Are You Taking Advantage of These 8 Free Library Perks

by Ashley Eneriz · 5 comments

I absolutely love the library, and I am continually surprised that more people don’t take advantage of their local library. It’s really more than a place for checking out books! Here are the top benefits you can get from your local library – all for free.

1. Family/Kid Activities

The children’s librarian at my local library is fantastic and she is always trying to come up with creative classes or activities for all different age groups. I have visited story time, craft time, dance class, and even play dates with different sensory stations set up.

I have seen other libraries host magic shows, kid concerts, and movie days. As a stay-at-home parent, any fun and free activity is welcomed because it breaks up the day for both my kids and me.

2. Computer Usage for Kids
Almost everyone has a computer in today’s tech-heavy world, so it would be pointless to use the free computers at the library for myself. However, the children computer centers are specially designed for them and loaded with a lot of different learning games. Even though my daughter has learning games on an iPad, it’s still a treat to play the library’s computer games.

3. Free or Discounted Passes
In some of the bigger cities, libraries will offer day passes to nearby attractions or museums. This is a rare perk, but it doesn’t hurt to ask your librarian. Even if the library doesn’t offer any passes right now, there might be a chance that nearby attractions run promotions regularly so check back every so often.

4. Exercise Classes
Another library near me offers morning yoga classes. I have also seen martial art and dance classes offered periodically. They might rotate different activities in the same location so talk to the librarian and see what has been offered before as those classes may very well be offered again in the near future.

5. Tax Help
During tax season, many tax experts will offer their services for free. Sometimes everybody can get free tax help, while other times it’s just free for individuals who make under a certain wage. If anything, the people offering tax help are a great resource to get your questions answered.

6. Overdrive and Hoopla
If your library is connected to these two apps, then take advantage of them. I am constantly using both of these apps to read free ebooks and listen to free audiobooks. Don’t think I am reading outdated stuff either. Most of the books that I read are best-sellers or new releases. The library isn’t just a place for dusty books. The best part about these apps is that if I forget about a book, it will just expire – no late fees for me.

7. Game Rentals
My library also offers board game rentals, and I have heard of other libraries renting out video games. These games might not be the newest available, but it’s a free alternative for kids and teens.

8. Genealogy Research
Ever want to look up your ancestry but the cost to do so has swayed you? Many libraries have access to these research databases. A library near me even offers classes to help you research.

Every library is different, and some are able to offer better perks than others. No matter where you live, you should be able to get access to the Overdrive and Hoopla app. Even if your local library doesn’t offer it, one in another town might. All you need to do is get a library card from them and connect it to the app.

I get excited just thinking about all the awesome activities my library offers. What fun things does your library offer?

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  • J J says:

    Our library has weekly story time for little kids—mostly pre-K. They love it! I remember when I was little, maybe 4, when I went to story time. ? The only thing is, do other libraries do that? If they do, have they been affected by the covid?

  • Centsai says:

    I love going to my local library because of all the perks! A lot of the perks you mentioned are similar to the ones my library has as well! The library is a great community and family place and I definitely try to take advantage of all these freebies!

    • David @ says:

      The free activities are amazing but the selection of books is what draws me to the library. Where else can you grab a book off the shelf, read it right there (without fighting for a spot) and take it home if you can’t finish it without worrying about the cost of it all?

  • Miles says:

    Our library provides free access to The only restriction is that it doesn’t work on mobile devices.

    • David @ says:

      Not being able to read it on a mobile device is a little bit of a bummer but hey, free is free!

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