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Women in particular purchase a seemingly endless supply of beauty products. Even I, who am generally pretty good about these things, have two types of shampoo, various facial products and two different deodorants. I’ve seen my friend’s bathrooms and they can be filled to the rafters with product after product they bought and didn’t finish. Let’s fix all that, and look at some ways to save money.

Limit your Purchases

Even if you find that a top of the line product works best for you, you don’t have to purchase several of them. One container, the largest available for savings, is all you need. Three different exfoliating products makes no sense, as they all do the same thing. One shampoo, one conditioner, one soap, etc. While it is certainly fun to try out new products, it is also wasteful. Stick to something that works and avoid being tempted.

If you have multiple containers of a product and won’t use it before the expiration date, donate it. Women’s shelters really appreciate the donation and it will provide a tax credit as well.

Don’t Be a Brand Whore

Barring skin allergies, most people can use just about any product. If you fall into that category, start looking for coupons, online or in the paper, as you get to the end of a product you use. New products often come with some terrific coupons, allowing you to try something out for a few dollars. Believe me when I tell you that your legs will be just as smooth with one razor as another will. Focus on function, not fashion.

Dive into Dollar Stores

There is no question that purchasing basics like soap, shampoo and lotion at the dollar store is a great way to save money. If you have a sensitive face then stick to what you know works, but other areas are rarely so delicate and can tolerate generic brands. Even better, as a product goes out of production it often ends up on the dollar store shelves where you can pick up a supply for very little money.

Purchase During Promotions

Every cosmetic brand runs promotions throughout the year. Even if you have to spend full price for your needed product, you will get a bag full of goodies to go with it. This is your opportunity to get those coveted travel size containers and to try out new things without committing $30 to do so.

Look Online for Good Deals

Many companies offer discounts and coupons on their websites. There are also a number of reliable “superstores” where you can get favored products for less than you would at the store. eBay is another good place to find products cheaply, but you have to know the regular price and calculate in shipping, so beware.

Make it Yourself

If you are willing to put in the time, you can generally make most creams, scrubs and lotions at home for pennies on the dollar. The best thing is that you get to scent them yourself and can come up with something truly unique. It takes only a few minutes to make a good lotion and even less time to mix up an exfoliating scrub.

In the end it isn’t about getting some chi-chi product on your body, but rather about taking good care of your skin and hair. Saving money while doing so is a wonderful bonus, but only if do so whenever it make sense.

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  • jenifer hale says:

    i’m replying about how most people can use anything unless you have allergies- this is where my line of bath & body products got started. i’m one with allergies.
    i manufacture & sell my own line of organic bath & body products as well as my regular products at very competitive prices that other stores can’t charge!
    just thought you may want to add another store to your list of money saving places to shop.

  • Veronica says:

    HAH. If beauty products were the devil, then Sephora would be hell.

    I have an older sister who is starting up a collection of lipsticks, which I find to be a very expensive form of self expression. She fancies labels that cost 20-30 buckaroos per item. She looks at me funny when I rip my cotton squares into fours because I’ve found you don’t necessarily use the whole thing, especially when you limit the amount of product you drench the cotton in. It’s very difficult for women to hold back when it comes to beauty products because they’re used excessively and small products are easily lost. Shampoo, conditioner, face lotion, body lotion, topicals, creams, tonder, etc. all are used almost daily and we women tend to use too much. Some think using extra product will enhance results, some like feeling pampered by using a lot of product, whatever the reason, you can make your product last longer when you learn to control the usage of the product.

    Also, Keep the essentials in one place at all times. Chapsticks, lip balms, etc. Do you even remember the last time you finished a whole tube before you had to buy another one? Or do you only remember always having to buy another one because you can’t find where the previous went?

    Finally, makeup, the most deserving of a shameful head shake. Ladies, look in your makeup drawer, if it looks like you took a shelf from Sephora or from the beauty aisle at the store, then congrats, you are worthy of a shameful head shake. If you in fact actually do have a whole drawer from your dresser, bathroom, or where ever, then, double up that order of the shameful head shake. Now, I’m not pointing fingers, because in my younger years I’ve fallen victim and I’m glad I was able to make it out from my makeup drawer alive while still in my early 20’s, but women, if you have too much makeup, then it’s time for a movement. Pick one eyeshadow, it can even be a duo in a compact if you’d like and stick with it. Most of the time we always go back to the same colors and there’s no point in buying different shades from different brands. I shamefully owned 5 different eyeshadow pallets all with brown color schemes. I feel like they will last me another 10 years. Trust me, the “it” color of the season will only be worn on you once before it gets lost in your makeup drawer. If you are a makeup fanatic like I was and need a fix, grab a sample and go crazy for free. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an accumulation of makeup that’s only been used a few times. The possibilities of saving money there are endless.

    Beauty products, especially makeup, are not an investment, so keep it simple.

    *this is my first comment be gentle =)

    • Sue says:

      Oh so very true. I’m whittling down my accumulation, the stuff lasts forever. We need to be mindful that marketers are paid to make us feel insecure about our appearance, their sly way of dipping into our pockets. The best facial scrub I have ever used is baking soda and my favorite toner is witch hazel with some rose water and a drop of lavender oil.

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