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  • Dragonfly Lady says:

    I have been very pleased with CIT Bank. Using them for 6 months now. They helped me understand the trial deposits and were always available when I called. I am very confident with CIT Bank. I get a daily text every morning showing my balance and a monthly text showing the interest earned.

  • Beau W. says:

    I’ve been with CIT BANK for 2 years and have never had a problem. It’s where I keep my Sinking Funds. My transfers always go through on time. The interest rate is better than my main bank that’s for sure. The Savings Builder account is great in my opinion. I refer this bank alot too my friends.

  • David @ MoneyNing.com says:

    Hi Arthi,

    There will be no fees for withdrawing, but note that savings accounts are regulated to only allow six withdraws a month.

    In general, the bank wells fine, so you won’t be disappointed. They are also running a promotion (use promo code Bonus20) as of 2/11/2020 of up to $200 for $50k+ deposits or $100 for $25k+ so if the amount you are thinking of putting in is higher than that, then giving them a try becomes a pretty good bet.

  • hall fred says:

    Thanks for the reviews. I will now opt out of joining CIT. I’m all about customer service.

  • Daniel Morgan says:

    What do I have in my account?

  • Kina Kerst says:

    What customer service?
    While I have been able to set up an account and have made transfers into CIT from Chase, I have sent 4 emails to them regarding further deposits and have yet to receive an answer.
    Their customer service does not exist and I find their entire operation to be very sketchy.

    • Gregg says:

      Call – it’s as simple as that. They stink at replying to mail or secure message. You will get a reply in two weeks or so if your lucky. I find picking up the phone and just calling seems to work.

  • SM says:

    I had the same problems when opening my CIT account my deposit amounts wouldn’t go through, I had to keep calling them they sent of deposit amounts, it worked after of week of going back and forth with them. I have a new concern as to how to make a one time transfer. without having to make my deposits, weekly, Bi weekly or monthly. I was unable to transfer money apparently I have to choose an option. I will be calling customer service to find out how to make deposits when want to without having to use the reoccurring options.

  • Terrance Costello says:

    My wife has a recorded POA on her 95-year-old mother’s CIT bank savings account. A few days ago, when my wife applied to electronically transfer funds to her mother’s checking account, to cover the ongoing cost of living in a rest home, the transfer was denied, and my wife was told that it has “always” been a CIT bank policy to not to allow electronic transfers on “POA accounts.” Ironically, the primary reason for establishing the savings account with a POA was so my wife could conveniently transfer funds in and out of her mother’s other accounts. Also, as late as January of this year, my wife had made an electronic transfer from the same savings account to the same checking account, without any problems. We asked a CIT Bank representative to direct us to any written policy that would explain this apparently abrupt change in policy. After a long delay, we were told that the basis for not allowing electronic transfers on “POA accounts” is an “internal policy.” Apparently we have no recourse to verify of clarify the current policy, and must resort to more inconvenient means of transferring funds.

    • Gregg says:

      Ask them to open up a case. I had a similar issue with designating a trust fund as a secondary beneficiary. They fixed their policy pretty quick. If you give them a reasonable argument, and get the right rep to suggest the change they usually follow through. However, getting the right rep who will follow through is not always easy.

  • D Hull says:

    I really have to question your review. I tried to set up an account with them and I had nothing but headaches. They couldn’t do a successful trial deposit to my bank and their customer service was sketchy. I waited and waited on the phone for them and their Rep couldn’t answer basic questions. A little bonus and a decent rate pale beside not being confident that your money is secure. I ended up cancelling the whole thing and walked away.

    • David @ MoneyNing.com says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. When did you try to sign up? And did the trial deposit just not go through, or were the amounts not verifiable? I actually went through the account opening process not too long ago and I didn’t have much of an issue.

      I’m going to go through the process again and see if anything changed, but let us know if there are any more details you can provide, as it’ll help those who are thinking of opening an account with them.

      • Arthi says:

        Gregg or David Ning,
        Can you please let me know how this bank is performing at this time (Feb 2020) as I am looking to opening an account with them with the intention of using them as a savings account for my over and above savings (beyond my other vehicles of stocks, shares, 401K etc etc) and wanted to know specifically if I could set up a recurring inflow into this account from my main checking account (an entirely different traditional bank) and if there are or will be any fees should I decide to withdraw portions of my savings at any given point in the future.

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