The 7 Best Money-Saving Apps

by Vincent King · 7 comments

Apps make life so much easier. Whether used for discovering new restaurants, looking up directions, or listening to music — they’ve become an everyday part of our lives. But the most gratifying apps are those that save you money — or, better yet, those that make you money.

Here are seven of my favorite money-saving apps. By using (and loving) them, you’ll be on your way to a better financial life.

1. Mint Quickview

This year, gave us Mint Quickview. If you’re unfamiliar with, it’s a site where you can check your spending and cash flow with charts and graphs that tell you exactly where your money is going.

The good thing about Quickview is that you don’t have to log in. Your info syncs across your laptop or desktop, putting your numbers safely and securely at your fingertips. Plus, you get instant badge notification when you have a new transaction or account alert.

2. Manilla

Manilla’s goal is to streamline your life with a single password. You can see a financial overview, have bills and statements sent to you automatically, view loyalty reward program accounts, and get bill-payment reminders so you’re never late again. You also get unlimited document storage: download, print, email, and read your documents whenever you want.

3. Paypal

Paypal has stepped beyond the cloud and into brick & mortar. With retailers like Home Depot, your favorite pizza joint, and your doctor accepting Paypal, it makes sense to use this app. As always, Paypal prides itself on keeping your info safe. No more worrying about transferring funds so you can shop. Not only do you have access to more merchants with Paypal, you can scan checks into your account without setting foot in your bank.

4. Ibotta

Ibotta wants to give you cash rather than coupons. And it’s simple: Before you shop, choose offers, then snap pictures of your receipt or rewards card at the store to earn cash.

Earn by buying the things you already buy, with no need to flip through coupons that you’re likely to forget when you go to the store. Ibotta pays out to your Paypal account each month.

5. Shopkick

Another shopping app? Yep! But Shopkick lets you earn “kicks” and rewards just for walking into the store. Whereas Ibotta sends cash to your Paypal account, Shopkick gives you gift cards. Flip through lookbooks, earn 50-60 kicks, enter the store, open your app and ding! — you get your kicks.

6. Grocery iQ

According to its iTunes description, Grocery iQ brings the grocery list into the 21st century. Besides just making a grocery list, Grocery iQ has an extensive barcode library enabling you to scan codes and easily add items to your list. There’s a voice search option, too. But my favorite? The aisle arrangement function!

We always shop the perimeter of the store, starting with the toiletries aisle. Scanning the list was a confusing mess. Items were overlooked, and we’d have to make circles around the store. But, then my wife started writing things down in order of our shopping pattern. Now we have Grocery iQ to do it for us.

7. ShopSavvy

No more impulse buys for ShopSavvy users. After you scan the barcode of a coveted item, ShopSavvy will tell you where to get it cheaper. And they’re not only into helping you save, they’re helping you have fun through their social shopping platform and product discovery function.

What did we miss? What’s your must-have money-saving app?

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  • property marbella says:

    Thanks for the list, I’ll check what I can use here over in Europe, and have better control.

  • says:

    I think any money saving app is one that I don’t have to pay $0.99 for. I never do in app purchases for any app and just don’t use the ones that require me to spend money.

  • Gd says:

    I’ve used Mint a lot recently to track my spendings. I think knowing what my monthly budget gets spent on really helps me keep my money in check.

  • Levi Blackman says:

    Downloading Ibotta now. I use Shopkick but getting cash is a much bigger incentive for me.

    Thanks for the suggestions! I’m just getting into the world of money saving apps on my phone and there are so many out there!

  • Gwen says:

    Definitely GasBuddy Add Safeway so I can add coupons and personalized coupons to my Club Card. I love the ‘save $5 when you spend $20’ personalized coupon. Add AppsFire to find apps that are discounted or available for free.

    To use less gas in my car: Google Maps, Maps, and local traffic conditions (WSDOT)

    To save on taxes: MileBug to record mileage for anything tax related (donations, trips related to 1099 income, etc.)

    To watch my spending: XpenseTrkr

    Price comparison: Camera. Helps to have a photo of a competitor product/price when haggling for a better deal.

  • MoneyNing says:

    Our friend was telling us about Shopkick just last week. There are literally people who would go on lunch breaks, drive around town trying to earn these kicks in hopes of getting a gift card.

    The craziness reminds me of all those money making programs available in the dot-com era!

  • L~ says:

    I also use Shopkick and Ibotta, and also SavingStar, can’t beat free money (cashback).

    I recently started using Favado, after you get the app, you register, and then enter your zip code. This will list all the sales going on in you area for the week, grocery stores, national stores and drug stores. It will list the available coupons to match these current sales. But even if you don’t use coupons, you can at least see the best sale prices.

    A few others I use, GasBuddy, BookScouter and TinyScanPro (this version is offered free a few times a year), I use this to scan and email my company credit card receipts.

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