Reselling Target Merchandise for a Profit

by Ashley Eneriz · 5 comments

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In the past, I wrote about how to make money by flipping yard sale and thrift store finds. I have also had success in the past few years flipping Target clearance finds. It is always nice to turn your Target shopping trip into a moneymaker. Here’s what I do:

Look for Exclusive Brands

Target has had several expensive designers agree to make a line just for them. These designers are even more valuable when their items are no longer being sold in the store. My first success with reselling Target exclusive brands happened when I heard that Missoni was going to do a line with Target. The launch was much bigger than Target anticipated, and they sold out quickly. I was able to order a few things, but many of my orders ended up being delayed or canceled. I ended up getting a $25 gift card from Target as an apology, and I made about $30 profit from my two Missoni buys.

Lily Pulitzer just had a line with Target too. I was not aware of it until one of my friends texted me a picture of a clearance kid’s jumper asking how much it went for on eBay. When I saw the reselling opportunity, I searched my local Targets for clearance Lily Pulitzer. I found 4 pieces and made $65 in profit after eBay and Paypal’s fees.

Look for Returned Online Items

Many times customers will order on Target’s website and then return it to the store. If the item is not something they currently have in stock, then the item is sent to the clearance section. My best find was a new hands-free pumping bra for $7. Since I had just bought one two years before, I remembered how expensive this certain brand was. Sure enough, I was able to sell it for a $20 profit after fees and shipping.

Look for Clearance Items

Stores vary depending on their clearance items and prices. I remember finding a great 3-piece canvas wall decor for $17 at one store and then saw it still marked as $50 at a different store. When the clearance item is a popular seller and priced down enough, then you can easily sell it on eBay. Three examples that come into mind were two Sony e-readers on clearance for $49, two breast pumps for $50, and a big set of Magnatiles clearance to $30. I sold each e-reader for around $100, the breast pumps for $120 each, and the Magnatiles for $75. After all of the fees, I would say my profits were $40 for each e-reader, $40 off each pump, and $25 for the Magnatiles. I also bought and sold two car seats for $100 profit each through my local selling site on Facebook.

Selling for a Hobby

I have had success with reselling items from Target, but I do it for a hobby. I am not in Target every day, or even every week. When I need to buy basic items at Target, I check the clearance sections as part of my trip. Even if I didn’t resell anything on eBay, I would still check the clearance sections. I might as well make a little money off of something I am going to do anyways.

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  • Honest abe says:

    It’s people like you that give all the secrets away just because you want views. You must be a kiss and tell type person. Some people have to do this for a living and becsuse peopl like you it’s getting harder everyday. I used to have a really good job supplying USA with gas ..drilling for it but because the rig blew up I lost a leg and Im not one to get help from the government. I just wish you woulf think brfore you post and think of all the people who think different than others. Your taking away there reward.

    • will says:

      “Some people have to do this for a living” – No they don’t, no one is forcing them. It is a choice, and not a safe and consistent income method. Don’t play the victim.

      “I just wish you woulf think brfore you post” – I wish you would, your spelling and grammar are absolute shit.

  • SusieQ says:

    Hi Ashley. This is a very interesting article. It would have never occurred to me to shop Target’s clearance isle for returned merchandise and then sell it online. Especially designer clothing that is no longer available in the store. There are so many good ideas out there and it is great when we are able to put them into action.

  • Money Beagle says:

    I know a few people who have had good luck flipping items onto eBay and Craigslist, but until now, I’ve never heard of Target as a source. It does make sense though if you shop wisely and look to make sure that you can almost guarantee yourself a profit.

    • Dana says:

      I suppose Target’s stuff has been getting better lately… I sell mine at this new marketplace called Onesie2Onesie.

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