Get Sports Tickets to the Big Game Without Spending a Fortune

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Tickets to an official NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL game can easily cost $100 or more, and that cost is for the bad seats. Right now, good Broncos tickets will set you back nearly $400 per seat. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that taking a family of four to a game should require a loan. Fortunately, there are many ways to get good seats without applying for a mortgage. Here are a few ways to save.

Half-priced Seats

Did you know that many professional sports events offer half-priced tickets? For a number of reasons, teams offer a specific number of half-priced seats for each game. Are they the best seats in the house? No. Are they perfectly acceptable? Yes. While you frequently end up in the rafters, the view is clear and once you get up there, and usually unobstructed.

The more popular the game, the harder these seats are to get, so plan ahead and keep on top of the date when tickets go on sale. Calling immediately will get you better seats at the same price.

Disability Advantage

Under most circumstances, I am very reluctant to make use of my classification as someone who is partially disabled. Let me tell you, when it comes to taking my kids to the game, I’m willing to do it. Every professional sports team offers a limited number of seats at a significantly reduced price to those individuals who need easier access.

If you are disabled and have been avoiding games because you fear the price and the climb to the nosebleed seats, don’t worry. These seats are usually in a very convenient place, for access, and are easily served by the escalators and elevators in the building. It might seem cutthroat, but those seats exist for a reason, and if you have an attendee who qualifies, it is a good way to get in for the game at a reasonable price.

Consider Sharing a Subscription

The waiting list for season tickets can be several years long; however, if you are an avid fan, it is well worth considering. Season tickets are released annually based upon the number of tickets that aren’t renewed, so it can be a bit of a gamble, but in the mean time you can use the above strategies.

For an investment of $500-$1000, you get access to all the games and for considerably less than you would spend for each ticket individually. Pair up with another family and halve the cost, and then split the days you each attend.

Go College!

Granted, there is nothing quite like the thrill of game day in a big stadium; however, college level teams are amazing to watch. The smaller stadium, the enthusiastic fans and the savings are enough to make you cheer. The United States Air Force Academy isn’t all that far from the Bronco’s stadium, and tickets to their football games are only $50 per game at the 50-yard line. If you goal is to watch a great game for a bargain basement price, this is the way to go.

No matter which option you choose, pack up your tailgate party, bring your enthusiasm, and enjoy your favorite game and your favorite teams on a budget.

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  • khatlady says:

    College girl teams. Usually cheaper and still great teams. Some of the “girl” teams did better than the guys.

  • SavvyYoungMoney says:

    I’m all about the half priced seats (for sports games, concerts, etc.). With a bunch of websites selling discounted tickets these days, pricing’s become much more efficient to reflect market value. It works hugely in my favor sometimes 🙂

  • MoneyIsTheRoot says:

    Good article…I am a Detroit Tigers fan, and they have two sections that always go unsold because they are “obstructed view”, but honestly the foul pole doesn’t block any portion of your view in almost the entire section, so i can usually get a good deal. Also, I love U of M, as I attended there, but the Big House is unfortunately larger and more crowded than most professional teams stadiums

    Just to add, you can get great discounts by purchasing tickets same day…if u know u want to go to a game on a specific day and you’re willing to sit anywhere, i can typically get tickets half off every time this way

  • Dr. Timothy Lawler says:

    Great tips, and I love the comment about going to college games. Personally, I love college sports more than professional sports, so it’s a win-win. Keep up the good content. Love the site…

  • Jeff Q says:

    You can also find good sport ticket deals on sites such as

  • KM says:

    Also, watching for specials is always a good idea. There was a time when I got lower level tickets to the Rockies game for $10 each because there was an International Dancing Night special, and we also got to see cool performances before the game. For the fireworks games, they offer discounts for “obstructed” views, which might only mean that the net is in the way (by the way, if you are anywhere near the net, the seats are pretty much amazing). I once sat in the lower infield box for a 4th of July game for $35.

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