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PeoplePC Online is a subsidiary of Earthlink. Both companies provide dial up and DSL connection to their subscribers. Not everyone is ready to make the leap to broadband, and frankly, not everybody needs that kind of speed or connectivity. There is no need to pay for what you don’t plan on using. If you are looking for basic, reliable and affordable Internet then search no further than one of the money saving promotions PeoplePC has for you.

Dial Up Promotional Deals

Just getting online for the first time and not sure what you think of the whole thing? You are not alone. Why commit to a plan that locks you in for a whole year? Most companies will only offer you a great deal if you are willing to sign up for the long term; not PeoplePC.

You can try out their dial up service for a promo rate of just $6.47 a month for the first three months, with no commitment. There is also talk of a PeoplePC promo code that can knock the promotional price down even further. Try promo code: GIFT or JAA553 or 3ATHALF or FSOT360. This isn’t cut rate service either. You will get unlimited dial up access, thousands of access numbers to choose from so you can potentially connect with no additional charge, email virus protection, spam controls, pop up blocker and 4 email addresses. You also get PeoplePCs Accelerator Technology which will allow you to surf online up to 7 times faster than traditional dial up.

If you like the service, extend your contract for only $12.95 a month afterwards.

Ready to commit to something a bit longer? You can get the same service mentioned above with a 5 month contract for only $39.95 if you pre-paid. That is charged once, at the beginning of your enrollment. After that you go to the same $12.95 per month as everyone else, which is still a steal.

Willing to sign up for a year in advance? Pay only $7.49 a month when you purchase a year of service and pre-pay. You make one payment of $89.98 and you are a full year of Internet waiting for you. After the first year your rate will be $12.95 per month.

More PeoplePC Online Promotion Code

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Move On Up to DSL!

Once you have made the leap and gotten used to Internet being a part of your day, you should consider moving up to DSL. The download speeds are up to 50x faster than what you get with dial up – in fact, you can download at speeds of up to 3Mbps. Better yet, broadband connections are more reliable than dial up, with no busy signals or disconnects. You will be able to use the Internet and your telephone at the same time, too.

When you sign up for DSL with PeoplePC you will get a free DSL modem and free installation as well as a free Security Pack to keep you safe online. 24/7 customer support is standard and you get 8 email addresses to use.

Think this will cost you an arm and a leg? It won’t. You can try DSL for only $14.95 a month for the first 3 months. After the initial period rates will depend upon the level of service you have running $29.95 to $44.95 per month. Location and phone provider will determine your final price.

PeoplePC Connects You to the World

Regardless of which level of service you pick, dial up or DSL, you can rest assured knowing that you are going to get the best deal with a PeoplePC coupon. Top that off with great customer service, plenty of additional security features and tools that will keep your computer running fast and clean and you have a formula for success.

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