How to Save Over 75% Off Your Purchase at Kohl’s

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When you first walk into a Kohl’s, you may wonder why they are so overpriced. It’s true that most items are marked up so the store can show a significant discount when combined with sales, coupons, and other specials.

While this may be a sneaky way to trick consumers into buying more, Kohl’s is still a great place to shop for great deals. Try these tricks to save up to 75 percent off your next purchase at Kohl’s.

Aim for 75 Percent Off

Anytime you shop at Kohl’s you want to aim for 75 percent off the original price tag. In my experience this is the best deal you can get by combining coupons with current sales. Watch out for your weekly shopping circular or local newspaper for regular coupons and sale alerts.

Make a game plan before heading into the Kohl’s store and try not to buy anything unless you expect to have a savings of 75 percent or more. Now that you have this goal set before purchasing anything, here are more ways to achieve it.

Combine the Best Coupons

A smart way to get your Kohl’s order deeply discounted is to use multiple coupons. A 30 percent off coupon combined with a $10 off coupon, can yield a large amount of savings. You also can combine Kohl’s cash to bring down your order further.

There are three people in my family that have Kohl’s credit cards, so the chance of getting a 30 percent off coupon between the three of us is very high. If you personally do not have a 30 percent coupon, you can still shop online and apply a 30 percent discount code at the check out.

For the $10 off coupons (sometimes $10 off of $30 the entire store or $10 off of $30 in baby purchases, etc), most of them can be printed online. Other times, you may have to search eBay for a deal.

Two years ago, right before Christmas, I bought ten “$10 off of a 20 purchase” coupons and made multiple trips to Kohl’s. I live only a few miles from the store, and it was a little time consuming, but I ended up getting $300-400 worth of Christmas gifts for about $150. The total cost of the coupons was less than $10, and made the savings totally worth it.

Buy Discounted Kohl’s Gift Cards

You can search all of the major gift card reselling sites quickly through a site like Right now, they offer a Kohl’s gift cards for up to 14 percent off. For example, $169.19 gift card costs $145.50. Therefore, you would save $23.69 before you even search for any coupons.

You cannot receive a 30 percent discount off Kohl’s merchandise without using a coupon and your Kohl’s credit card. However, sometimes the cashier is nice enough to say that you just have to put a little bit of your order on the Kohl’s credit card to receive the discount. If this is the case, then you can use a discounted Kohl’s gift card for majority of the order while still benefiting from the savings stacked coupons brings.

Use Their Generous Return Policy

A huge money waster comes from purchasing items that do not fit right or break/wear out easily. Kohl’s has a very generous return policy, so you should take advantage of it. Even my sister returned jeans after a few weeks of wearing them because they wore out so quickly and created two large holes.

Some items at Kohl’s are created with standard quality, while others are made very cheaply. Don’t let the cheap items stay in your closet.

Benefit from Shopping Online

If you shop Kohl’s online, you can benefit from cash back sites, such as Additionally, you may be able to find coupons or promo codes from a site like

If your purchase doesn’t qualify for free shipping, you can still get free shipping when choosing to buy online and picking it up at a store.

Readers, what has been your best or favorite purchase from Kohl’s? How much have you saved in the past?

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