Frugal Ways to Manage Allergies

by Jamie Simmerman · 3 comments

The beginning of fall signals the arrival of allergies for many people. Knowing a few frugal home treatments can save you a bundle, since managing allergies can be quite expensive. The good news is that you’ll feel better in the process, too.

1. Frugal solutions for pet allergies

If you’re allergic to pets, like cats and dogs, you can feel torn between living with your furry best friend and suffering from allergy symptoms. Some pet allergies can be quite severe, and allergy shots are only able to lessen the reaction.

Try these tips to beat pet allergy symptoms:

  1. Sprinkle wheat germ on your pet’s food. They won’t notice, it’s healthy for them, and it reduces the amount of dander (what you’re actually allergic to) shed by your pet.
  2. Wash your pet’s bedding regularly.
  3. Shampoo your pet with an anti-dandruff shampoo once a month.
  4. Wash your hands after petting your furry friend whenever possible, and definitely before touching your face.

2. Frugal solutions for dust and dust mite allergies

Dust and dust mite allergies can keep you sneezing and scratching for days. To help reduce your reaction, try out a few of these frugal allergy solutions:

  1. Vacuum your mattress every week. For even better results, you can also spray the bare mattress with Febreze Allergen Reducer, let it sit for a half an hour, then vacuum the bed.
  2. Wash your sheets and pillows often, at least twice a week, or whenever you notice sneezing or itching in bed.
  3. Purchase allergen-reducing pillowcases and mattress covers for severe allergies.
  4. Consider purchasing an allergen-filtering air purifier and/or vacuum cleaner for your home and office.

3. Frugal solutions for general allergies

No matter what irritant gets your allergies going, you can try out these frugal solutions to reduce your symptoms at not much cost to you:

  1. Use a saline nasal rinse. I know, it seems gross and unnatural, but it can significantly decrease your allergy symptoms and improve your overall health. These kits can be purchased in any pharmacy, and are easy to use. Don’t forget to use distilled water and follow the directions for mixing the saline solution precisely. You can warm the solution in the microwave for a few seconds before use for maximum comfort.
  2. Wash your hands often. You’d be surprised how many allergens you pick up with your hands. You’d be even more surprised at how often you touch your face, distributing those allergens into your system. Wash your hands, nose, eyes, and face regularly to reduce symptoms.
  3. If you suffer from environmental allergies like pollen and grass, shower and change clothes after being outdoors.
  4. Remove any carpeting that can’t be regularly washed in the washing machine. Switch to laminate floors or linoleum to reduce allergens in your home.
  5. Change your furnace and air conditioning filters every month.
  6. Regularly inspect wet areas of your home for mold, and use a dehumidifier to discourage mold formation.
  7. Consider trying natural remedies like herbal supplements, dietary changes, and chiropractic treatments to reduce your allergy symptoms.

What frugal allergy treatments have you found to be effective?

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  • Malcolm says:

    Hey very good advice here, we have a cat and a dog. I am not allergic but i think my baby is so i always get my pets a bath everyday and don’t allow the dog inside the house often.

  • Marbella says:

    Many good advice, but do not wash and clean too much. If you do, your house becomes sterile, and then you become more susceptible to other diseases and allergies.

  • Jules says:

    We have three cats: one I’m not allergic to, one I’m kinda allergic to, and one that I’m very allergic to. I manage my allergies thusly:

    1) Keep the windows open for as long as you can. Obviously this is not a solution for the winter, but it helps a lot in the summers.
    2) Vaccuum every day. We have a small apartment and no carpeting, so it only takes about 20 minutes.
    3) Feed a good, high-quality food. This will cut back on the dander. I was actually allergic to all of my cats, but after I stopped feeding the cheap stuff, my allergies to the one vanished. The other two are on prescription diets.
    4) Air out the bedding weekly–I shake out the comforter and pillows and hang them out on our balcony once a week. I wash the sheets weekly.

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