Top 4 Money Mistakes People Make Trying to Lose Weight

by Ashley Eneriz · 7 comments

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Getting fit or staying healthy is usually on the top of everyone’s goal list. While it is a worthwhile goal that will pour many benefits into your life, it should not be a goal that drains your wallet.

Here are the top four money mistakes you need to stop making while trying to get in shape.

1. Stop Looking for the Next Magic Pill

Several of my friends have had great success with a popular wrap company and another MLM company that sells shakes. Look, I think these companies have worked for many and have earned many individuals amazing incomes. However, you cannot just buy a product and expect to reach your goals. I bought products from both companies, and the weight did not magically fall off. Why? Because I was using them as a magic pill rather than overhauling my whole diet and exercise routine.

If you are not willing to put in the work to eat better and exercise now, then why would you think paying an extra $100 for fitness products would help?

2. Ditch the Expensive Gym

How often do you really go to your gym? If you use it enough to justify the cost of membership, then the cost is worth it. However, if you are just going to use the treadmill a few times a week, then why not shop around for a cheaper gym? You need to get real with yourself at how often you use the gym and if you use your gym to gain the maximum benefits. If you love your gym’s workout classes and are there more than four days a week, then by all means, keep your membership. It is obviously working for you. Otherwise, skip the expense!

3. Ditch the Trendy Healthy Food

You can get healthy and lose weight eating inexpensive staples, such as organic oats or hard boiled free-range eggs. You do not need overpriced coconut water, fancy kombucha drinks, or specialized protein powders or bars to reach your goal. Many times these products can hinder your results too, since many people would rather grab a protein bar that tastes like a candy bar than to eat a bowl full of kale.

4. You Don’t Need Recovery Drinks and Gels

Most people who work out don’t need specialized recovery drinks or gels. The body is able to recover with just water and a healthy meal, even after a hard workout. The people that need these specialized products are professional athletes and individuals who continually stress their bodies for several hours every day (such as a fitness instructor).

Even if you do need a specialty recovery drink, you can make your own inexpensively. Look up recipes to find the best sugar to salt ratio to make your own recovery drink. Even Cardinals football player, Tyrann Mathieu, drinks plain Pedialyte to recharge after hours of training instead of using expensive name-brand sports drinks.

Getting healthy and staying healthy are both notable goals, but stop fooling yourself into spending more money to get the results you desire. Eating healthy and exercising can be very inexpensive if you stick with the basics.

How do you save money when trying to get or stay in shape?

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  • Caroline says:

    As with so much in life, people want a magic quick-fix. They want to do something fun and a bit ”sexy” (not literally!) that is on-trend. They don’t want to listen to what those boring old dieticians have been banging on about for decades, you know, eat mostly fresh food, plenty of different sorts of veg and some fruit, enough water, not a huge amount of fat, but some, controlled portions of carbohydrate (no, don’t ”ditch the carbs” or any other food group!), try and get a fix on how many calories approximately you need each day and aim for that, regular meaningful physical activity of any kind that you can maintain and over time, you will magically lose weight and get fitter. Is it exciting and new? No. Does it involve clever, magic food that is ”special” and expensive? No. You might need to get a sturdy pair of walking or running shoes or whatever for your exercise, but otherwise… just eat moderate portions of freshly prepared food 90% of the time!

    Expensive gym memberships and removing whole food groups and ”banning sugar” (um, fruit has sugar?) and so on is unsustainable for most of us. Target specific bad habits and change them one by one… and watch the lbs melt away. No magic pill.

    • David @ says:

      “No magic pill” is right on. As with most things in life, the simple advice is often the hardest to follow because they often require a consistent commitment to follow through.

  • Hank says:

    I’m 71 a Type II diabetic, I have been on every diet known to mankind, not very successfully I might add. My wife is an advocate of walking, it’s her cure-all, I walk 45 min to an hour a day. Lost the equivalent of a 14 YO teenager & chart everything. My A1C is holding steady below 5.0% with an avg GLU count of 88 & I’ve never played ‘Pokemon Go’! I find that what affects one can’t be guaranteed to have the same results for another. You have to do what works for you. I eat a well balanced menu 5-6 fruits & veggies servings daily, 3-4 oz serving of meat daily. For breakfast a small bowl of oatmeal/rolled/steel cut, hemp hearts, flaxseed, crushed almonds, cinnamon & drink apple cider vinegar (1 Tbsp in 16 oz water 3 times daily) for lunch it’s 3 eggs, cottage cheese, hemp hearts, 1/2 avocado & veggie side dish.

    I have now been asked many times recently, ‘What are you doing to lose the weight?’ I start to explain, within a few minutes I realize I’ve lost them. My wife pointed out no one wants details they want a miracle easy solution, I’ve been at it a year & am nearing (10 more to go) my medical ideal weight but it’s been slow. It was a commitment & being OCD has helped me stick with it, giving up anything that tastes good has been my mantra. I’m neither gluten free, vegetarian or belong to a gym. I gave up breads, pasta, pies, cakes & most things canned and/or ready to eat. I order ala cart at the restaurants, no sauces or dressings. My wife cooks my daily eggs with butter & my HDL is up, my LDL is down, my AST/ADT is below 12 & my triglycerides are low & have normal BP.

  • ESI says:

    One recommendation:

    Do fun things that are free and also give you a good workout.

    I live in Colorado and one example I just did yesterday — walked the Incline (Google it). Great workout and totally free.

    Walking the neighborhood is also free and can be some great time alone with your spouse if you include him/her.

    • David @ says:

      Walking the neighborhood is an easily implementable idea that can pay great dividends. And as you mentioned, you can strengthen not just your physical health but also your marriage!

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