When it comes to investing, many of us are worried about making mistakes.

After all, your money is on the line and you don’t want to lose any of it. Unfortunately, that very feeling of risk aversion might increase the chances that you make investing mistakes. On the flip side, you are also more prone to mistakes if you are overconfident. Both of these situations can lead to investing mistakes that can cost you big in the long run.

Here are the risks associated with being too risk averse or feeling overconfident:
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If you have a pet, you definitely know how much love and joy they can bring into a household. They truly are a man’s best friend. But these furry friends can also be very expensive.

According to the ASPCA, the average cost of a small dog in it’s first year is a whopping $3,221. A cat is less expensive at $1,904, but that’s still a considerable amount.

We recently added a little kitten to our family and spent $200 on our first vet visit! There were many more visits after that, not to mention all the vaccinations and spaying that were required.

Costs can add up quickly, especially if your pets have medical emergencies, but with a little careful planning you can still enjoy having them, while spending a little less. Here are 5 ways to save money on your pets.
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We all know that Memorial Day isn’t just about sales, but you have to admit retailers have done a pretty thorough job of conditioning us to associate summer’s first holiday with a major sale event. Although we obviously shouldn’t plan commemorative ceremonies and family gatherings around our favorite retailers’ events, there’s no harm in taking advantage of them if it’s in the budget. Below you’ll find the scoop on which items will be featuring the deepest discounts, along with strategies for shopping savvy and saving even more.
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Getting a new job offer is a very exciting time, but an offer is really just the beginning of what can be tedious and long negotiations.

Many new job seekers can get so carried away in the excitement of landing a new job that they completely forget to take a careful look at the offer. Negotiating the salary is something that many job seekers either fail to do or do incorrectly.

I can certainly relate when it comes to job offer jitters. In one of my first “real” jobs after college, I excitedly accepted a job without even knowing how much the salary was. Needless to say, that was a big no-no.

Whether you’re new to the workforce, or a seasoned vet, avoid these mistakes during salary negotiations so you can make more money.
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Cash tops the list of popular graduation gifts year in and year out. If it’s your turn to don a cap and gown this year, congratulations – you probably pocketed a significant amount of change along with your achievement. Based on the National Retail Federation’s 2016 Graduation Spending Survey, most people expected to spend about $53 on their grad gifts. If even 20 well-wishers gifted that amount, you’d have over $1,000.

So, what are you going to do with it?

Since we tend to view graduation gifts as a form of “extra” money (a psychological money trap known as mental accounting), it can be tempting to quickly reach for that wish list. Before you do, though, consider these four ways you can use it to both celebrate your achievement and give yourself a better financial foundation for the future.
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Job security is something many of us take for granted too often. Whether it’s because of poor business or the fledgling economy, layoffs often times take employees by surprise. Even if you’re performing well at work, you should always be prepared to lose your job just in case. As with anything in life, you never know what could happen and that includes losing your primary income.

So what do you really do if you get laid off? Taking these 5 steps will help you get back on your feet more easily:
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