How Online Shopping Helped Folks Save Money

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shopping onlineThe connectivity of the Internet brought many tools to help manage budgets and finances, but the information available online also helped people save quite a bit of money.

I value experiences much more than stuff these days. But still, I’m able to keep so much more of my hard earned money every time I shop. That’s because I can:

Find much better access to product information online. I no longer buy something I know little about. Before I buy a big ticket item, I become a mini expert on the product, allowing me to make an informed decision about the available options out there. I bought a TV a couple years back, and might have opted for an option that has 3D capability if I didn’t know it’s basically not available on pretty much all the medium that I currently consume entertainment.

Comparison shop. One of the most tedious tasks of shopping in brick and mortar stores used to be comparison shop, as you had to physically go to every store and compare prices. The project was almost always incomplete, because it’s virtually impossible to have the energy to drive everywhere just to check out pricing, not to mention that you are wasting gas every time you visit a new store. On the other hand, online shopping is a breeze. A few clicks of the mouse and you know all the prices that are available.

Skip the lines. No one likes waiting. When you buy something on the Internet, you don’t have to wait for everybody to find their wallet and pay while you wait patiently behind them. A few minutes of your time is usually enough to have what you want shipped to your door.

Avoid the salesperson trying to up-sell products that don’t benefit me. Do you want an extended warranty on the item for half the price of a new one? No thank you! When you buy online, there isn’t a salesperson trying to persuade you on why a pricier option is always right for you either. I remember years ago when I bought a gaming console and got lured into buying 3 extra controllers because the store owner told me how fun it would be when my friends come over. He didn’t lie at all, because it was loads of fun when friends visited. But my friends and I would have even more fun if we used the cash to buy more games instead since everyone also had the same console and they could’ve easily brought their controller over when they came!

Wait for online coupon codes and/or deals to show up. With online shopping, you no longer need to keep a binder full of coupons because there are online coupon sites, like, that will aggregate all the coupon codes for you. Instead of having to go to the store regularly to see if there’s a sale, online shopping allows you to also have the luxury of waiting at home until there’s a good deal on what you want to buy. With online deals showing up so regularly these days for so many products, no one has to wait too long to get a discount.

The only thing that may bother you about Internet purchases is possible online security, but that’s solved with innovations like a Visa Prepaid card. For those who are hesitate to reveal credit card information, just load a prepaid card for the specific purchase and be good to go. Here’s how:

Online purchases can definitely save you money. Count the convenience as icing on the cake.

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  • @debtblag says:

    The reviews and comparison shopping alone make it worth it to me. I do find that I save a bit more with store loyalty, because places like Kmart and Amazon have programs where you can pre-pay for unlimited shipping.

  • lana says:

    I check reviews and consumer reports. I google coupons and get on companies email lists so I can find discounts. I search for items on line while shopping to see if I have a good price. I just signed up for Amazon prime to get a couple of shipments sent for free and books. I’ll cancel after a month. I search many websites for text books for my kids. I read blogs with freebies all the time.

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