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Like so many other Internet companies, WildBlue offers high speed access to the Web through broadband connections. The company states as its goal to deliver “affordable two-way broadband Internet access to virtually any home and small business in small cities and rural America.”

The company makes use of mini-dish technology to connect customers with their service, eliminating the need for phone lines or cable connections. This is particularly handy in areas where cable may not provide reliable or regular service. As long as you can achieve a “line of sight” with the satellite, you can receive high speed Internet wherever you happen to live.

Coupon Codes Don’t Link

There were a few coupons available online for WildBlue service but they didn’t connect to any page, making them impossible to verify. Others connect to ViaSat, a high speed service which offers plans based upon usage – you can access up to so many GB per month. It appears that WildBlue offers its plans through ViaSat Exede, so don’t let that oddity keep you from checking out WildBlue’s promotional offers.

Three Levels of Service

Excede 12-7.5 is the lowest level of service. For $49.99/month you get download speeds of up to 12Mbps and upload speeds of up to 3Mbps. You get to transfer a total of 7.5G of data, up or down. This isn’t much, when compared to typical usage, but if all you want to do is access email and surf occasionally, it is perfectly fine.

The middle level of service is Excede 12-15. This will cost you $79.99 per month, and you get the same speeds for download and upload. The advantage is that you double your available data transfer to 15G per month. This is the service most often picked by domestic users.

For $129.99 you can access the premium package. Again speeds don’t change, but your data allotment climbs to 25G when you choose Excede 12-25. For online gamers and people who regularly download movies or music, this level of service is a must.

All three plans require a one time fee of $149 for set up. Additionally, you must either lease, for $9.99 per month, or purchase, for a one time fee of $219.99, the equipment you need to connect. There is a 24 month commitment and you get 10 email accounts to use as you wish.

Shipping and handling is free and for the first three month you get free anti spyware, anti virus software. The charge is $1.95 per month after that period.

US Government Stimulus Bonus

In what has to be one of the most unusual promotions available with Internet connections, new WildBlue customers may be able to qualify for reduced rates as well as other perks due to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

This limited-time promotion allows new customers, who qualify, to eliminate installation and equipment costs as well as reduce their monthly rates. This would mean paying even less for your satellite connection.

The only way to find out if your household qualifies for the reduced rate and free installation and equipment is to call WildBlue. The promotion is easy to find on their webpage and only takes a phone call to confirm. Clearly it makes sense to try to get in on this additional benefit.

WildBlue is unusual in that it targets those areas of the country where normal access is hard to find. It offers a valuable service to those communities having difficulties establishing regular high speed service. As many of the large telecom and Internet companies are reluctant to spend money to build the infrastructure necessary to reach rural areas, WildBlue is surmounting the problem with a unique approach.

Even though WildBlue coupons may be hard to find, this is a good option for anyone who has not been able to obtain high speed access in another fashion.

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