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I used to tell my kids I was too old for concerts, mostly because the idea of shelling out $100 for tickets just didn’t seem reasonable. As the prices of concert tickets kept climbing, there was no way to even consider attending. Finally, a band I really liked came in to town, and it was time to put my frugal foot forward and find a way to attend, cheaply.

Buy in Bulk

Chances are that if you like a band, so do some of your friends. Once you get to 10 tickets, you can usually get a bulk sale price. You can save 10% or more by purchasing together, so take the time to group your sale. If you don’t have friends who want to attend the same performance, consider going online and getting a group together. Insist on payment upfront, though, just in case.

Look for Promo Codes

Some places offer promotional codes on tickets. These sites get paid to direct Web traffic to a specific location in the hopes of a sale. This is good for everybody involved, and you get to pay less for an act you want to see.

Join the Fan Site

Some bands offer discounts, early sales, and other benefits for their members. If there is a joining fee, compare the benefits to the cost. Only you can decide if it is worth paying a fee to join a club. Once you have joined the club, though, make sure to keep up on updates and any other information that will help you score tickets for less.

Time Your Purchase

Are you searching for tickets to a very popular group in a small venue? If so, get tickets as soon as possible; as the supply decreases, the price will increase. If you want tickets for a moderately-known group in a larger arena, chances are prices will drop as the concert date gets closer because the worst situation is a concert with a ton of empty seats.

Look for Special Shows

I live in a country/western town. Now, I realize that this style of music isn’t for everyone, but the principle is sound. Newer bands, and sometimes even-well known performers, turn up in town when they are playing other local venues. They do a promotional event for the local radio stations or play at some of the local dance clubs in a private performance.

If you are a member of the radio station’s fan club, you can purchase tickets to these performances. Not only are prices dirt cheap, but they also usually donate the money to a charity, and you get an up close and personal experience.

Shop Around

Even concert ticket prices will vary from one dealer to another. Skip opening night if you can, compare your prices, and only purchase from a reputable dealer. Few things are as wasteful as purchasing fake tickets. With new printers, scalpers can recreate those digital tickets that are supposed to be unique. By the time you try to get in to the show, your scalper and your money are long gone.

Now that you know how to save money on concert tickets, there should be nothing holding you back from enjoying top-notch entertainment on a budget.

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  • Amy Saves says:

    awesome, didn’t know that buying in bulk equals discount. score.

  • Justin @ MoneyIsTheRoot says:

    Good tips. I use many of them actually. I do like to use ticket brokers and online sites the night before a show to get a discounted ticket, unfortunately this isnt as easily done with concerts since they are few and far between for shows you actually want to attend…that method works a bit better for say a baseball game because of their frequency.

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