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The book that I wrote, The Little Budget Travel Book, is out as you know, but many of you have some questions and emailing me for answers. Here are some of the more common ones for those of you wondering the same thing.

Note: This is already circulated within the frugal newsletter. If you read this already, don’t worry because you are not imaging things 🙂

Q: David, I don’t live in the states but I know you do. Is the book only about U.S. travel?

A: I have lived in 4 different countries and traveled to countless places around the world. This book consists of the best tips I gathered over the years on both domestic and international travel.

Q: Sometimes I find that books offer no new information. What if The Little Budget Travel Book is the same?

A: I was afraid of this when I wrote the book as well. That’s why I sent it to 50 people to read it and only kept the tips that at least 1 person said they’ve never heard of before. If it happens that you know every tips that’s written in the book, you should still keep it with you and reread it every time you plan your travels. With saving money, it’s not what you know but what you do that counts.

Q: I remember reading about how your sales person experience helped you write the book. Is this book about business travel?

A: No, the book is about personal travels (vacations).

Q: But how come you claim that your salesperson experience helped you write this book? Doesn’t your company pay for that?

A: It’s true that the company paid for my travels, but the small business I was working for demanded that we were counting every penny as if the money came out of our own pockets. When I was in sales, I traveled unlike anyone who’ve been on business trips, as we were trying all sorts of ways to save money. (I can go on here but since my boss subscribes, I’d like to quietly end my explanation.)

Q: Can I get it for free?

A: I made a bet with a friend when he first wanted the book for free. I would let him read it, if he learned anything and saved more than the book’s cost, he would buy ten copies. He ended up buying 11 copies to give to everyone that worked for him. I don’t think he told his team what happened though.

Q: Can I get a discount if I buy more than one copy?

A: Currently, you can get a 10% discount if you buy it from Amazon. If you buy 2 or more, shipping becomes free too.

Q: Do you plan to write more books?

A: Probably, although I have no schedule for anyone right now. I have a very vague idea of what it will be about, but I will give everyone more details as the idea matures.

Q: I am in the UK but shipping from Amazon.com is very expensive. Do you have a solution for me?

A: Actually, there are tons of places to buy the book including:
Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, and Amazon Japan

To get direct links to the book page on the country specific site or to read what other people think about the book, click here to go to my site’s book page.

Judging by the initial reviews, reader responses as well as the Amazon customer reviews, I believe you will really enjoy the read. It’s short, sweet and packed full of tips.

If you have any questions, fire away in the comments section.

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  • Jonathan says:

    Very cool. Maybe you could do a post about the pros and cons of self-publishing?

  • Wilson Pon says:

    Ning, I was wondering, is The Little Budget Travel Book only available on Amazon? Or, we also can get it on other places?

    • MoneyNing says:

      You can get them at basically all the major bookstores. If you don’t like to order it online, you can just go into any major book stores and ask them to order it for you too.

  • MoneyNing says:

    The return policy is different with every company, but Amazon has an awesome return system so you might want to buy it from there.

    For books, it’s 100% of the purchase price within 30 days if the package is unopened. If the books clearly shows signs of wear, it’s 50% of the item price.

  • Doug says:

    What’s the refund policy?

  • Sam says:

    It’s cool that you can actually buy the book in so many countries so congrats again. On a unrelated note, I got a question.

    Will your book ever be out of print?

    • MoneyNing says:

      I really don’t know if I will ever put it out of print. With modern technology, it’s much easier (and thus cheaper) to maintain books for distribution, but since the cost is still not $0, eventually it will be taken down.

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