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  • Sam Hortenberg says:

    No I don’t miss the old days at all. Sure the interest rate you get from savings is higher but inflation was also high. You can also invest for almost free these days so today is definitely the better time to be in.

    • David Ning says:

      The modern times are definitely better. Owning the market via the Vanguard Total Index Fund for 0.05% a year and you can buy and sell with a few clicks most days of the week? That’s an incredible deal people can only dream of even just ten years ago.

      • Steven D. Pearson says:

        Sure inflation was high back then but so were interest rates on CD’s. As a young adult I took out 5 year CD’s at over 12%. The message holds true as much today as it always has, live within your means or below it if you can afford to. And the Vangaurd fund is a tremendous choice for low fees and to try and stay ahead of inflation. When John Bogle started this fund in 1975 the investment community thought he was nuts. They have definitely changed their minds since then by trying to catch up to the example that the Vangaurd funds leads the industry in. That’s also why the “Oracle of Omaha” aka Warren Buffett suggested these funds for the bulk of his estate when he’s gone.

        • David Ning says:

          John Bogle definitely stated a revolution that changed the investment landscape forever. Vanguard’s index funds have been attacked for decades and still, it’s clear that more and more people are turning to this form of investing. Bogle wasn’t kidding when he said that he’s trying to give investors a fair shake.

  • Jamie says:

    The days when we were writing checks WERE the good old days! There was a wait to do everything but you didn’t have to remember passwords.

    Pick your poison!

    • David Ning says:

      Ha true dat! Have you thought about password managers? The applications cost a bit of money but you just have to remember one password for all your websites, plus you can use really cryptic passwords so it’s more secure!

  • Steven D. Pearson says:

    I do remember the old days when for the first 20+ years of my life you would earn 5% on passbook savings at a bank and 5-1/4% at a savings and loan. You can’t even get half that on a 5 year CD. Most financial institutions now only pay .05% with some even as low as .01%. And worse yet, some of those have high minimum balances just to get those pathetic rates. So I would easily trade the cost of postage & time to write checks to go back to those rates. Banks are a joke now and I only use them as a tool like they have used us for so many years.

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