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Want to Know the Secrets to Frugal Living, Less Spending and Happiness?

Save Money Every MonthThank you for all the positive feedback of the free newsletter. Everyone who subscribed to it already received the first part of the 7-part mini course and there are already some who said they gained insight into cutting down their monthly expenses.

In addition, everyone will get a free copy of the How to Save Money on Everything ebook. It is already several hundred pages long filled with tips and tricks on how you can spend less and live more. And best of all, it’s always being updated.

But don’t listen to me, here’s what some of those readers wrote about the newsletter:

From Mary

David, I knew that writing it down will help but reading you relay the idea gave me the final push to actually take action. I’m happy now because it worked… I can’t wait till the next lesson.

From Miss P

Your email reminded me of what my dad used to say about finding a date. “Who knows what the chances of succeeding is but you definitely have no chance if you don’t ask” Thank you for the memory.

From Emma (btw, my wife would think your name is great)

I can’t believe I missed your 50 ways to save money on travel post. It’s packed full of info and that alone was worth signing up. Keep them coming.

Here’s a reminder that the free subscription entitles you to the email newsletter that includes:

  • Get the How to Save Money on Everything ebook Free. It’s Already 200+ Pages Updated Constantly with More Tips (probably more by the time you read this).
  • 7-part Mini Course for a Simpler, More Frugal and Happier Life.
  • A Weekly Newsletter with the l=Latest Blog Post (no more remembering to come read your favorite insights in personal finance.)
  • All For Free

Still thinking about it? Here’s the real reason why you need to subscribe. Once you get emails from the newsletter, you can just hit reply to send an email to me. Now who wouldn’t want that?.?.? 🙂

Okay, maybe the option to email me wasn’t really that enticing, but whether you want to contact me or not, this is a great way to learn how to live happier and know how to spend less on practically everything.

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