The Little Budget Travel Book

Do you want to know why so many people still go on vacation all the time while the rest of us can barely get by?
budget travel book

Introducing The Little Budget Travel Book – The Secrets of a Frequent Traveler Who Goes on Vacation Like It’s Free, where I spill the beans on saving money while having a blast traveling the world. Please note that there’s a real emphasis on having fun, so the book won’t be trying to tell you to skip this activity or not do something else. If absolute money saving tactics are your thing, this book is not for you because you already know what to do – just lock yourself at home.

If however, you’ve always wanted to travel to different places without spending a fortune, this could be the perfect book for you.

This Book is for Those Who:

  • Want to Spend Less Traveling
  • Wonder Why Your Friends are Always on Vacation
  • Like to Have More Fun Without Emptying the Bank Account
  • Care about Money but Still Believe Experiences are Key to Happiness

Don’t Just Listen to Me, See What Readers are Saying about the Book:

“The Little Budget Travel Book is one of the best books on budget traveling. Thank you for putting this together.” – Jason

“I love the fact that [the book] is small so I can carry it around to remind me about the potential cost savings” – Michelle

“One word. Awesome.” – Mike

A Word of Caution

Please note that the book is short. I started out with a lot of words in the book and spent a ton of time paring it down to make sure it’s small enough for you to take with you on the road (hence the name The Little Budget Travel Book). I feel that though many people will say they know many of the tips written in the book, they won’t always remember to use the tactics, which in the end is how they save money.

After all, action is what guarantees results. Therefore, I made the book small and thin so most people can carry it with them when they go on vacation, or even business trips. Please consider this before buying the book, as I’m not really looking to make a quick buck. If it saves you money, then I’d be happy. If not, you may want to consider reading this site,, which is updated with new tips and information on money matters on a daily basis.

Book Bonus

While reading the Little Budget Travel Book, you might come across different sections that asks you to type a phrase into a box on the site. Well, here’s the section to do this.

Look for the little sections within the book and type in the special capitalized words provided to grab your bonus.
Capitalized Word:

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