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  • D Hull says:

    I really have to question your review. I tried to set up an account with them and I had nothing but headaches. They couldn’t do a successful trial deposit to my bank and their customer service was sketchy. I waited and waited on the phone for them and their Rep couldn’t answer basic questions. A little bonus and a decent rate pale beside not being confident that your money is secure. I ended up cancelling the whole thing and walked away.

    • David Ning says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. When did you try to sign up? And did the trial deposit just not go through, or were the amounts not verifiable? I actually went through the account opening process not too long ago and I didn’t have much of an issue.

      I’m going to go through the process again and see if anything changed, but let us know if there are any more details you can provide, as it’ll help those who are thinking of opening an account with them.

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