Friends Getting Married? Here Are 5 Ways to Budget Being a Wedding Guest

by Ashley Eneriz · 2 comments

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When it feels like everyone you know is getting married, it can be overwhelming on your budget. Whether you are invited to weddings of friends, family members, or co-workers, here are five ways to stay on budget.

budget wedding guest1. Make a Yearly Budget

How much can you afford to spend on weddings, parties, and gifts this year? Set a budget and stick to it. If your entire budget for the whole year is $600, then realistically, you may only be able to attend one or two weddings for the year, while still having money left over for other events and birthdays.

It is wise to divide your yearly budget by 12 and save up a little each month. This way you will have money set aside for a future wedding and the expense won’t be an unpleasant surprise to your budget.

2. It’s Okay to Say “No”

It is important to prioritize events in your life, especially if you are on a tight budget or schedule. As much as you might like your co-workers, you don’t need to attend every event they invite you to. This goes for friends you have grown apart from.

There is no need to explain that money is an issue. Instead, graciously decline, saying that you have another commitment that day but that you hope their day is an amazing one. It’s important to tell the couple no right away so that they can plan accordingly.

3. Remember to Count All the Costs

As a wedding guest, your costs aren’t just the gift you give to the couple. You also have to calculate associated costs like attire, travel expenses, babysitter costs, etc. You might only spend $50 on a gift, but a wedding can end up costing you $200 after you calculate all of the other costs.

If you are part of the wedding, your costs are multiplied, considering the costs of attire, alterations, make up, hair, and all of the wedding events you are required to attend, such as bridal parties or bachelor parties. Only assume the financial responsibility for close friends and family members if money is a concern.

4. Contribute to Group Gifts

Try to contribute to a group gift if you can’t afford to give a large gift by yourself. Not only will you save money, but you will help fund a gift the couple really wants rather than giving them something generic like a picture frame. This is an especially good idea for co-workers, since many people will feel obliged to give a gift but will want to save money.

5. DIY Gifts – Please Don’t

While DIY projects save a lot of money in other areas of your life, it is probably best to give a small amount of money or gift card rather than risking a handmade gift. Obviously there are exceptions to this rule, like if you are extremely talented or the couple requests a handmade gift. My husband and I received a few handmade gifts for our wedding, and while we loved the thought, it was just not our style. We felt guilty getting rid of it, and we would have much rather had a thoughtful note from loved ones.

How many weddings do you have coming up in 2017? How do you plan to budget for them?

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  • Centsai says:

    It is smart to think ahead of all the possible weddings that might happen within the next year! If you are in an age range where it is more likely for a high percentage of your friends to get married, then maybe you should save a little extra in your annual budget! Another way to cut costs is to recycle dresses or tuxedos! Instead of buying 4 dresses for 4 different weddings, maybe consider asking to borrow a dress from your sister or a friend!

    • David @ says:

      Borrowing a dress is a great idea if you wear the same size as someone else. You can also consider renting one, because how many times are you going to wear a formal dress?

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