6 Tips to Save Money When Purchasing Appliances

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You can save money on appliances both before and after the purchase. The first thing to do is assess if you really need a new one in the first place. Repairs on machines that are less than five years old are generally worthwhile, so as long as the total cost is less than half the price of a new machine, go ahead and make the repairs. If done properly, the machine should last for several more years.

Get Only What You Need

If you determine that you really need to get a new appliance, there are things you can do to save money on the purchase. First figure out what you need. An extra large washer or fridge are tempting and exciting, but if you live alone or have a small household, the money spent is pointless. Get appliances that fit your lifestyle. If you have several children, a larger machine makes sense. Otherwise, there is no need for a giant washing system even if they look awesome.

Check Consumer Reviews

Check out the consumer reviews before you head to the stores. Purchasing something that costs a few dollars less, but has a much higher incidence of problems will cost you in the end. Energy Star ratings are helpful in determining how much energy an appliance will use, but each category is graded individually, so it isn’t as helpful as you might think.

Scratches Save Money

If you are looking for new appliances but don’t mind a little scratch or damage, you can often save quite a lot of money purchasing from the “scratch and dent” section of a store. The damage is only cosmetic, and it won’t affect the way the appliance works. Another option is to request the floor model; this technique works best at the end of a model year. Make sure that all warranties still apply to either type of purchase.

Holidays Means Discounts for Consumers

If you must purchase a truly new appliance then it is time to start checking out sales and incentives. Appliances often go on sale in late fall, just before Thanksgiving. Stores feel that people are ready to purchase just before the holidays in order to display a “spruced up” home to anticipated guests. New models start turning up and there is more incentive for stores to get rid of their old inventory.

Compare Store Ads

It pays to get the Sunday papers at this point of the year if you are looking for new appliances. You can compare prices at different stores before you head out the door. Know how much you are able to spend and have several different, but comparable models in mind. Lower end appliances often work just as well as higher end models, but for a fraction of the cost. You really don’t need the fanciest washer on the block to get your clothes clean.

Don’t Forget Delivery

If you are able to pay cash, and you avoid the big super stores, you may be able to negotiate on price a bit. Outlets and single stores are much more flexible in pricing than chains. Unless you have several strong and willing friends, make sure you arrange for delivery and set up as well. If you have ever had to haul a new front loading washing machine up the stairs, you will completely understand why. My wall and back will never be the same.

There is no need to purchase appliances of any kind for full price. Do your homework, budget yourself and strike when you see the price you want for the appliance you need.

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  • Dianne Miller says:

    I like that you discuss tips for buying new appliances. This would be helpful. I’m planning to buy a refrigerator since my old one does not work. I appreciate the suggestions I got from reading your article. I agree that accept only what you need, dont be impulsive in buying look for an appliance that has good reviews and compare different brands you can base it on ads and look after the warranty. Thanks for all these helpful tips.

  • Gary Kerr says:

    Good article! When shopping for used or new appliance, look around and compare prices at several places like appliances stores and furniture warehouses as well as the bulletin boards where live or work.These tips that you have shared are truly helpful to save money when purchasing appliances.

    • Peterson kelly says:

      Yes Gary you are right that comparing before purchase is a good idea . Now days online market is such vast place to make this kind of search or know about the quality products . One more thing that i think always select energy efficient appliances , there can be any voltage problems according to countries so must check it .

  • MAISIE says:

    a question…have an old Salton food warmer used probably 10 times over 25 yrs. any idea how to find a cord for the two pronged item? Warmers come in handy,

  • Andrew @ Financial Services says:

    Those are great tips. Planning on your purchase is very very important. Before you start your appliance shopping, you should also do your research. Sometimes people just buy the cheapest appliance they can find, but the cheapest is not always the best. The internet is a great tool of research, and you can look up well-known brand names and compare and contrast until you find the right one for you and your home. Another great way to do research about home appliances is to ask around. Many people have had experience buying appliances for their homes, and would be glad to share some of their experiences and advice with you. Also, take interior design into account. 🙂

  • kenyantykoon says:

    i find customer reviews very useful. that is why i never buy a media hyped thing just because every else is. i prefer for others to buy them use them, take them apart and tell the world about their experience before i get one. this doublebacking has saved me a lot of cash because as i wait for enough reviews i make sure if i really need the thing or i just want it. thanks for the useful comment

  • john says:

    Yeah good point on scratched or store models. I actually saved hundreds getting store model

  • basicmoneytips says:

    I have saved a lot buying appliances that are floor models or had very slight damage.

    Also, some big box stores will honor competitors specials as well. Look for big sales around the holidays.

  • JabberBee says:

    I find it best to wait for the store to sell the floor model first before you even approach them. They will generally mark the price down, but you can get a much better deal if you talk to the manager of the store because them putting it on sale is when they really want to just get rid of the unit.

  • FinancialBondage says:

    Cash saves money too. Don’t buy on credit. Use cash and negotiate a deal. If you’re getting something that is priced at $1200 for example, go in there with $900 in cold hard cash. You can get a deal and save money. If you can’t get a deal there, try another store.

  • Mike says:

    Oh David, it pains me to say this but what’s the point? This content is glaringly obvious and does not encourage readers to return. The best “tip” appeared in your advertising, which touted energy savings and tax rebates. Now, that’s something a lot of people might not think about and could cut expenses today and far down the road.

    • MoneyNing says:

      Thanks for your comments. Though even trivial tips can serve as a reminder for all of us sometimes, I can see how it can be obvious to many people such as yourself who are more in tune with saving money from the get go.

      I will take this into account when I talk to the people who are helping me put together this “money saving” series. Thanks again for your observation and willingness to speak out.

  • Josh says:

    I really like the tip to get a scratched or floor model. Especially with appliances, it’s not like they used it much at the store so it’s basically brand new.

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