Bringing Home Baby (Without Breaking the Budget)

by Jamie Simmerman · 4 comments

Mother with newborn

All you seasoned parents know that babies are quite expensive. Adding a new member to the family means additional furniture, food, clothes, and insurance costs (and a whole lot more!). But what we often fail to compute is the cost of little extras that come about simply because we’re stressed, ill-prepared, or in a rush.

Here are a few tips for new parents looking to bring home a baby without breaking the budget.

6 Tips for Saving Money with a New Baby

1. Pack ahead for your stay. 

It all starts at the hospital. Those little bottles of mouthwash and shampoo provided by the hospital cost a small fortune. Even a Tylenol can cost over $8! Prepare ahead and over-pack; you can always lug it home if you don’t need it. Include toiletries, over the counter medications, prescriptions, and comfort items like soft blankets, slippers, and decent coffee or tea.

2. And pack ahead for dad, too! 

The hospital costs don’t stop with mom’s bill. Dads can also run up quite a tab while hanging out and waiting. Trips to the snack machine, cup after cup of coffee, and pay-phone calls to friends and family (if your hospital still doesn’t allow cell phones) all add up over two to three days. Plan ahead by packing a Daddy-To-Be bag filled with snacks, reading material, drinks, and a prepaid calling card.

3. Don’t buy diapers ahead of time.

Instead of stocking up on diapers before the baby arrives, plan on making a trip to the store soon after the delivery. You may need premium diapers, or in the case of a 10+ pound arrival, you may skip the newborn size all together. Dad, grandma, or a trusted friend can run to the store for the proper size to avoid wasting diapers. (If you plan to use cloth diapers, this is mostly a moot point.)

4.  Research the cost of photos before your due date.

While those adorable newborn pictures taken by the hospital are tempting, you can often get higher quality pictures at a local studio for less. Family and friends can snap informal shots of the new arrival to document the event, and you can schedule an all-out family photo shoot as soon as you’re comfortable taking your little bundle out in public.

5. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

If your doctor orders a test or procedure that you aren’t sure your insurance company will cover, ask your doctor about your options. Sometimes, if they’re not absolutely necessary, routine procedures can be eliminated to save money.

6. Talk to other parents for real-life advice on how to save money when bringing home a new baby.

You may be surprised to find that many of the things you thought you need are a waste of money. On the other hand, you may also find great tips that could save you a bundle.

While sticking to a budget is important for families, don’t forget to splurge a little by purchasing something special to help capture the memories of your special day. A new camera, a bouquet of flowers, a handmade blanket, or even a few minutes of alone time for the family can make a world of difference in how your new baby’s arrival is received and remembered.

What tips do you have for bringing home baby without breaking the budget?

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  • Mandy Knight says:

    Aside from the car seat I would advice buying everything used. You can get high quality used goods at a fraction of the cost!
    Oh, and stock up on diapers when the largest box is on sale. The largest boxes have the cheapest cost per diaper, this is only improved with a sale.

  • Wendy says:

    I agree with Maria Lee, buy all the items you need in bulk before your due date!

    Nothing worse than being unprepared and having added stress when you return home with your new bundle of joy!

  • Advice in Life says:

    Hi. I would like to add some information as a single mom you should always be prepared in bringing new baby at your homes. Before the delivery date maybe you should buy the things that you will be use in the hospital for the baby and for you. For you to save money just be prepared always on things. 🙂

    Thank You,
    Maria Lee

  • MoneyNing says:

    You also want to take the opportunity to ask the nurse at the hospital! These people are without question pros at this and they know every tip and trick out there. Be sure to also ask for extras when it comes to samples, like those formula bottles that the formula companies are happy to supply.

    Just make sure you don’t ask so much that they expire before you can use them all up! 🙂

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