How to Deal with Constant Sale Pitches from Multilevel Marketing Salespeople

by Ashley Eneriz · 3 comments

So far this year, I have been asked to be a Beachbody coach by six different people, been invited to 10 Pampered Chef, Jamberry, Trades of Hope, Avon, Cookie Lee, and Mary Kay parties, and had my social media pages plagued by dozens of Scentsy and ItWorks! representatives. I am sure there are a few companies I forgot about too.

I feel like I am constantly bombarded by individuals who are working with these type of companies. According to CNN, “roughly 15.6 million Americans worked as salespeople for multilevel marketing companies”, so there is a good chance you are being bombarded by sales and requests too. I am not saying that these companies are bad at all, but they are not for me or for my budget. How do you stop the constant pestering?

Turn Off Notifications

On Facebook, you can unsubscribe from a friend’s notifications, which makes it helpful if they post about their business every day. If I am invited to an event, I quickly decline and turn off the notifications for that event. I also just remove them from my friend list if I don’t know the individual personally.

Make Your Intentions Clear from the Beginning

When you are pitched to partake in one of these companies or parties, it is best not to use excuses if you aren’t interested in their products. The person on the other end is trained to talk you through excuses. Excuses like, “I’m too busy”, “It’s not in my budget”, or “I don’t like pyramid schemes”, will just invite him or her to talk with you more or to ask you later. I like to give a direct answer like, “Thank you so much for thinking of me, but I have no interest in the company or products. I wish you the best of success, though!” If a family member or friend keeps badgering you, then I would simply say, “Your constant sales pitches and badgering is ruining our relationship. I hope that you would value me more as a friend/family member than a potential customer.”

How to Support Friends and Family

Sometimes you genuinely want to support friends and family. When my sister-in-law started her Mary Kay business, I wanted her to succeed. Part of her training was to perform facials or makeovers with a sales pitch at the end. We both had an understanding that I was not going to buy anything because it didn’t fit in my budget, and I prefer more natural products, but I was able to help her out by letting her do a facial. If I am truly interested in a product, then I will buy it from a family member. The harsh truth is that they are making barley anything off of the sale. In most cases, it would be more profitable for them if I handed them a five-dollar bill.

In the end, I don’t find fault in any of these companies or anyone who tries to make money with them. The problem I have is that I am approached by so many salespeople, and it is even harder when your friends and family start looking to you as paycheck.

How do you deal with multilevel marketers in your life? Do you feel like you are constantly bombarded with products and sale pitches?

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  • Amy says:

    I work for one of these marketing companies you mention. What I sell is a budget item as we are frugal. Jamberry nails. I love what I do. Working from home. I’m able to make my own schedule and provide a small income for my family. A manicure/pedicure can cost $30-50. Jamberry nails cost under $7 for the same and there easy and fun to apply at home. Not to mention the wraps last weeks. So, in essence they save money. That’s what we’re all about. No debt and saving money.

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