3 Websites to Score Affordable, Used Kids Clothes

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Buying used clothing for your children is a great way to dramatically reduce your clothing costs, but not everyone has the desire or time to shop thrift stores or garage sales. The good news is that you can still benefit from the affordability of used clothing with online shopping. Here are three websites I love that sells used clothing, and my tips to get them even cheaper.

eBay Lots

Shopping on eBay is not a secret, but sometimes it can be hard to navigate the thousands of listings posted each day. If you have a specific item you want, create a “watch list” for it. This will notify you of new postings, so that you don’t miss a rare good deal. For example, I love Sketchers Twinkle Toes shoes for my daughter, and because I have put the item and her shoe size on my watch list, I have been able to snag a great buy-it-now deal, that I probably would have missed just through searching for it.

Another way to save time and money while shopping for used kids clothes on eBay is to search lots. Buying brand name clothing in big lots will cost you more upfront, but it reduces the cost per clothing to $1-3 per piece. I also like to look for sellers with multiple things I like so that I can get a shipping discount.

ThredUP Promo Codes

I like to browse on ThredUP frequently because their inventory is always changing. The thing with ThredUP is that while some deals are amazing and others are overpriced. the initial sign up credit and percentage off on the first order is definitely worth filling out the signup form. More specifically, you should earn a $20 shopping credit right away if you sign up, and then get an additional 40% off your first order with the promo code 40NP.

Trading clothes into ThredUP is a different story. On some bags I got a nice credit for it, but the last bag I sent, which was packed all the way to the top, earned me just $7.

Schoola Coupon Codes

I don’t think Schoola has a better selection than ThredUP, and they seem more lackadaisical on their clothing standards of what they accept. However, I think they are much better as a business. All the clothing is donated and when you purchase them, you are actually donating a portion of the price to the school that donated the clothing. They are also more likely to offer a discount code that can be used on any order, rather than just offering a discount for your first order.

For example, I placed an order last night because they had put a credit in my account. I also paired my credit with a 30% off promo code, making my total for four pieces of Baby Gap clothing less than $3. To top it off, they emailed me to let me know that my order had earned a little more than $9 for a few schools. Pretty neat!

You can earn a $20 credit when you first sign up, and you will also be able to take 30% off your order of $30 or more with coupon code BREAK (expires 12/22/15). Plus, they give you free shipping once you hit $25, and they don’t take away your shipping discount after the other discounts are applied.

It is a great time to take advantage of these sites because they offer better prices and special discounts due to the holidays. Use your credit and discounts to get the best deal on spring and summer clothing.

Where’s your favorite place to find affordable, used children’s clothing?

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