3 Tips to Use Broadband Promotions to Lower Your Monthly Bill

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Couponing has become so popular it has its own television show. Nowadays, consumers use coupons for dinner, oil changes, and anything else companies are trying to advertise. Broadband service providers advertise with coupons too, and that’s where we can benefit. You can use these coupons to negotiate a new contract, lower your existing bill, or get new services for the same price.

Broadband companies are constantly looking to attract new clients, and they do that through sending out broadband coupon codes. These coupon codes typically offer percentages off, gift cards, or additional services, and ones for new customers is found in new home mailers or even on their websites. Here are the top three tips to use these promotions to your advantage.

1. Negotiate your existing relationship with a broadband coupon code.
Companies spend a great deal of money to attract new clients, so they know how important it is to keep the clients that they have. Their new clients won’t matter if existing ones are fleeing because they’re offered a better deal somewhere else. Look for a broadband promotion code online. Call your broadband provider and ask if they have a code for existing customers. They more than likely will tell you no, but then ask them if they will be willing to honor what you’ve been mailed or what you’ve found. More than likely, they will find a way to accommodate your request.

If not, then just move service and talk to the cancellation department. The people there are usually hungrier to keep your business. If that fails too, then find out when you start qualifying as a new customer, cancel service to satisfy the period required, and then get the new customer bonus again. For example, you can just cancel the service for one month if you qualify as a new customer again as long as you don’t have service for 30 days. An alternative you could try is to cancel service under your own name and then sign up under another person’s name living in the same household.

2. Reevaluate your package.
We often end up spending more under the guise of saving more. However, we may actually just be activating services that we’ll never use. Broadband providers often bundle television and phone with broadband services. With new technologies, television and phone add-ons might not be something you need. Streaming services are a much more affordable alternative and smart televisions make their use more seamless. Cell phones are now a necessity, but the land line is becoming a thing of the past. There’s no need to spend the extra money for an additional phone service when most consumers exclusively use their cell phones. Decide what’s best for you and your family and reevaluate your broadband package.

3. Switch providers.
There always comes a time when your existing provider just can’t seem to beat what the competitors are offering. Switching providers will give you a fresh start to negotiate a low monthly rate. Check movers’ info packs at the post office for a broadband promotion for new customers. For example, Verizon offers their triple play bundle for just $69.99 a month if you are a new customer. Compare the fine print on the different offers too. Some may have low signup costs, but the monthly promo rate may expire after only a few months. Some broadband providers offer promotion gift cards to their new clients as well. Check to see what stipulations are associated with the new offers before you sign up for services. You don’t want to lose money in an attempt to save money.

Broadband coupon codes will be your best tool in saving money on your services. Do your research to decide what’s best for you and your budget.

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