Deciphering the Different Broadband Promotion Codes Available

Scroll down towards the bottom if you are interested in the list of broadband providers that we keep track of promo codes for. The following outlines what we know after constantly searching for broadband provider promotions and promo codes.

When you get online to search for a new Internet provider you will encounter numerous broadband promotion codes. These coupons fall into several basic categories: bundling discounts, time-limited discounts and cash back offers and rebates. Which is best for you will depend upon several factors. How many companies offer service in your area may be the biggest determiner, for example. Let’s look at each type of coupon and how it works.

The Bundle Discount

As the name implies this is a discount that the company will offer you when you sign up for more than one service at a time. For example, if you purchase broadband service along with voice you may save $10 off each service. This saves you $20 over the cost of purchasing each service separately. Purchase TV, broadband and voice and you might save $15 on each service. The incentive is for you to get all of your communications needs in one place.

To some degree there is a limited return in this kind of promotion since you generally have to commit to a long contract and the discounted price disappears about half way through. You will find that the most common contracts run for 2 years and you will see an increase in price after 12 months. You are stuck in your contract unless you want to pay early termination fees.

To get the most out of such a bundle aim for the lowest introductory prices and the shortest contracts which offer the discounted price for as long as possible. Ideally, you will find a 1 year term with discounts through the whole year. You might also find a variant which allows you to pay slightly more for 2 years.

Limited Time Discounts

You can tell that there is some overlap between such deals and the ones offered in bundle based offers. The key difference is that these offers don’t have a contract. You may be offered a discounted price for a number of months and when the promotion is over, it’s over. This allows you to try a service without the long term commitment. Generally speaking you will find that such a promotion is more limited in its scope.

You might get a great price for 3 months. If you want to continue using the same carrier after the initial period you will need to pay the standard price. The advantage is that you can switch to another provider if you weren’t happy with the broadband service you received. The disadvantage is that there are a limited number of companies to try. No matter how good a promotion is, it will end sooner or later.

Cash Back Incentives

There are many companies you will find that offer you a gift card or cash card in lieu of a decreased price. The value of the card may range from $50-$300 or even more. Some companies will only allow you to use the card on their services, while others offer a generic VISA card that you can apply to purchases anywhere.

These incentives are linked to you purchasing a bundle, an extended contract or equipment. You pay up front, potentially fill out certain forms, and you receive your card after a certain period. Not unlike skipping a loan payment these kinds of promotions let you enjoy some spending but with a price to pay later on. You may have a higher monthly bill than if you took another offer.


Just like any other rebate, offers that include rebates generally are discounting a part of your package. For example, many of the companies which provide broadband in rural areas offer a rebate on equipment leasing during the first several months. To get the rebate you must send in paperwork to a specific location and the rebate is then applied to your monthly bill.

Companies that offer these kinds of rebates count on you not filling out the paperwork or forgetting to mail it in. If you have few choices in broadband connectivity, this may be the only kind of promotion you find. It is most often offered with small companies that have little competition in their market.

It’s All About the Math

As always, when looking for promotions and discounts it’s all about the math. The only way to find out which coupon is going to be best for you is to run the numbers. In fact, you must calculate the total cost over the life of the contract and compare it to the same amount of time with another offer; even if your contract is over.

If company X offers a $45 savings per month for the first year on a triple bundle at $100 per month, the final cost is $2940 over a two year contract. (12 x $100 +12 x $145) Company Y may only offer a $30 discount per month for the first year with the same $100 cost, so it appears you are saving less. Over 2 years you only pay $2760, a $180 difference. (12 x 100 + 12 x $130)

Do the same kind of math no matter which promotion you are looking at. Once you know which broadband coupon code is the best for you then you are in an informed position to purchase your new service.

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