No Internet Promotion Code for Existing AT&T Customers?

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You may still be able to take advantage of AT&T’s new customer bonus even there aren’t any internet promotion codes for existing customers.
Since helping people save money is my passion, I can often be found online checking out the latest offers, but I also spend a lot of time looking at what people are asking for, and trying to figure out how to help them get the best deals. One topic that comes up again and again is how frustrating it is that companies offer great deals to entice new customers to sign on with them, but they don’t let their existing, loyal customer base benefit from the same low prices they include in their ads designed to bring in new customers.

Only New Customers Qualify for Gifts?

It’s not fair that other people can get gift cards and other rewards for signing up for the same service you are paying for, and in that sense the promotion runs a high risk of alienating existing customers, which, of course, isn’t even good business. But there’s a reason they give those kinds of bonuses.

Getting new customers is hard, and since the internet provides consumers easy access to competitor’s ads, prices, reviews, and such, it takes more than an internet promotion code to convince a potential customer to take the plunge and sign up for services. A business really has to have something special to even get a buyer’s attention these days.

U-verse New Residential

So they make a big investment in getting the initial sign-up, hoping that the person will stay on with them for years to come. In the case of cable and internet service providers, the sign-up bonus is often a reduced-price contract, and their hope is that the customer will stay on when the rate increases at the end of the contract. At the least, the customer will have to stay on with them for the length of their contract, which makes them pony up some money every month to compensate for the reductions initially given to entice them to sign up.

More and more, though, an additional enticement is being offered — VISA gift cards that are good anywhere that accepts VISA. The values I’m seeing lately go as high as $350.

How You Can Benefit from New Customer Bonuses

AT&T is one company that has great bonuses for new customers, and if you’ve been with them for a while, you know you aren’t going to find an ATT UVerse internet coupon code for existing customers. They think that since they already have your business, they don’t need to give you anything, so you don’t get the goodies offered to new customers.

One of the first things you need to do is find out what “new customer” means to that particular company—or at least for that specific offer. Some offers are available to anyone who is not under contract, but others may require that you have not had an account with the company for 90 days (or some other set time). While it isn’t what they had in mind in setting the limit, for a valuable “new customer” gift card, it might be worth the effort to switch to another provider for the required amount of time, then sign up with a new account. You would just have to be sure and find an alternate that let you go month-to-month, without a longer contract.

If the wait time to qualify as a new customer is too long, consider changing the account to another member of your household. If the account has always been in your name, you may be able to cancel and have your significant other or roommate open a new account and qualify for the bonuses, even though the service is delivered to the same address.

AT&T and their competitors in the cable & internet service industry are offering valuable gifts for signing up, so it’s worth paying attention to the end of your contract obligation and immediately signing up for a new program as a new customer. If that isn’t allowed in their terms of service, then switching to another company and getting their new customer bonuses – or using them as a temporary alternative until you qualify for the gift with your original provider – are potential alternatives. If you switch to another provider, you may save money with an internet promotion code, but to get the best deal AT&T is offering, you only need to check out the latest AT&T deals here and sign up.

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  • Jean clark says:

    My uverse tv promotional deal is expiring in March which i signed up
    for a year. I’ve been a faithful customer for oner 5 or 6 years. I think
    being a good customer should be able to get better promotional deals
    after the one is done. Keep it at same price or lower the deal for being
    a good customer.

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