Experience Trumps Stuff…

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Today’s is my birthday, and there are no gifts allowed.

I used to love January, because that’s when many people ask me about gift ideas. But this is changing. Starting this year, thank you so much for the offer but no more gifts. If you insist, let’s go out and celebrate together.

Experience and friendship is much more valuable than stuff.

If I have my way over the next ten years, I hope to cultivate my relationships with everybody around me. Whether it’s family, friends, or my readers (that’s you), I want to get to know you better and help so we can both enrich our lives together.

I have put way too much importance on stuff, and that needs to stop immediately.

Do me a favor, and think of everything you’ve ever gotten. How many can you really remember? Now, think of all the experiences you’ve had, whether it’s a trip somewhere or even a nice dinner with several close friends. Who needs stuff when you can spend time enjoying an experience that will forever in your memories?

Stuff never last, but relationships can (if you work on them).

Tonight, with the help of Emma, we invited many friends to help celebrate with money we’ve saved up. Hopefully, in ten years, my business could grow to a point where I can just have an open invitation to all of you.

Thank you for your daily support, and please help me get to know you better by contacting me whenever I can be of help.

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