Why Taking Action is Key to Personal Finance

What separates people struggling with debt from those who are on their path to financial freedom?

Taking action from common sense knowledge.

We all remember the last time we read an article and yelled “I knew that.” Yet, most of us never take action on advice that will benefit us most. Sometimes, we convince ourselves that our situation is different. Other times, we vow that we will get to it later but almost every single time, we are just plain lazy.

Let me set this straight. I’m not a financial planner nor do I have plans of becoming one. But MoneyNing is all about:

  • Helping You Become Debt Free
  • Showing You How to Build Wealth Through Time
  • Letting You See For Yourself How Financial Choices Impact Your Life

All you need to do is to let the content on this site draw out the common sense knowledge that you already possess.

The Heart of Personal Finance

There’s really two basic goals in building a solid net worth – make more income and save more of it. The good news is that you already know and probably try to do this on a consistent basis.

Now, it’s time to learn how to maximize your efforts and channel your desire of reaching financial freedom into results. That is what MoneyNing is all about.

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Our Perception of the Unknown

Many people ask me why building a solid financial foundation is so difficult, and the answer is because our perception often lead us to the wrong conclusions.

  • When we were babies, we have our whole life ahead of us but we couldn’t care less about money.
  • When we were teenagers, we still have decades to live but we only think about what to do that particular day.
  • When we got out of college, we think about saving to buy that car in one (or a couple) year(s) despite the fact that so much can go wrong in the future.
  • When we are in our thirties and forties, we start fearing about money and retirement even though we already lived through a good portion of our lives.
  • Finally when we are retired and successfully navigated many decades of existence, we are terrified with how much money we have left.

As you can see, reality is nothing. Yet, perception is everything.

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About David Ning

About David NingMoneyNing was founded in July of 2007 by David Ning. David is a published author, entrepreneur and a proud dad.

After two successful careers as an IT manager and the top salesperson at a business to business corporation, David’s frugal, yet driven nature allowed him to shake off the burden of the 9-5 to start several successful ventures. Aside from running MoneyNing on a day to day basis, David is a trusted advisor at the firm he previously worked full time.

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