How Much Should You Spend on Cologne/Perfume?

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You can spend a fortune on cologne/perfume if you aren’t careful, and frankly, it just isn’t worth it. People get very attached to a particular scent – and that’s fine – but that isn’t a good way to save. Having a few different scents in your palate will increase your chances of finding what you want without spending too much. In addition, looking off the beaten path can help too.

Go Online

It will come as no surprise that some of the best prices on perfume or cologne can be found online. It is the old story of low overhead, bulk purchases, and deep discounts. You can find just about every scent in the world online in some capacity. That said, some caution is in order.

Anyone can pretend they are selling the legitimate product. That doesn’t mean you will get what you think you are getting. Make sure to check reviews of any Web site you are considering. If you find a consistent history of complaints, go elsewhere.

Auction Sites

Auction sites such as Overstock and eBay are also good places to find scents, if you know what you are searching for. Nearly everyone has had the experience of being given a scent they don’t use. Many times these bottles of cologne/perfume end up in the closet gathering dust. Other times, an enterprising individual sells them online for a few dollars. While this isn’t a good way to try a new product, it can be a great way to get a standard.

Department Stores

It’s hard to believe, but even department stores can be a source for inexpensive perfumes. When holidays roll around, many companies offer sales, free samples, and other perks to regular customers. If you have to get something at these prices, make sure to get offered an extra as well.

Outlet Stores

Some stores specialize in selling department store discards. Among the collection of designer dresses, kitchen wares, and luggage, you can find many fragrances. This is a particularly useful place to search when your favorite scent is being phased out or a special holiday bottle was in use for a short while.

Use Sparingly

As a culture we overuse our scents. While you can no longer be assaulted in a store by a spray bottle wielding salesperson, you can certainly experience a similar feeling when you smell some people. Scents are meant to enhance, not overpower, and if you purchase good products, you don’t need to overdo it. Learn how to minimize your usage; you will save money and still enjoy your fragrance.

Consider Other Products

Many popular products can be purchased as powders, bath gels, lotions, and more. These alternatives are usually less expensive than the perfume and provide an all over appeal. If you are already dusted with perfume-scented powder, a dab behind each ear is all you need to raise the bar. Your perfume will last a long time that way.

No matter which cologne/perfume you like to wear, stocking up when you find a good deal is a decent option. Remember that even perfumes have a limited shelf life, so look for money-saving opportunities, and you can have your scent and smell it too.

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  • Brian says:

    I decide 20$ on a bottle of cheap cologne. August 3, 2023. Thank You, Brian

  • perfume million says:

    Nice tips, ill do it here.

  • marci says:

    There is a perception that all like/enjoy the same scents – not so.
    The smell of coffee makes me nauseous.
    The smell of new-cut grass gets my allergies going, as do perfumes, colognes.
    The smell of the sea – now that is good 🙂

    If people are bothered by your perfume, they usually won’t say anything – because it is considered impolite…. however when people are allergic to it, then sometimes health issues override politeness.

  • Helen says:

    Don’t be such spoilsports. No-one (except presumably the wearer ) enjoys toxic quantities of perfume, but used sensibly it can be a pleasure; just think how your spirits can be lifted by the smell of coffee, the scent of the sea, new-cut grass. That’s the pleasure the normal perfume wearer gets from his/her scent.
    I do agree, clean smells are lovely too, and drying clothes outdoors is good, rather than stifling allergenic fabric softener smells (toxic again), but very often it’s a matter of right time, right place. I enjoy my perfume myself, I don’t think anyone else can detect it. No-one has ever said so.

  • SavvyYoungMoney says:

    shower, lotion, and deodorant. rinse and repeat.

  • Kelsey says:

    I don’t usually buy cologne because the good brands are so high, but if I can find a good price online I would buy it.

  • marci357 says:

    Dial soap.

  • Hunter says:

    Head Shoulders 2 in 1. No soap required.

    This may sound gross, but my dermatologist recommends against using soap. What does yours say?

  • KM says:

    Yeah, there was one occasion when I nearly threw up from that aftershave smell. Fortunately, I was pregnant at the time and I felt within my rights asking the guy to tone it down, which he did. And I haven’t had any problems other than that. In my experience, women are far worse offenders of this. Marci, good to know I am not alone in this department.

  • marci357 says:

    KM – some of those musky men’s aftershaves tho are enough to gag me.
    Throat swells up, gets tough to breath.

    Oh well – not too many work place days left now – so will be shed of it. lol.

  • KM says:

    I definitely agree that people overuse perfume. I don’t see its appeal since I have a sensitive nose and even normal use seems like way too much for me. I haven’t heard of these “scent free” workplaces, but this is the great thing about working in a male-dominated field – most of them don’t stink of chemicals they think smell good.

  • marci357 says:

    Zero. It’s like 2nd hand smoke… there are too many people who are allergic to it for others to smell up the air with artificial scents that make others literally sick. That is why there are so many “scent free” workplaces these days. If you are bathing regularly, why do you have the need to cover up your natural God given scent?

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