how to save on pajamasThe first issue many people have when it comes to sleepwear is a preconceived notion about what is appropriate sleepwear.

In fact, the cheapest set of pajamas came with you when you were born. Choosing to sleep in the buff is not for everyone, though, and there are times when the weather might have a say in your decision, not to mention the social situation.

Below are 3 additional ways to save on what’s pretty much a necessity for most people.
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save money long term

Finding practical ways to save money over the long haul can be something that escapes our attention.

It’s easy to look for the best price on an item when shopping, or add money to your savings account every week, but thinking long-term is an intentional action that takes thought and planning.

Here are 20 easy-to-implement ways to save money long term — that you can start today.
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Most of us tend to think of self-improvement as a separate subject from finances, but you might be surprised to discover that your finances can improve when you work on yourself.

The connection between self-improvement and your finances might be a little indirect, but it’s there. Here are some ways your personal financial situation can benefit when you engage in self-improvement:

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cheap music

One of my favorite aspects of music is that it doesn’t only remind us of the past—it can actually bring us to inhabit a memory, simply by provoking a feeling. I know I tie a lot of positive—and negative—memories back to the sounds that surrounded me at different points in my life.

When I look around on my morning commute, I see so many people electronically enjoying their tunes on the way to work, during exercise, and on lunch breaks. It gives me so much joy, because I can clearly recall the days when music used to only be sold in hard copies—records, 8 tracks, tapes, CDs. But now, because of technology, it’s personalized and it’s everywhere.

For those of us who love music, there are a number of different ways to listen to your favorite tunes on the cheap. Here are some of my favorites:

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motivation and money
Having spent some time in Vegas, what I’ve noticed is that there are many people who have lost all their money in the casinos as there are people living on the streets. Seeing things like this always reminds me to never cave in to the temptations of gambling.

With all this temptation surrounding me, I’d like to ask you: What motivates you to make money?

Before you answer this question, let me share with you some of mine.

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generic purchases
Buying name brand was the way to go once upon a time. Walking into a grocery store, you could easily spot the brands you know and trust. Even though you were paying a premium for them, the purchase made you feel good because you were choosing quality over quantity.

But that isn’t necessarily the case anymore.

Now, there are numerous generic brands available and many of the products they produce are the same quality as those name brands, maybe even better. Too bad many of us aren’t taking advantage of these savings though. According to a 2014 study by Tilburg University, Americans are wasting approximately $44 billion dollars a year on name brands. Ouch! You’ve probably contributed to that number at some point too.

Instead of always going to the brand with the best commercials, here are five products you should always buy generic:
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