6 Things You Should Never Buy at Sam’s Club

by Emily Guy Birken · 306 comments

what to buy at warehouse

Early in our relationship, my husband and I used to go shopping together at our local Sam’s Club. (Clearly, we knew how to get the romance going.)

I was new to warehouse club shopping and made the mistake of thinking that anything for sale within the huge store must be cheaper than at other stores.

After a couple of bad missteps — such as not finishing the ginormous container of strawberries before they went bad, and discovering that each razor replacement in the 12-pack I bought were the same cost as their 4-pack brethren at Target—I learned to be more careful about my warehouse club purchases. I’d check unit prices, keep better track of how much I spent at the regular grocery store, and go to Sam’s with a specific list of what I needed.

It’s also important to remember that some purchases will (almost) never be worthwhile at the warehouse club. Here are six examples of what not to buy at your warehouse club:

what not to buy at warehouse1. Toilet paper

Even though you can generally find the best deal on paper products at a warehouse club, it is not the best place to buy TP. According to Forbes, that’s because any item used on a daily basis will be offered with a deep discount pretty much anywhere it’s sold.

In particular, toilet paper usually goes on sale the first and third week of every month at your local grocery store. Add a coupon to the sale price, and you’ll definitely be paying less if you buy it at the supermarket.

2. Milk

This is another staple you don’t want to buy at your warehouse club. Groceries and discount stores keep their milk prices low and/or put it on sale often since most families buy some every week. When added to the fact that a bulk milk purchase might go bad before you have a chance to drink it all, it makes more sense to get your milk on sale from your regular store.

3. Diapers

This seems like a smart item to buy in bulk: diapers don’t spoil, and you can generally assume Junior will be wearing the same size for a couple months at a time.

It turns out, however, that the generic warehouse club diapers cost four cents more per diaper than the generic brands offered by Target and Wal-Mart.

4. Condiments

If you’ve ever run out of ketchup on burger night, you might be tempted to buy a drum of the stuff next time you stop at Costco. But most condiments are only good for six months to a year, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll use up all that mustard or ketchup before it goes to the dark side.

5. Laundry supplies

While liquid detergent and bleach are generally cheaper per ounce at the warehouse clubs, it’s important to remember there is a shelf life for these products. Generally, liquid detergent and bleach are good for about six months. (If you use powdered detergent, however, it’ll last longer and may make the bulk purchase worthwhile.)

As for drying your clothes, Forbes found that dryer sheets were two cents cheaper per sheet at Target and Wal-Mart than at Sam’s Club.

6. Sunscreen

Unless you’re a member of Jim Gaffigan’s famously pale brood, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use a warehouse club sized bottle of sunscreen before it reaches its expiration date. In addition, you can save more money on sunscreen by timing your purchase to coincide with your local pharmacy’s sales cycle, along with using a coupon.

What other items do you avoid buying at the warehouse club?

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  • Chad says:

    This article is wrong, under-researched, poorly worded, or all of the above….first, I always buy my milk at Sams because in my locale (tourist heavy) its half the price of the grocery stores. The laundry supply size I buy is the same size as the one I would buy from walmart, target, etc. and cheaper. Sunscreen is another one that I almost always buy at Sam’s – sure you can catch a sale every once in a while at another store, but Sam’s is reliably lower priced and if you have a need for a bulk pack (usually 3 or 4) like I do living in Florida then its a good deal.

    There are plenty of things that are not a good deal at Sam’s but many of these aren’t it. Maybe you shouldn’t use “never” when you really mean “for some people at some times in some locations.”

    • Joseph A Ryan jr says:

      theirs writers rarely live any ware near the average person. usually nyc. la san fran etc some states milk prices are regulated, i dont think i ever saw tp on sale sometimes there used to be coopons. and i do agree the largest size is not always cheaper even in supermarkets. but then there’s the time factor when shopping. busy family sometimes having stock is worth a little more

  • primate says:

    A gallon of milk at Sam’s is half the price of a gallon at a regular grocery store, even with rising prices because of intermittent supply due to the pandemic. And ketchup & mustard don’t go “to the dark side” because of the vinegar.

  • Sheree Collins says:

    It’s been said by many that the reason Walmart can sell it’s TVs cheaper is that they don’t have the same equal things inside. SAMS is basically a Big Walmart to me. My concern is If I buy a TV from SAMS am I in the same predicament?

  • Lulu says:

    Is it me or was this written by a single person. If you have 4+ members of your family move onto the next article.

  • Kate says:

    Ridiculous claims on the dryer sheets…I read the article and did my own homework.
    Sam’s Club/Member’s Mark $8.98 for 480 dryer sheets is 1.8 cents each.
    Walmart brand which is cheapest on their site is $5.98 for 160 sheets is 3.7 cents per sheet.
    Target’s store brand which is the cheapest on their site at $2.59 for 105 sheets which equals 2.4 cents per sheet.
    ALWAYS verify the “facts” you print please, or mislead the readers!

  • Amy says:

    This article is absolute crap. All of these items are far cheaper in bulk. Does the author have a family? Obviously not because these are items a family goes through the most. I would like to know WHO has laundry soap for 6 months or more? Maybe a single person should not buy some of this stuff but when you have growing kids who eat alot, change clothes often, use the bathroom ALOT and eat alot of cereal, these things are great to have in bulk.

  • DNN says:

    I never shop at Sam’s Club. They’re almost 50 miles away… L 😛 L

  • colin says:

    Do not. Repeat not, buy any frozen fish at Sams. Chinese laughing at you.

  • Xsquid says:

    The author must work for a grocery store. Most of those things are absolutely cheaper at sams and 6 months life on condiments and laundry detergent? Bwahahaha.

    • Cherie says:

      Absolutely agree…even if you only used half of your condiments at the bulk prices it is a better deal…shelf life on detergent? Christ who doesn’t go through a bulk bottle in like a month? Most of these things on the list are absolutely the things you SHOULD buy at a warehouse…

  • Sergio says:

    I’m sorry Emily but you really have no clue what buying in bulk means! If you compare prices regularly with other stores is clearly that Sam’s Club most of the time is way cheaper! I do groceries shopping every week at Sam’s and Meijer because they are very close to my home and on my way out of work. I’m always comparing milk prices, toilet paper, laundry supplies and other items and only a couple times a year you will find some of these items cheaper at other stores than Sam’s club. You are clearly forgetting that quality matters to some people! I could buy a lot of stuff at the Dollar store or generic items and spend half of the money I spend each week at Sam’s but I’m certainly sure I would have to spend that extra money with the Doctor! Read the ingredients of the products before comparing them! Taste the milk at Kmart or not even that, just pour it in a glass and see the difference in the quality!!!

  • Ben H says:

    I completely disagree. If you are shopping at Costco or Sams in the first place, you better be buying for a family or dont even go in. Having said that… Why should it take more than 6 months for a FAMILY to go through a Costco sized bottle of ketchup?

    I buy everything I can at Costco. Here in Seattle, Costco’s headquarters, there are stores every 5 miles or so, and carry everything I would need. Oh, and Consumer’s Reports has tested Costco’s HD Kirkland Laundry soap, and it’s the best you can buy.

  • amc says:

    Our local Walmart in Fort Worth has started doing the click n pull the same as Sam’s.

  • Eileen says:

    I buy at Sam’s club every month I spend $450 a month and save over $60 buying what I need from them. I buy bottled ketchup form them (Not cans) it seems like they didn’t do much home work on their shopping. They do have more pricey thing to, but they have a lot of the cheaper brands. I buy case loads of toilet paper and paper towels. large bags of flour, sugar and rice. Its a place to do bulk shopping that’s how you save.

  • Andres Martinez says:

    The cost to our communities and to all workers in general of buying ANYTHING at Sam’s and Walmart is not even close to captured in their “low prices.” We all actually subsidize what should be considered their criminality in more ways than can be discussed in a forum like this. It’s one thing to be NON-union – but to be actively ANTI-union as the largest and most profitable retailer in the U.S. is harmful to all workers including professionals. Shop at Costco – at least they have some semblance of honor – and they have great prices too!

  • Bob Dummer says:

    Sams Club is owned by Walmart Many items there are Walmart overstock.Also most grocery items at Sams are made (processed)for them not by them. Walmart shops around looking for a company that will package the product cheap as possible

  • Gayle says:

    You have to know your prices to do well at Sams Club. The same type of product may be listed by ounces, serving size, units, or something else – all for the same product like laundry soap. It makes it harder to compare prices. Things also change in value. Diapers were FANTASTIC when Walmart didn’t have a store brand – not so much now. What I find hilarious is that Sams and Walmart are run by the same people, but there are a lot of thinks cheaper at Walmart… These are things I don’t even look at at Sams – canned goods, cereal, soda, office supplies, condiments, bread – these are always cheaper at the grocery store, Aldis, or Walmart, especially if you have a coupon or sale. Fruit can go bad before you eat it all. Many of the “bulk” items today are multipacks instead of true bulk (three pack of ketchup, two boxes of cereal wrapped together, six cans of chicken wrapped together). True bulk items can be divided and parts of them vacuum packed and/or frozen to extend their life. Don’t forget to factor in the membership fee and distance driven if there isn’t a Sams Club close to you when you try to decide if you are saving money.

  • MG says:

    When I shop at my Sam’s Club I do save money on things that I would normally buy at the local grocery stores or I don’t shop for them at all.. As far as ketchup & other things in that food group go, if you really believe that mustard & ketchup & pickles & such, go bad in 6 months then you are wasting your money buying them anywhere & I have a cheap bridge to sell you in Brooklyn, NY that you need right away. IT may not taste like it did 8 months ago but that depends on what you are using it for also. The ONLY things I do not eat is the stuff that grows hair or gets green spots on them like mold on a bun or bread, & most times you can cut that off & eat the rest of the untouched part without any serious harm coming to you! This BS of “shelf life” & it will go bad in 2 weeks is a lot of BUNK!! I know of people that go thru their cupboards every two weeks & throw away something that is still very much within the span of being good until a week from that date & they throw it away & buy more of it so they can toss it in the garbage in 3 weeks anyway.. I have saved over $2000.00 so far this year by having a Sam’s Club membership & buying in bulk the things I eat more of than just going to Wegmans & buying the same type of food that usually goes bad a long time before the expiration date listed on the label anyway. A lot of the processed food now-a-days is garbage before they even process it anyway, I do know that Walmart does not add any preservatives to their baked goods because they can save money that way because they think that people are going to go home & eat everything they bought that day before it goes bad.. & the very next day it has all kinds of green spots & white hair growing off of it anyway.. We have been buying Great Value milk & last week we returned the gallon of whole milk because it smelled bad & curdled when poured into hot water. The expiration date was then 8 days later & it was bad then, we got a refund & then the Customer Service employee gave us another gallon of milk for free of the name brand milk they usually sell for $3.83 a gallon.. & that went bad 2 days before the expiration date anyway.. Byrne Dairy sucks as bad as great Value does too.. I’LL never buy any milk at Aldi’s ever again, they dropped the milk down to a rollback price of $.99 a gallon because the expiration date was the next day, I bought 5 gallons, took them home & passed them out to my daughter, (because she has 5 of my grandchildren living at home) & another gallon to my mother that usually uses a lot of milk when baking, I took a gallon too, I should have checked before I passed them out because they were all soured when I bought them, I took all the others back to Aldi’s for a refund along with my dated receipt & was told that they were sold cheaply because they were due to expire & I should have used them immediately, I took them back on the same day I purchased them, told the manager that if I didn’t get my refund that that store would look like a ghost town for the rest of the week (It was a Tuesday) & all the rest of that month unless I was refunded & he said ok, “Too bad, but that is my final word on that sale..” Guess what? He called the cops because he wanted me off the side of the road with my big billboard sign in the back of my truck stating that Aldi’s sells outdated food that goes bad the day before you buy it, his store & parking lot was a ghost yard for two weeks because I would not move from the public side of the road, & the cops could not make me leave either.. or stop showing my sign in the back of the truck everywhere I went, & the manager confronted me saying that he’d give me my money back but, I had to remove my sign & leave the area, so I held out my hand for the cash & he gave me a $4.95 check for that amount, then the account was closed & the check bounced the next day, & after the court was thru with him & his check crap, I was paid 7 times the amount of the check, got a letter from Aldi’s corporate office, a gift card in the amount of $500.00 for that store ONLY, & a personal letter of apology from the CEO of the company & an invitation to manage one of the stores in my area, which I declined because I am retired & don’t wanna work anymore at all.. I donated the check to the ‘Vietnam Vets in my town so they could have a party & pay for it with the gift card.. I kept the $34.65 check for the refund Plus all my court costs ($687.09) were paid for by Aldi’s which then took it out of the managers paycheck one day before they fired his dumbass & then Blacklisted him in that industry too.. Such is life in this cruel world huh!!

    So buying from SAM’s club is cheaper than running all lover town just to save a few pennies on sale items & plus I buy my gas at SAM’s club every week because they are always lower than the rest of the gas stations in my area @ $1.65 a gallon now.. Not as good as when I first started driving back when I was 16 years old & buying gas & paying $.12 a gallon for 100 Octane gas plus it was pumped for me, my windshield was washed, tires checked for air, & under the hood was also checked over looking for worn belts & hoses, was I low on antifreeze & then I got green stamps too.. a lot of what is NOT included in todays gas stations where the clerk just sits in the cage surrounded by bars & does nothing but, take your money & watch the idiot box/TV all during his shift, for his wishful thinking of $15.00 @ hour …. LOL

  • frank says:

    Shop around, be savvy. Sometimes toilet paper, laundry, condiments are way cheaper at CVS. Especially when there is a coupon and a sale. 2 for $3 plus $1 off on ketchup, 18 rolls of name brand tp fo $5.99 (plus $5 back when you buy 3). And grocery stores for Choice meat, at the same price, of higher quality…
    Diapers, yes, go to Sams. But basically, I believe the point is to research sale prices, and not to buy more than you need because it’s “a deal”

  • brenda says:

    Absolutely disagree about toilet paper. I buy the Sam’s brand, not for its price, but because it is the softest, thickest, most absorbent, strongest brand i have ever used and I can use less than with other brands. Purchasing other well known brands at Sam’s might not be the most cost effective but Sam’s brand sure is.

  • Clarabel says:

    I really hope this is not a fake. It’s too many names, time is too short to be igle

  • Michael says:

    Oh the horror, my soap is out of date… Seriously, who throws out a bottle of soap because it’s out of date, and who can’t use a box of soap, even a big one, in a year for that matter.

  • Dee says:

    Wow. I see a lot of irrelevant criticisms like Sam puts your order together. I agree great service, but what has that got to do with saving money or this article? It’s the MATH, and I guess that’s irrelevant for some, but I do the math at the stores and some is shocking, like finding that buying 2 smaller items is .50¢ cheaper than the Supersize version on the end cap! I think this is the point because I never by laundry detergent or paper goods at Sam’s or Costco, they are, as the article says MORE expensive, not less even tho your buying in bulk. Your really not getting a deal, your just paying more for a larger amount. Fam Dollar has name brand tide gain etc and much cheaper. I don’t know about the shelf life issue, but it sure is cheaper for the same products. And I agree sometimes buying 4 little ones is less costly than buying one huge gigantic container that eventually goes bad or foes to waste. That’s my experience. Some things are great deals Bib Box fruit snacks or three pack cereal for example and some things are NOT.

  • Jen says:

    Stopped going to Sam’s, quality dropped tremendously, they started selling only food made under their own brand Daily Chef. Selling margarine as butter, spoiled nuts, apples which are disgusting, and what not. They think their customers are brainless sheep. Definitely I am not.

  • Dr.Tek says:

    Milk in bulk? What that even mean? Both Sam’s and Costco do sell milk in 1 gallon containers. Or as we like to refer to them as jugs. And it is cheaper. Currently $2.19 a gallon. I still want to know what was meant by bulk.

  • Joey Palmer says:

    Sam’s lettuce is always nasty and brown.

  • James R. Purks says:

    I agree with some parts of the comments,
    and disagree with some parts. Some-
    things are cheaper when purchased in
    bulk. I go through a lot of paper towels
    and toilet paper, for example. They last
    far longer than the sizes normally
    found at Walmart, Kroger etc. This
    equates to fewer trips which reduces
    the amount of petrol used which not
    only saves money but reduces
    pollution and is good for the environment.
    In addition, Sam’s Club prices for petrol
    is often cheaper than what other
    places, ie Shell charge. I strongly agree
    with the comment on name calling, which
    serves no logical purpose but does
    detract from what the message is
    and can be quite a turn off for

  • T says:

    The quality of the meat is usually better there as well. Not everything is big and bulky. Small family? Separate the meat in freezer bags.

  • T says:

    I know for a fact that the milk is cheaper. It’s priced similar to a impulse item. The companies never make a profit off of milk. It’s not marked up. If there is a competitor warehouse in close proximity, it’s even cheaper. It’s practically a customer freebie. It all comes down to pricing strategies.

  • Rob says:

    Condiments like Ketchup have vinegar and they won’t spoil for a few years. Actually the best way to keep Ketchup from spoiling/going bad is not to put it in the fridge. That is the worst mistake to do. Mustard is another one that has vinegar in it. Remember vinegar preservative and won’t allow any bacteria to break the contents down.

    So the next time you get Ketchup leave it in the pantry where its nice and cool and I can promise you it will last longer.

  • Mark Johnson says:

    If you can’t afford it then be a smart shopper: cut coupons; use discount cards; complete a cost benefit analysis, and shop in teams-it takes a village to raise a family and families to make a village!

  • Renee says:

    It depends on the family & what they use, how often, etc.
    I check ALL prices before I shop, anywhere. Some things are cheaper @ SAMs, some are not.
    Even though it is just myself & my husband, I prefer to buy in bulk, if I can. It means less trips to the store & saves time.
    There are some thing I will not buy anywhere else, simply because I think the product I get at SAMs is not only cheaper, but better than most I’ve bought in other stores. Their member mark brands I have tried, I’ve actually like better than name brand. One of those is canned chicken. I make a lot if chicken salad & I like that theirs is all white meat & packed in water. It’s MUCH cheaper than other brands (size) and tastes 100 times better. If we are out & I can’t get to SAMs, we don’t eat chicken salad. lol
    I love their Italian Rose salsa. It’s much cheaper in bulk & we eat quite a bit of it, as well, so it doesn’t spoil.
    Yes, some of their items are more expensive, but most are not.
    I DO NOT agree with the majority of the article….I buy most of these items & they definitely are not cheaper, elsewhere, even with a coupon.

  • Sue says:

    It is true for some and not for others. It all depends on your family size or occasion you are purchasing for. When my kids were growing it made sense. Now, living alone, the cost of a membership wouldn’t pay off.
    Just take the article as an eye opener to become a smarter shopper.

  • Sheila says:

    I did not mind the article, this was her opinion so don’t bad mouth with what she had to say. I shop at Sam’s and agree that you have to shop to find the best prices. Even at other stores when they have bulk sometimes it is cheaper to buy them separately.

  • Miranda says:

    Oh – and by the way, on berries:
    It’s so frustrating when these go bad… I stopped buying raspberries, because they go bad by the time you get home! But try this trick:
    After you wash your berries, soak them in a bowl with one part apple cider vinegar to 10 parts water (filtered, of course.)
    Dry them completely, then store in their container (completely dry) in a green bag.
    This will greatly extend the life of your berries! I did this and compared side by side those soaked with the vinegar and without, and the soaked ones really lasted much longer. The vinegar kills mold spores. We are ack to buying raspberries because of this!
    Last- if you have not used them all and you are running the risk of them spoiling, just freeze them. At least that way they won’t spoil, and they make delicious green smoothies for all!

  • Miranda says:

    Rather than spend your time criticizing folks who are trying to be helpful and offer money saving tips, take the advice with a grain of salt, and use your own common sense!
    Prices are going to vary from store to store, warehouse club to warehouse club, and from city to city. (Ive lived in some of the most expensive areas in the country, and can tell you that common items can be cheaper in some markets, more expensive in others.)
    The value in an article like this is not whether it is 100% accurate for everyone’s experience everywhere, but rather that it calls attention to what you should keep in mind and consider in order to benefit.
    Don’t worry about arguing about whose toilet paper is cheaper where. You are all going to have different answers depending on where you shop.
    Instead, look at the value of this article in terms of how it CAN help you.
    Advice that is helpful no matter where you shop:
    Make lists of what you plan to buy. The easiest way to overspend is with impulse purchases, buying stuff you had not planned, and without doing your research.
    Check unit prices everywhere you shop of common items you always get, and keep the information in your smart phone or notebook. Bar code scanners are also great these days for instantly checking and comparing prices on-the-spot! If you write down the best price of TP at Target and your grocery store, you can compare it to the bulk purchase at the club stores.the best way to save money at these club stores and discount places is to arm yourself with information!
    Generally, it’s best to buy items at club stores you know you will be able to completely use- such as many of the people have already pointed out. YOU may not need 3 quart bottles of Katsup, but someone with 8 kids or throwing a big party might. You just can’t generalize this stuff.
    Keep in mind that if something like TP is the same price or comparable in your regular stores compared to buying in bulk, getting a bulk purchase COULD also save you gas money if you are driving to buy one big package rather than 4 trips to buy smaller packages.
    You also have to consider how you are paying: are you paying interest on a credit card (hopefully not, for TP, but something to consider!)
    And of course, in terms of bulk items, are you buying more than you would really need?
    And of course, compare sale prices and coupons and factor all this in. Only you can decide what makes sense for you and your household. Arguing with complete strangers on a website debating your personal experiences is not going to be useful to your wallet. But thinking through your purchases carefully, doing your own market research, and using common sense WILL allow you to save yourself money.

  • Kevin says:

    This article was poorly researched and presented. There are some things that are more expensive at Sams Club, like some canned goods, and there are other items as well. This article seems more like an attack on wholesale retailers more than anything while completely dismissing the frugal, smart American shopper. I wonder who this piece was really targeting? Personally, I’ve saved hundreds buying baby items, #pampers and such. Of course those people who can’t afford the yearly memberships, will feel a little better about being poor after reading this price of journalism.

  • Jc says:

    Sams and Costco are much cheaper than grocery stores in Hawaii!!

  • Vickie says:

    I have a family of 10, yes 10!! I buy several things at SAMs warehouse. They are life savers for me. I buy a big can of ketchup every month, laundry items, things like sugar 25 lb.I save a lot because we need the big stuff. Our milk is 80 cents cheaper then Walmarts.i buy 10 cans of tuna for 8.49,same for can cream. I think you have to consider how much you need then buy according.I buy Scott’s toilet paper because kids love to roll a lot and it plugs my lines. Since I switched haven’t had any trouble. Because no matter how thick it is they still roll the same. Happy shopping out there. To each his own.

  • Jk says:

    Really people; all this for toilet paper? Wow…..

  • Raja Govindarajan says:

    The article ignores travel costs. You make one trip to a wholesale club instead of at least two if not more trips to the local grocery store. I live close to Sams/Costco so even comparable prices are cheaper due to fewer trips.

  • Sandra Stalzer says:

    This article is SO not true!! Vegetables. Fruit, sure. But razor blades (the good ones) Toilet paper. Paper towels…. I cant afford to buy these at grocery store prices! I save a lot of $ per yr & my spouse works in the grocery stores! He knows the prices/sales, etc. You got it wrong.

  • Joe says:

    Is SO not true what some stuff this article, like Soooooo not true…the strawberries yeah, the toilet paper and diapers??? No waaaayyyy.

  • TLC says:

    The article was probably well intentioned but each person has to shop according to their own household needs, budget and usage. We are now a family of 5 but I began shopping at Sams Club when it was just my mother and I and see still saw a savings. Toilet paper would last us about 6 months, all detergent, body wash, etc. Was purchased there. Cooking oil easily lasted us a year, Uncle Bens Rice lasted about 3 months. Margerine – 2 months, etc. We always had plenty and if neighbors were in need, we were able to share, donate to the local food pantry and put in the food baskets at our church to help families in need. Before I had children we didn’t but milk there because we only used it for cooking, neither of us drank it and you had to purchase 2 gallons at a time. Now you can but just 1 but my grandson drinks it like there is a cow in the backyard. Off brand or store brand diapers may not be cheaper, I don’t know but Huggies and Luvs certainly are cheaper there than anywhere I’ve been with them on sale and a dollar coupon. There is not a one size fits all when it comes to shopping or saving money. Some people don’t clip coupons. I do, but not as much nor as often add is like to, and I take my coupons with me to Sams. I also shopping at BJs. Haven’t tried Costco yet though. Happy Shopping, Happier Saving!

  • yolie says:

    Shopping in bulk when you are a single couple sometimes can be more expensive or comes out the same just going to Wal-Mart or target. But if you are a family of five or six warehouse bulls are more convenient if you make it a once a month thing. Tp and ketchup is always better at Sam’s, as well as bar soap, hand soap refills, and even the laundry detergent. But don’t buy bread and eggs or milk that’s always cheaper and fresher at your grocery store

  • Phil says:

    I’ve found the TP is a little less expensive at Sam’s and Costco. However, Sam’s recently switched their paper to the narrower style. So I switched to Costco. Basically the same price and full-width paper.

  • Vickster says:

    Kevin, et al,
    Calm down, friends. No need to call people names and get upset. It was a helpful article if it gets you to compare prices, rather than to assume you are getting a lower price at a warehouse store. While I, too have bought the toilet paper at Sam’s, it isn’t a great money saver. I have done the unit pricing comparison at SAMs and found that you can generally do as well or better at Wal!art.

  • Kevin says:

    Why doesn’t it just say: while affordable, not everything in a wear house store is the cheapest available anywhere AND… If you are stupid you will but more of an item than you can use before it expires… And to the moron who thinks all this stuff will expire all I have to say is “Party of Five”… We could use up a SAMs club sized anything in a month. Not everyone is single is a couple… Welcome to the real world.

  • cindy billings says:

    I agree with all of you. I buy my toilet paper at sams and I don’t think I am wasting my money.

    • Mel says:

      I do not agree with with article, I am a single female and I purchase my toilet paper and paper towels from Sams. I have found that with purchasing other brands from other stores the quality was not good. It last longer and I’m not running to the store every few weeks to pick these items up.

  • Cheryl says:

    I completely disagree with this article. Big box stores are for big families or big occasions. Of course it’s not going to make sense for couples or small families to by large quanties. Sounds like you need to stick to Piggly Wiggly for your needs.

  • Celeste says:

    I disagree with the toilet paper. I believe you can get rolls for less at the grocery store, but the Sams house brand toilet paper is a big roll that is tightly wound, so per roll you get more paper. It is also decently soft and more comparable to brands like charmin, but costs a lot less.

    • Jenifer says:

      Toilet paper is sometimes cheaper but not always at SAMs.
      Milk is a rip off. Agree. Laundry detergent per ounce for tide and gain cheaper

    • Phyllis Everly says:

      We bought toilet paper makers mark. at Sam’s Club and we think that it is more softer than other brands and prefer it. larger tighter rolls so I recommend it…. also I’m not running to the store to replace as it comes in large packaging..

  • Tammy says:

    I disagree with this article and it is very misleading title. I know for a fact that you save money buying any of these products listed plus you save money on other things too by buying in bulk. Shopping at the Sams Clubs will save you money.

    • Kris says:

      Agreed. The condiments typically don’t come in drums anymore but rather bound in 3 individual bottles (such as the ketchup). Who is this lady spewing out this terrible advice anyway? Time to update the article or dumps Sams and shop Costco!

    • Rebecca says:

      I totally agree!! Add to the fact that you can place an order online for the items you are going to buy and then go to customer service a few hours later and your order is ready; no grocery store that I know of provides this FREE service!

      • Danette says:

        Really this is a cool concept what store do they do this at because I work at Walmart and they don’t do it at our store anyway that’s all I would like to say have a nice day

        • Bonnie says:

          Sam’s club I know allows you to make you shopping list online and they will get it ready for you to pick up. No time looking and getting side tracked or buying more than what you came for. You pick up your order and take it to the register with your check out receipt and your outta there. It wonderful and saves so much time. I believe Costco does it as well if they would be closer for you.

          • dee worth says:

            At Sam’s Club, it’s called ‘click n’ pull’, and it is convenient!

          • Bill DAVIS says:

            No, Costco DOES NOT take orders in advance and have you pick them up later on. They never have. ONLY Sam’s Club odes that.
            And yes, it’s called “Click-n-Pull.” Talk with any Sam’s associate and they will be happy to help you!

      • Heather Hoffman says:

        Raleys grocery store. They are out of Sacramento California. And they are in Northern Nevada. They provide ecart. It is very handy and you don’t even have to get out of your car. They bring it right to you.

      • Lisa says:

        Rouses Markets will shop for you and have it ready when you arrive, just call and place your order, and its free!

      • Patsy Hamrick says:

        HEB IN Leander,Texas does.My grannddaughter calls in her grocery list and they are ready for her to pick up when she gets there.

  • Garth says:

    Not true about toilet paper. You will almost always save money buying toilet paper in bulk at Sams than at any grocery store–especially Publix, which is more expensive than other grocery stores.

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