All Verizon FiOS promotion codes and promotions are collected, analyzed and then posted on here. That’s good news because you should always look for a Verizon FiOS promo code or available deals for the broadband service, as you will miss out on great bonus savings otherwise. Verizon Broadband offers some of the best promotions on internet, phone, and cable TV bundles in the country and if there are any FiOS promotion codes currently available for customers to use, you will see them listed here.

Whether you are an existing or new customer, you should see for yourself whether you can use a Verizon promo code to get a discounted rate on your internet or cable TV service today. Make sure you commit and sign up if you find a deal you like though because Verizon promotions expire and you don’t want to regret after the fact. The offers below were updated in March, 2015 so the promotions are all current.

Most Popular Verizon Promo Code and Online Only Promotional Offers

An amazing deal worth considering is the current FiOS triple play bundle promotion. The monthly price of $79.99 is locked for 2 years, which means you won’t need to worry about price increases until sometime in January 2017. Plus, you can get some really good upfront perks by using these special links below. The offer gets you a $300 prepaid Visa gift card for signing up the triple play FiOS deal, making the package roughly $67.49 a month for 24 months since the promotional monthly price is $79.99 minus $12.50 a month (based on the $300 gift card divided by 24 months). And of course, the $400 is mailed to you well before the promo period ends (more specifically, 90 days after you install service) too.
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If there are any AT&T U-verse coupon codes available, then we will list them out here. But the truth is that AT&T has not promoted a coupon code for signing up the U-verse service in years other than offering U-verse movies coupon codes. The good news, though, is that the company still advertises the same amazing deals online without the need to enter any cumbersome and cryptic codes. Plus, you can now get reward cards worth up to $250 on qualifying bundles when you sign up. They can afford to do this because AT&T is in essence passing on part of the commission they pay a salesperson to you. If you are looking for a new cable TV, high speed internet, or home phone service and want to research the best AT&T U-verse promotions out there today, then you found the right place since this AT&T promo page will continually be updated with the latest coupons, deals and promotions. In fact, the offers were updated in March 2015 so these are current offers.

A promotion that’s interesting right now is the current U-verse triple play promo, because you can get a reward card when you sign up for the offer. This free $200 reward card is like getting a discounted rate every month. And plus, you’ll be getting the reward card way before you’ll have to pay for the future services too.

Enough of me talking though, and let’s get straight to the AT&T U-verse coupons.

Aside from the AT&T DSL, and U-verse promotions, there are AT&T Wireless discounts listed towards the bottom of the page too. If you came for cell phone deals, then scroll down for those. Also, There are some U-verse coupon codes AT&T specifically offers for its movie selection, which we list on this page as well.

AT&T Promotional Deals, AT&T U-verse Coupon Details

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We have a coupon for the Netflix free trial offer that lets you try the awesome service for one whole month free instead of the previous offer of 14 days, and proof lies in the fact that even the official site is advertising this specific promotion. There are coupon codes floating around for this deal, but we are listing the promotional coupon that land you the same offer below without the need to type in complicated codes. Either way, these Netflix coupons and coupon codes (or priority codes as they are sometimes called) are helping the DVD rental and online streaming company grow through a Netflix coupon that gives you a taste of the service via a Netflix free trial for a month. With this promotion, they are hoping that someone who joins via the coupon offer will stay as a customer and judging by Netflix’s performance numbers, customers are doing just what they are hoping for. I highly recommend that you consider whether using the deal below is right for you. But anyway, enough introduction, let’s just get right to the free trial offer.

netflix coupon

Details of the Netflix Free Trial Without a Netflix Coupon Code

free trial

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Travelocity promotional codes are found here. A Travelocity promo code only show up once in a while for each destinations but no worries if you are flexible because there are always deals and savings for other locations in the world. Whenever there’s an online deal available, the promotions will be listed below so check back often if you are looking for a discount on a particular destination. In fact, we list out all the officially sent out Travelocity promotional codes and promotions, so there is no need to check anywhere else.

Site Wide Exclusive Travelocity Promotional Codes

[click to continue…] coupons and coupon codes started showing up all over the internet since the beginning of the company’s existence. With dirt cheap rates to hotel rooms, amazing promotional coupons as well as a spot-on domain name, was able to get the attention of many customers looking for accommodation when they travel. This page will continually be updated with the latest coupon and coupon codes so check back as soon as you figure out your destination for some great hotel deals. Coupon Code Details

  • Get $20 with a 3 Night Booking. Use Coupon Code AFREBATES1520
  • Get $30 with a 5 Night Booking. Use Coupon Code AFREBATES1530
  • Get $50 with a 8 Night Booking. Use Coupon Code AFREBATES1550
  • Get $75 with an 10 Night Booking. Use Coupon Code AFREBATES1575
  • Get $100 with a 12 Night Booking. Use Coupon Code RAFREBATES15100
  • The coupon code must be used at checkout. Then, you must print and mail the coupon to at Rebate Processing Department, 5000 West Kearney St., Springfield, MO 65803.
  • Get Double welcomerewards™ Points for Your Stay with a Minimum Two-Night Stay. Use Coupon Code WRDBLJ6
  • Join the Welcome Rewards Free Night Giveaway for a Chance to Win a $200 Night Stay
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    OptionsXpress promotional codes used to be readily available when the stock broker first launched their services and ran a huge OptionsXpress promotion. The offer to get $100 when you signed up for a free brokerage account but they stopped the promotional campaign for a while. Luckily for you, the same promotional coupon is back. In addition, here are all the promotions available. Enjoy the free cash and start making some money trading.

    OptionsXpress Promotional Code Details

    Click Here for and Sign Up

    More Notes on the OptionsXpress Promotions

    The biggest announcement is probably that Charles Schwab purchased OptionsXpress for about $1 billion. With the acquisition, it’s unclear whether the OptionsXpress name will remain and how any of these promotions will last so if I were you, I’d definitely apply now to make sure I get the free $100 before the promotion expires. Sure, there’s a chance that the offer will be better but when none of the competition even offers anything remotely close to a free $100 sign up bonus (and especially since Charles Schwab has no promotion that’s similar), I doubt they are going to raise the offer any higher. Of course, it’s your choice whether you take the chance to wait or not but I believe the odds are against you.

    How to Apply an OptionsXpress Promotion

    The easiest way to take advantage of the specific OptionsXpress promotion is to just click on the link to get to the special page that’s setup and follow the instructions. In the case of the promo that gets you a reimbursement from transferring your account, you need to fill out a form after you transfer the account along with proof of the fee that you incurred from your previous broker. To be doubly sure, you should check with customer support if you are unsure about what to do and they will gladly help you out with any promotions you see here.

    Also of note is that some of the cash bonuses will not hit your account immediately and that you need to meet the requirements of the promotion in order to be eligible. Like I said, make sure you know all the fine print so you aren’t being taken advantaged of, so read carefully and be sure to know about the funding and trading requirements.

    Every now and then, there will be a TradeKing promotion available, which we will share with you since we always find out about the TradeKing promotional codes out there. Sometimes, the promotions will involve an existing account holder (you will see what I mean by reading below) and both you and the person who invite you will benefit. Other times, you can get the benefit without the help of someone else.

    TradeKing Promotional Code Details

    Bonus – Check out these expired bonus offers. I believe leaving them here is a great way for you to gauge whether waiting for the next one will be worth it. Here they are.

    • Exclusive Promotion – Get $50 with a New Account – Expire 9/30/2013
    • Get $50 when you open a TradeKing account – Promo Extended Through 11/30/2012
    • Expired August 2011: Get $100 for Signing up an account for free with the TradeKing promotional offer
    • Expired April 2011: From now until the middle of the month, TradeKing is giving out a free $100 for you to sign up for a free TradeKing account if you are referred by an existing member.
    • Expired January 2011: Get $50 When You Open a TradeKing Account Today
    • Expired October 2009: For a limited time, anyone who gets an invitation from an existing TradeKing account holder will get $50 for opening an non-IRA account as long as you fund it with at least $1,000 within 30 days and make a trade within 180 days. If you are interested, shoot me an email at david [at] and/or leave a comment below so I can send the invite.
    • Expired November 2009: The Tradeking promotional code for the $50 bonus doesn’t need an invite. Just make sure you use the correct link that says “Get $50 When You Open a TradeKing Account Today” and you will be taken to a special page to sign up.

    What I Really Think of TradeKing and All The Promotions

    To be honest, TradeKing is a great stock broker and many highly recommend using them with or without a TradeKing promotional code. For instance, just as competitors continue to increase their commission structure, Tradeking is maintained the same commission structure all along with its simple $4.95 per trade + $0.65 per contract. It’s these types of moves that make Tradeking a company that’s worth considering even when there are no specific sign up promotions going on.

    Enough about what I think though. How about you? What do you think of their promotional offers? Is it good enough for you to say yes to a free account? And once you sign up, will you give them a shot by actually funding it and making trades?

    For more information on whether TradeKing is right for you, check out my more complete TradeKing review here.

    Home Depot coupons are actually easier to find than you might imagine. The home improvement giant will regularly send out discounts, promotions and deals to us and I’ve listed them conveniently for you here. If you came to look for Home Depot coupons or Home Depot coupon codes, you have absolutely come to the right place. Sometimes, they give out a flat out site wide coupon code but other times, it’s deals for rugs, stoves, paint, wood, microwaves, you name it. You can always wait, but other wise, check out all the coupons now.

    Home Depot Coupons Details

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    OptionsHouse Promotion Code and Review 2015

    Lots of OptionsHouse promotion codes and different promotions are available now and we have them all listed right here. The stock and options broker is making a huge splash in the trading industry with its revolutionary $4.95 stock trades and $0.50 per contract + $4.95 base options commission structure. Here are the coupons and promotions […]


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