since making a deal with them, my fees have gone up every month. They are impossible to deal with and I will be looking for new service soon.

  • Zarine says:

    I would like to switch interned and cable services, but would like to speak with an AT&T representative regarding their best offer for just cable and internet. Since our family makes unlimited international calls, we are happy with the services provided by Vonage at the present time. Please call me after 6.00 p.m. Thanks.

  • Diana says:

    AT&T is the worst, most money-hungry, lying company of them all. They could care less about customer retention. I’ve had U-verse – TV, internet & phone – since 2011. As others have said, the charges have gone up, up and up. They’ve changed the billing and due dates arbitrarily several times. They don’t send disconnect notices until AFTER the disconnect date and then, when the services are disconnected, it’s $30 PER SERVICE to reconnect – $90 any time services are disconnected.

    I’ve spoken to people in customer retention and each time was given a different price if I stayed with them. I quoted the exact prices I’ve received from Cox Communications and Direct TV, both of which are comparable. I told them if they’d get my costs close to $150, I’d stay. Both Cox and Direct TV came to around $130. AT&T DOES NOT CARE. One person quoted me $172; another around $165. THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. They feel like there are many other suckers out there.

    I was supposed to get $300 in Visa gift cards when I first signed up. THE CARDS WERE NEVER RECEIVED. I called, I emailed – NOTHING. To this day, I’ve never received anything. It’s all a bait and switch scheme so LET THE BUYER BEWARE.


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