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My husband and I are huge fans of Amazon. In fact, I rarely go shopping outside of my usual grocery runs because Amazon makes everything convenient and many times cheaper. This might change though. There is a new site that might give Amazon a little run for their money – I have been trying them out for a month, and here is how they stack up next to Amazon.

How Does Work? say that they are a cross between Amazon and Costco, and I would have to agree. Jet has a yearly membership price, but this can be waived with a promo code. Everyone can also try a free trial of the program. After you sign up with, you can search for a product you want to buy. In my case, I needed special baby formula that can only be purchased online. The Baby’s First LactoRelief formula is usually around $14 on Amazon for one can. We buy it through a third-party seller in a six-can pack for about $10.36 per can. offers one can for $9.94 right off the bat. Every time you add something to your cart, you become eligible for more savings on other things. Also, if you buy more of one product, your savings will continue to increase. For my baby formula, I can buy 10 cans for $85.50, or $8.55 a can. That is quite a big savings compared to Amazon. If you have ever had to buy formula for a baby, you definitely understand how 10 cans of formula doesn’t last very long.

Another example of how to save is with pantry essentials. Right now an 8-ounce package of Ancient Harvest Quinoa Spaghetti is $2.25, which I believe is cheaper than my local Vons. If I buy nine (the maximum amount), the price drops down to $1.38 per package.

You can also choose to waive the free return and save even more cents off your order. For my items, I choose to waive the return since I knew I wouldn’t need to return them and saved an extra $1.

Will We Switch to

Probably not. I will be getting my baby formula here from now on, since I scored a free tear membership. However, Amazon still has a wider selection and better price for many items, and I love my prime membership.

According to CEO, Marc Lore, my husband and I are not even the company’s main target. He says in an interview, “If you have Prime, you’re not our target customer. You’re getting video, you’re getting faster shipping. It’s a completely different animal.” I definitely think is worth trying out for the savings you can receive on your first order. Not only do new members get a free trial, but the promo codes make for huge savings off of essentials. Even if you don’t plan on using more than once, use it at least one time to score some great savings. Promo Codes

Promo codes are always changing, but try these to save money off of your order.

Free 12-month membership (must use when you sign up): CURISMA, TAKEOFF, TELLIS

$15 off of $50: 9D2FFB2


Have you tried yet? If so, tell me your thoughts.

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  • Daniel says:

    Amazon is not concerned about its new challenger, JET. I am extremely happy to see new competition in the ecommerce marketplace landscape. Merchants just seem to really like JET. I think it is great to see another competitor challenging Amazon.

  • kirsten says:

    None of the free 12 month membership codes are working but I found a free 6 month one that works: GETSTARTED. I think all of the 12 month ones expired on 9/1 because I tried a bunch more I found through google and none worked.

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