Score Savings with an Internet Service Provider Promotion Code

This post outlines what we know after searching and maintain a list of Internet service provider promotions and promo codes. For the actual list of promotions, scroll towards the bottom and click on the appropriate link to the specific provider that we have promos listed for.

There are three basic options when you want to connect to the Internet: dial up, DSL/Cable broadband and satellite based broadband. Dial up has been with us the longest and is typically the least expensive. Cable or DSL based broadband is the most commonly accessed at this time. Satellite based broadband is ideally suited for people who want greater speed but can’t connect to other broadband services.

Internet providers have expanded their services focusing increasingly upon areas where it has been hard to connect. In much of rural America it has been challenging to find more than one local Internet firm. Today, this is a growing market. In light of the fact that DSL frequently needs upgraded phone lines, satellite access is making headway in the most unexpected places. Not to worry, though: with an Internet service provider promotion code the leap to broadband, even in remote areas, can be managed affordably.

Internet Service Provider Connection with Satellite

One of the most innovative ways you can connect with the Web these days is through your own personal satellite uplink. Rather than depending solely on the old technology of a dial up modem, these relatively small dishes can be set up anywhere that has a clear line of site. You can attach your dish to the roof of the house, the side wall or use a special stand.

There are several companies which provide this kind of broadband service, and it appears the number is growing. Because there has been an increase in competition in the past couple of years, coupon codes are appearing online more often. The usual offers include things such as discounts for a portion of your contract. A typical offer will take $10 off of the monthly fee for several months. The discount may last as long as a year, depending upon the length of your agreement.

Government assistance programs for those in rural areas may also help pay for the equipment. This eliminates the need to purchase or lease the dish and modem required for a connection.

You will find that satellite ISP service is more expensive than dial up, no matter what offers you find online. The advantage is speed; plain and simple. Even the slowest satellite connection will be several times faster than what you can achieve with a dial up modem, and if you are willing to pay for a fancier package it can be significantly faster. That said, you will not achieve the kinds of speeds available through cable or DSL.

Dial Up Internet Services

The other option you have if you are not making use of broadband, something that isn’t always available, is dial up. As long as you have access to a telephone line you can connect to the Web. The issues with this kind of ISP connection is that you either have to pay extra to keep your phone line from being taken over every time you go online, or you need to get a second phone line.

The real advantage here is the price. You can find coupons that let you access the Internet with dial up for free. That’s right, you don’t actually have to pay anything. Just don’t plan on spending much time online. Those plans often restrict you to 5 hours per month and minimize the number of email accounts you can create.

Many coupons drop the cost of a reasonable amount of online time to about $10 per month. That is quite affordable, and if you don’t intend to download much or spend time chatting by IM or VOIP you should be fine. A quick search on the Web from the library’s computer will get you the code you need.

Broadband through Cable and DSL

These are probably the most common ways to connect to the Internet. Both make use of already existing lines which were placed for either phone or cable service. Fast and reasonably reliable, they are very popular and therefore offer more promotion codes than the other two formats do.

It is common to find offers for discounts, gift cards, rebates and Web hosting. All it takes to find such savings is a quick search in your mailbox, online or even the newspaper. The best offers are usually online. If you are planning to change servers, make sure to spend a bit of time searching – you can score some pretty significant savings.

A current offer gives you $10 off each month’s bill and a gift card worth up to $300. Not surprisingly, you need to bundle your ISP purchase with a TV plan and a voice plan. In fact, bundling your services is the best way to save money on any ISP if you can manage the trick.

A majority of the largest providers offer complete communications packages. Their goal is to get you to sign up for all of your needs in one spot. Not only do you avoid the hassle of paying multiple bills each month, they guarantee your subscription price, usually for 2 years. Occasionally you can lock in a price for 5 years or even longer. If prices drop, you can request an adjustment at the time.

If you have more than one server in the area, make sure to compare total costs for the full contract period before you get taken in by a seemingly better promotion at the front end.

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