3 Ways to Save Money On Sleepwear

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how to save on pajamasThe first issue many people have when it comes to sleepwear is a preconceived notion about what is appropriate sleepwear.

In fact, the cheapest set of pajamas came with you when you were born. Choosing to sleep in the buff is not for everyone, though, and there are times when the weather might have a say in your decision, not to mention the social situation.

Below are 3 additional ways to save on what’s pretty much a necessity for most people.

save money on pajamas1. Buy Seasonally

Assuming you need to purchase pajamas for a number of individuals, it is always best to anticipate and buy out of season. That means waiting out the season. For example, winter pajamas arrive at the stores in early fall, and if you can wait until about February you will find that they go on sale, sometimes dramatically. It isn’t unusual to find half off or more. Of course, if you are purchasing for kids, you will also have to anticipate their sizes a year later.

2. Buy Off Brands or Other Clothes

You don’t need to get the fanciest pajamas to stay warm at night. There is a lot to be said for getting your sleepwear at bargain shops, thrift shops, or even as hand-me-downs. After all, the primary goal of nightwear is to keep you covered and warm.

Think about simply investing in a set of inexpensive tee shirts. Get them a couple of sizes larger to use as gowns for a girl and with sweatpants or underpants for a boy. Use some fabric paints to decorate your new night clothes to suit the wearer. You can also use clothes that have gotten too small to wear day to day, but make sure they are warm enough on the nights you plan to wear them.

3. Go Large and Use it Longer

If you are purchasing pajamas for young kids, seriously consider getting a size larger. It doesn’t take much effort to hem a gown or a pair of pants. You can manage such repairs, even if you can’t sew by using hem tape with only a hot iron and a good eye. Another option, especially with footy pajamas, is to use hair Scrunchies to keep arms and legs in the right place, rather than flopping about.

Of course, if you have several children, remember that hand-me-downs aren’t the end of the world. Night clothes don’t really need to be fancy or perfect, just usable. If your children attend sleepovers, invest in one nicer set of pajamas that they can take with them when they go out. That will alleviate any social concerns they have while still saving you lots of money.

Safety Issues

Most night clothes are available either in polyester or cotton. Cotton is flammable but can be treated and if worn snuggly it is considered perfectly safe. Polyester is fire retardant but melts when subjected to high heat.

Don’t spend large sums of money on pajamas. Comfort, warmth, and ease are all that is required of any nightwear, so keep your money for something that is more important.

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  • Shammy Peterson says:

    You made a good point when you said that you must consider buying pajamas for kids that are a size larger so they can be used longer. My husband and I are interested in buying pajamas for our children, and we want ones with character prints. This is for us to surprise them and at the same time make them feel comfortable at night. Since we want to save money on sleepwear and other products for them, it will make sense for us to do your tips.

  • Michael Richard says:

    You can buy your sleepwear when there is discount on shops or online shopping sites which will help you to save your money.

  • James says:

    Um…can’t you just sleep in your boxers and a t-shirt? Why buy PJs at all?

  • Tiffany @ sleepwear for women says:

    I think local flea markets are a great place to find used pajamas. Although, sleepingwith nothing on saves you money and laundry washing, hehe.

  • Mia says:

    another great place to look for pajamas: dollar stores that sell clothes. you can get a pair of pajama pants for about $5. that’s where i buy all mine. i probably have a bigger pajama wardrobe than anyone would ever need, but i live in pajamas in the winter. also, black friday sales at walmart/kmart always have kids pajamas for really cheap. i picked up my brothers really thick fleece pajama pants for about $10 bucks a pair that had to be hemmed a little for the young one, but will last him a long time, and living in a state where winter temps hover between -5F to 20F, its good to be warm. and i got my niece an adorable pj out fit, with socks, pajama pants, a matching shirt and free stuffed animal for about $10 as well. no one will be complaining

  • Caroline @ FreebiesandDeals says:

    Love the naked idea but when you have to bounce out of bed in the early hours because children are crying/singing/awake it is good to be wearing something.

  • cecil walker says:

    hahaha, naked, touché.

  • Jane Sanders says:

    Haha, as a nude sleeper myself I have to agree with Ryan and Waldir. Although I do bundle up a bit, usually in old sweats when the weather gets cold. Maybe I can use some of these tips to get some nicer PJ’s on the cheap.

  • ryan @ free poker training says:

    Agree with Waldir…Sleepin naked is the only way to go…save 100% 😛

  • Waldir Leoncio says:

    Why not just sleep butt naked? Not only is it free, but it burns more calories.

  • Blue Spyder says:

    People still wear nightwear? That is so 1982, a pair of shorts, a shirt, and there you have it folks.

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