Get Verizon Double Play, With Blazing Fast Internet and Awesome TV

Verizon is a company we know well. Unless you have been living out in the woods, cut off from civilization for the last few decades, you have heard of them, and you have probably heard of the Verizon FiOS Double Play deals as well! They have great Verizon Double Play promotion codes, which can save you a heck of a lot of money on your monthly internet and television fees, and get you a nice little stack of freebies as well! Taking advantage of Verizon promotional deals is a great way to save some money on the services you want and need, such as Internet, TV, and cell service.

Get More Services with a Double Play Bundle

The Verizon promotion Double Play is a deal where you can add more than one service together to get big savings on your plans, as well as get extra value add-ons. By combining internet and television service, for example, you would save a lot of money over getting them from different providers à la carte. Depending on the particular Verizon Double Play deal you take advantage of, you can also get freebies like HBO or another premium channel included, free home setup, a home phone, and more. There isn’t just one Double Play bundle, either! You can take advantage of a number of different bundles, and choose how much you want to pay and what is important to you.

Verizon FiOS Double Play Brings Blazing Internet Speeds

Whether you pick up FiOS on its own, or get FiOS Double Play, it’s completely worth it. FiOS is Verizon’s hyper-fast internet service, which also serves up television and home phone service. It’s fiber optic service to your home, and the speeds it can reach are ridiculously fast, up to 500 Mbps. At that speed, you can download the average rented film in about 10 seconds. That’s about 80 times the global average internet speed, which is 6.3 Mbps.

Verizon is also continually upgrading and expanding their network, so chances are, if it isn’t in your area already, it will be soon. One great thing about FiOS is that, being fiber optic, the speeds are fast and stable. Chances are, even at the highest internet usage times (and we all know how it seems like the Net can drag then) you won’t notice even the slightest dip in your speed.
The Verizon FiOS network is robust, as well, with none of the problems that plagued networks in the early days of fiber optic cable rollout. Stable, fast, and more internet for your money than you’ve ever seen? Yup, awesome!

Verizon Double Play Promotions for Existing Customers

There are promotions for existing customers. While most things published out there are for new customers, there are provisions for those who have already taken advantage of the amazing Verizon Double Play deals before. At the end of your contract, oftentimes you can take advantage of one of the new promotion codes and upgrade your plan, with even faster internet, more channels, or a lower price for the same package. Sometimes calling Verizon directly works even better for existing customers than searching online. If you are at the end of your FiOS contract, try calling their customer service line for upgrades and promotions for existing customers. The number is 1-877-745-9685. The little bit of extra time could save you a bundle of money.

Verizon FiOS TV

There are a number of different types of TV packages you can get activated with your Double Play deal. They are the Unlimited TV package, the Custom TV package and the Preferred TV package. They take some explaining to get a real handle on them.

#1: The Preferred TV Package

If you choose a Verizon Double Play promotion with the preferred TV package, you get access to 255+ standard definition channels, and 80+ high definition channels. That’s a large number of channels, and the range of channels is meant to have a good selection that can fit just about everyone. You also get HBO included for free for the first year of your contract!

#2: The Custom TV Package

Some of the most interesting and economical Double Play deals have the custom TV package as part of the deal. This one is where you can tailor your Verizon Double Play promotion to your liking.

The custom TV package allows you to choose what type of television you like and enjoy. Not everyone watches the same type of TV, and there are going to be channels you never spend time on, so why bother paying for them? With this deal, you can pick your favorite genre of television, and get a heavier selection of those types of channels in your package. It’s really an innovative service and can save you a lot of money over getting a zillion channels if you don’t need them.

They have a number of different custom channel offerings, such as Action & Entertainment, Sports & News, Kids & Pop, News & Variety, Infotainment & Drama, Lifestyle & Reality, and Home & Family. For example, if you are a news watcher, but not so into sports, you can get the News & Variety package. If you have kids? Kids & Pop may be more your style. Don’t let the name of the package fool you into thinking you are going to be pigeonholed into a particular type of TV, though. These packages include a huge number of all the regular channels, they just top-load themselves with more channels from the category you pick to give you a better selection of what you enjoy. HBO is included for free in the first year of this contract, as well.

#3: The Ultimate TV Package

This one is the whole deal—everything that is on offer. 455+ standard definition channels, and more than 145 high definition channels. No fooling around here. This is for the TV-person who wants all the choice, all the time.

Bonus Round: On Demand

Verizon TV also has a huge library of On Demand titles, which you can browse through and watch whenever you want—and many of them are free! Others, which cost a small fee to rent, are instant stream and watch, no waiting around. Oftentimes you can find great titles that haven’t made it to anywhere but the theaters yet!

Questions About Verizon FiOS Double Play

As we see all sorts of questions about FiOS Double Play deals and promotions, it’s useful to answer some of those questions right here, all in one place, so you are better informed!

How Much Is FiOS Internet?

This is an interesting question. There is no one answer, as there are different levels and speeds of internet available, and the prices are different when you combine them with TV, such as Verizon Double Play, or Verizon Triple Play deals. Generally, the internet prices begin at $55 per month for 50Mbps upload and download. There are some additional fees, like equipment charges and taxes, but that is the base. Considering that for just $15 more, you can have the Verizon Double Play bundle with custom TV, it’s kind of a no-brainer to combine those services!

How Much Is FiOS TV?

FiOS TV, which we went over earlier in this article, has the three levels, custom TV, preferred TV, and ultimate TV. FiOS TV packages, for the custom TV, begin at $65, but by combining with internet, for just $5 dollars more you could get blazing fast internet as well! If those TV plans aren’t enough for you or your family, though, you can get the preferred HD plan for $75 a month ($10 more for the internet on a Double Play deal!), or the ultimate TV package at $90 ($35 more for the internet, but at 150Mbps instead of 50!).

What Is Verizon Triple Play?

Verizon triple play is, you guessed it, Verizon Double Play with one more service added in, namely a landline phone. While we have gotten away from these services since the advent of cellular phones, having a landline can be a real asset, and save you some money, depending on your calling situation. Adding this service can increase the amount of money you save even more, (because, let’s face it, you probably still have a traditional landline hooked up) and make that landline useful again by having unlimited calling plans available, a digital connection for crystal clear sound, and call forwarding, so that you can get your calls sent right to you, wherever you are.

How Much Does Verizon Cost?

This is a very common question, but fairly unspecific. While you have already seen some of the numbers for Verizon Double Play deals, FiOS TV and FiOS internet, they have a plethora of services on offer. One thing we haven’t gone over is their extensive range of cellular services.

There are many deals on offer, each tailored to give you a specific range of services that you need, to help save you money. For example, one person may need unlimited mobile internet, while another unlimited calling, and a third not either of those, but might need a new device. The prices for these deals will reflect the needs of the person who subscribes to them. The same with Verizon Double Play promotions, you can pick and choose what you need. Remember, the more you bring all of these services under one umbrella, the more you save on all of the services combined! The deals don’t get much better than that!

How Much Is Basic Cable With Verizon?

This question gets asked fairly often. The answer is that basic cable, as a standard, doesn’t really exist for an intelligent TV provider. As the TV services are sent to the customer’s home digitally, these services can be tailored to fit the consumer’s needs, thereby saving money.

The custom TV plan is really the basic cable service of the future, combining the ability to choose your preferred types of channels, having standard and high definition TV channels, a massive On Demand library with many free offerings, and mobile TV-watching ability tied to your Verizon TV subscription (plus free HBO with a Double Play deal). So, as you can see, for less than the price of a boring old standard definition one dimensional plan, you can get a TV plan that is updated for the digital age!

There Is No Time Like the Present!

Verizon is an excellent company, with great services, and they have taken extensive measures to continually upgrade their infrastructure and service offerings. Normally, things are pretty cutting edge on their networks, no matter what service you are using, and stable as heck!

Whether you are signing up for new services, which can get you a great deal by switching, especially if you combine your services under one umbrella, such as the FiOS Double Play offers, or you are renewing your services, in which case you already know the great savings and stability of Verizon services, you can’t go wrong.

Verizon Double Play is a great deal, no matter which way you look at it. Give them a call and start saving money today!

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