Cyber Monday, Green Monday: Tips for Online Savings and Efficiency

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Based on a consumer survey, Black Friday weekend spending is predicted to increase by 47%, with the average consumer planning to spend around $743 on this biggest weekend in retail. As big as this event still is, many of us have shifted our focus to online shopping, preferring to catch Cyber Monday or Cyber Week deals from the comfort of home. This is especially true among the younger generation — about 60% plan to shop online and spread their purchases out rather than binge shop (which also makes it easier to plan shopping into the budget).

Cyber Monday, which started in 2005, isn’t the only cyber shopping holiday on the retail calendar, though. Green Monday, the second Monday in December, is quickly becoming a key last-chance opportunity for shoppers to snag great deals online in time for the big day.

The highest online sales day in December, Green Monday raked in $1.621 billion in sales in 2016. Coined by eBay in 2007, the term gets its “green” from the color of cash, similar to how Black Friday represents being “in the black” of profitable numbers rather than “in the red” of debt.

Before the days of Amazon Prime and 2-day shipping, this Monday was the last chance for shoppers to ensure they’d get their packages in time for Christmas. Even though faster shipping and incentives make it possible for procrastinators to shop online even later than this date, the 50 to 90% savings mean it’s still worth checking out the deals.

Whether you shop Cyber Monday, Cyber Tuesday, or spread your online shopping across both November and December, the following tips can help you maximize your savings and shopping efficiency.

#1: Check Key Cyber Sale Sites

Rather than visiting individual retailer pages, visit collective sites like Created by the National Retail Federation (NRF), this is a reputable, all-around place to find up-to-date information about the best deals from your favorite online retailers. is another good one. Both will have information about Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and even Cyber Monday sales.

Deal bloggers are also great places to catch wind of exclusive or limited-time online sales, and you’ll have the added benefit of personal reviews and insider tips.

When you’ve found items you’re interested in, visit price comparison sites like PriceGrabber, Shopzilla, and to make sure you’re getting the lowest price available among competitors.

#2: Check Facebook, Twitter, and Subscribe to Email Newsletters

Besides websites, retailer social media pages and direct email newsletters are some of the best places to hear about cyber deals as soon as they’re posted. With the personalization technology that many retailers use these days, email newsletters might even be focused to categories you’ve shopped or shown interest in previously, which can cut a little time out of your browsing.

#3: Don’t Forget to Factor in Shipping

It’s easy to get so excited about a rock-bottom online price that you forget to factor in the cost of shipping, which can add another $5 to $7 onto your bill, quickly eating away the savings of shopping online versus a nearby store. Thankfully, there are numerous free shipping codes and incentives floating around, especially if you’re a regular customer.

#4: Register an Account a Few Days Early to Streamline Time-Sensitive Shopping

If you’re hitting limited-time or quantity Cyber Monday or Green Monday sales with retailers you haven’t shopped with before, setting up an account early can help you avoid last-minute frustration or, even worse, missing out on a sale.

Cyber shopping holidays will continue to gain momentum as more people choose the convenience (and savings, in many cases) of shopping online. Keep these tips in mind and, for you savvy shoppers out there, let us know if you have anything else you’d add.

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