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by Jeremy Hartley · 6 comments

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Gone are the days of buying consumer products on a whim, at least for me. I used to be a brick and mortar mall shopper you see. Those huge 50% off banners? I fell for those. After figuring out that money was to be managed and not thrown away, my consumer product shopping began to modify. If I need to purchase an item, a microwave for instance, I usually filter through these three sites first.
Kinja is a wonderful scroll down site that is the easiest on the eye to read. Kinja navigates online deals throughout the day and adds their favorite or most newsworthy deals to post. I love the reviews and comments on each product which tells me if that particular brand of microwave is worth it or not. Kinja also has a Twitter Feed you can follow and receive notifications for those hot deals that only exist for a few moments due to the high rate of selling out.
Slick Deals is a community based deal site that boasts multiple options of sifting through deals, but what I love about the site is it’s front page. Front Page Slickdeals are usually the best deals you’ll find for sale throughout the day. My favorite features are the two boxes on the right of the page. Popular Deals are user-based discounts that shoppers found worthy to be considered a deal. Because the deals have been “up-voted” to the Popular Deals, it can be certain that those particular popular ones are worthy to look at. Next up is Trending Deals. This is an RSS Feed on the right of the page that automatically searches other deal sites, greatly reducing your headache of constant searching to see if there’s another deal hidden elsewhere on the internet. This is the most convoluted site of the three, but once you get the hang of it, Slickdeals delivers. Added bonus: Slickdeals has a healthy forum that will assist me in my quest for the ultimate microwave.
I don’t know Brad, but I like his style. This site is incredibly user-friendly and takes a unique spin on savings. Instead of focusing primarily on product deals, Brad and his team are on top of all things coupons, codes, and even credit cards. I usually check this site to see if I can scrounge up a promo code, or three. I recently applied for a new credit card, something I rarely do and found me a great card for me. Brad’s site also boasts saving for your everyday stores like Target and Walmart that may even help with the grocery bill.

Warning. I find that the best way to consumer shop is to stay away from casually reading these sites as a habit. I advise that you only open them when you’re looking for a specific item. Otherwise you may end up buying that 4th wine bottle opener you never needed! Remember, just because something is a deal, doesn’t mean it needs to be purchased.

What deal sites do you go to when looking for a product you need?

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  • Arminius Aurelius says:

    The $ 5.00 a meal plan ? Why would I waste my money paying them $ 5.00 to give me recipes . Over the years I have accumulated several cookbooks that have hundreds of recipes . Meats cost $ 4.00 to $ 5.00 a pound on average . Yesterday Pork Loin Boneless Chops were on sale in Publix , normally $ 5.29 a pound , it was on sale – Buy 1 and get 1 Free . Bought 2 packages and got 2 free . [ $ 2.65 a pound. ] I get 4 servings out of each pound . 4 ounces a serving is adequate . Start with a salad of lettuce and tomatoes , 4 ounces of meat , potatoes or rice and vegetable . A pot roast , pork roast or chicken in a slow cooker with vegetables added is easy and minimal work . Set the timer at 4 , 6 or 8 hours . All meals for less than $ 5.00 a meal.

  • Paul says:

    I’ve also used ebay’s saved searches for good deals to be emailed to me whenever any ebay seller lists something that I have specified. You can select the product category, keyword, price range, location and all the other ebay search settings that you would normally do in a search. But by having a saved search, you don’t have to go to ebay every day to find what you want.

    • Jeremy Hartley says:

      I’ve had great luck with eBay as well! I enjoy the specific search mechanisms. Once I find what I like at the price I like, I’ll shoot over to these other deal sites (and Amazon too) just to be sure I’m getting hte best savings.

    • David @ says:

      That’s a helpful feature! I’ll have to start making use of it!

  • Investment Hunting says:

    I’ve had good luck with Brad’s Deals in the past. For me the site is kind of hit or miss. They either have everything I want or nothing I want. But I’ve always received orders quickly and they’ve always been what was represented on the site.

    • David @ says:

      Interesting. I think Jeremy’s point about just looking at those sites when you have a specific item you want to purchase is spot on. Otherwise browsing through those sites daily is like immersing yourself in advertising, causing you to spend more than you should.

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