7 Hacks to Get More Food and Save Money at Chipotle

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Chipotle – you either love it or don’t understand the cult-like following it has. For those whose life is not complete without a “bigger-than-your-head” burrito with “yes-I-know-the-guac-is-extra”, then these money saving tips are for you.

Ask for Half and Half Meat

Asking for half chicken and half steak will be charged as steak, but it does seem that you get a little bit more meat than just getting a single meat item. Plus, the combination of chicken and steak is pretty great.

Burrito Bowl with Tortilla on the Side

Instead of ordering a burrito, order a burrito bowl with the tortilla on the side. This will result in slightly more food without the extra charge. Plus, you can now easily make a decent sized burrito and have a small meal leftover for later.

Guac on the Side

If you don’t mind forking over the extra money for guacamole, then be sure to ask for it on the side. Sometimes when Chipotle is busy, you can get a sad serving of guacamole because the workers are in a rush. Instead, ask for it on the side and they will fill up a container.

Be a Regular

When I worked at Starbucks in my teen years (here are some tips to save at the coffee shop!), I was always more freely giving to pleasant repeat customers. It is just human nature to treat these nice, familiar faces better, especially when you see a lot of jerks during your work hour. If you want to be treated like the Chipotle King or Queen, then be a regular face and be extra friendly. When it’s not busy, strike up a conversation with the workers and be genuine. You might not get your meal for free, but you might find yourself with generous helpings.

Skip the Kid’s Meal

Ever since my daughter was a year old, Chipotle has been one of her favorite places to eat. Instead of getting her a kid’s meal, though, my husband and I would just share our meal with her. As she has gotten a little bit older and eats more, I would ask for some of my ingredients on the side. I usually do not get rice or beans on my burrito bowl, but why shouldn’t my daughter have them? As she gets even older, I hope to continue sharing a meal with her to keep my calories down and the overall cost down.

Or Get the Kid’s Meal for Yourself

If you are allowed to get the kid’s meal for yourself, it is a good deal. The taco kid’s plate comes with two small tortillas, 3 sides (i.e. chicken, rice, beans), a small bag of chips, and you can ask for a side of salsa. This is probably the size of a meal that most of us should eat compared to the jumbo-sized burritos.

Dress Up for Discounts

My favorite way to score cheap Chipotle food is on Halloween when they offer discounted burritos for those who dress up for their theme. One year, when my husband and I were hosting two Korean students, I made us all animal masks (the theme was farm that year), and we all ate huge burritos for under $10.

Of course, the cheapest way to save money at Chipotle is just to make your own version at home, but for those who can’t resist the addicting guacamole, these tips will help you get more food for less.

Chipotle fans, share your favorite ways to save money at Chipotle.

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  • chipotle says:

    My local Chipotle informed me of a great money-saver…the 3 pointer! If you only get 3 items…for me, that is extra rice, extra beans (both kinds) and gauc, it’s only $5.15! The veg bowl near me is $7.15, so for me, that’s a great savings!

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