The 10 Best Websites to Help You Save Money on Anything

by Melanie Lockert · 7 comments

I love a good deal. Before making any purchase, I always look for ways I can save money. The issue? I’m not a huge coupon clipper and I don’t enjoy going out of my way to save money. I’d much rather spend my time making money than spending my time saving a few cents.

Can you relate? Luckily, I’ve found great online tools that help me save money and don’t require coupon clipping. Not only that, but these online tools offer massive discounts on things I’d buy anyway.

These various websites offer huge savings at major department stores, grocery outlets and other retailers through coupons, exclusive offers, and cash rebates.  It’s easier than ever to save money, so before you shop, check out some of the best websites to help you save money.

1. offers cash back up to 25 percent for online shopping done through their website as well as providing coupons and exclusive deals. Membership is required, but totally free. Signing up is easy and Ebates works with major retailers like Walmart, Target, Macy’s and more.

2. offers three ways to earn rebates.

  • Through online shopping done through their website
  • Through the use of a mobile app where you can earn rebates for products in your local area by scanning the product barcode and submitting a photo of your receipt
  • By connecting your store loyalty card (or phone) number to your account

3. members can earn cash back primarily for college savings in exchange for shopping, travel and dining at specific retailers and restaurants. Members register their credit and/or debit cards and automatically earn rebates from participating locations.

Rebates can be used to save for college or pay down student loans. Family and friends can sign up and allocate rebates to someone else’s account. There are also a number of sites that aggregate discounts for a number of retailers. These discount aggregator sites offer massive discounts when shopping online.

4. offers discount and promo codes for shopping online at over 50,000 retailers. The best part is that you use their mobile app for use when you’re doing in-store shopping, too.

Simply select your location and the app will let you know what coupons are available in your area. Then show the coupon code while checking out and enjoy the savings.


Coolsavings offers printable coupons to use at your local grocery store, plus promotional codes for shopping online. In addition, they offer local deals (via Groupon) for services, entertainment and more.

In their “free stuff” category you can get free samples or sign up to participate in paid online surveys.


Poach It offers promotional codes for online shopping and helps you track price alerts from your favorite stores.


Fashion site,, is great for those who love to shop but don’t want to buy until they can get a good deal. Shoptagr lets you save items from your favorite stores through their online browser extension and will alert you when those items go on sale, are low in stock, or back in stock.


Groupon is a great online deals site that offers deep discounts on restaurants, products, hotels, and more. I’ve used Groupon for restaurant deals and getting a hotel for $60 per night.

Not only that, but I recently got a dental cleaning from Groupon as well! I have health insurance, but do not have dental insurance. For a mere $39 I got my teeth cleaned and had my yearly X-Rays done.

9. is another online deals site that is very similar to Groupon. You can get great discounts on restaurants, excursions, and more.


If you enjoy the theatre, comedy clubs, sporting events and other entertainment but don’t like to pay full price, sign up for Goldstar Entertainment. You can get discounted tickets to various shows in your area and save up to 50 percent or more.

I enjoy using as I love supporting local theatre and music but can hardly afford paying full price for a night on the town. It’s a win-win situation — the venues can fill their seats, and you can save money.

Using these various online tools, you never have to pay full price for anything again. You can save money on the things you want and spend money where it really matters.

What’s another website you use to save money on just about anything?

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  • Joey M says:

    And always check Freecycle. I have gotten ink for my printer, drywall for a remodel, and cabinets for my garage. All it cost was the gas and time to pick up.

  • kate says:

    off topic, what happens to the ebates money? are they reported as income?

    • Melanie says:

      Good question! From what I read on the TurboTax website is that most of these are considered discounts, not income. But I’m not 100% sure.

  • Dina says:

    Shoptagr sounds awesome! I’ve been using most others, but Ebates is my favorite!

  • Jordan says:

    These are some awesome websites! I have a few Chrome add-ons that automatically try coupon codes on websites like Amazon when I check out – sometimes there’s surprise savings!

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