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After being GMAC Bank first and then changing it’s name to Ally Bank, everyone’s no doubt seen the new advertisements that emphasizes no fine print.  With the bank being connected with General Motors, the first thing I can think of is whether my money will be safe. Of course, I went to research further before my readers could be ripped off with this bank so this review represents my opinion of putting money with its savings account offering.

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Safety of Ally Bank

ally bankFirst things first, Ally Bank saving accounts and CDs are all FDIC insured so our money is safe for up to $250k per account. There are ways to increase the amount covered even further, but you would need to open individual, joint, and accounts under other entities such as a trust to get a higher limit. (Another way is to just open accounts across different banks, which might be easier.)

Products Offered from the Online Bank

Ally Bank offers 2 main products that we are really concerned about – an online savings account and a certificate of deposit with above average rates. The extremely good interest rates for this type of product and the bank being FDIC insured prompt me to open an account with them.

When I opened an account, it was also nice to see that I can actually open multiple savings accounts and certificate deposits all on one screen. No more submitting multiple applications and spending time filling the exact same form more than necessary.

Ally Bank is Another Excellent Option

There’s really many options out there to compete for our money, but it’s nice to see a bank with competitive rates with a simple interface. The name GMAC may spook you in opening an account, but the safety of the FDIC guarantee should provide comfort, especially since you are getting more interest by going with them.

After 2 years of originally reviewing this bank, I am still an Ally Bank customer. But before you decide, make sure that you read through some of the other user reviews below. Though most people only speak up when they have a problem, you can get an idea of the types of issues people have with their accounts.


Other News You May Want to Know About the Ally Bank

Is GMAC Really GM?

Many people asked me about this already, and I actually had the same question myself. I always thought that GMAC Financial Services was part of General Motors but I was wrong. GMAC is actually a standalone banking operation that provides lending and banking services. The difference with GMAC to a traditional loan company is that instead of offering mortgages and home equities to consumers, GMAC offers loans and lending to GM and Chrysler dealers to finance their operations.

Ally Bank is just one of the online banks we reviewed on Click here for the full list of high yield online savings accounts we have experience with.

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Tony J June 25, 2014 at 3:34 pm

I have had an Ally account for over two years and I am totally satisfied with their service and web page interface. Transfers between Ally or other banking institutions is straight forward and very easy to understand. I love the higher rates they pay on their I interest earning accounts, and that they pay any and all fees connected to any transaction at other banks. The ability to take a picture of a check for deposit is a Big Plus as well.
I read some of the complaints by other raters on this site and just scratch my head. I don’t see how their issues occurred. But, oh well to each their own. I highly recommend Ally as a No Fee, No BS bank.


Therese July 6, 2014 at 5:48 pm

Electronic transfers to/from Ally are very easy.

But try rolling over your IRA CDs to another financial institution and it is a completely different story.
I have done this several times over the years. No one wants to let the funds go of course, but Ally is the slowest,
least efficient. Not sure what this bank hopes to gain by being obstructionist, as now I intend to remove all IRA
accounts, instead of some.


Don August 5, 2014 at 6:33 pm

I was lured by the rates and left due to ineptness.
I asked to set up 4 regular IRA CD accounts, can’t do them all in one like competitors, with one account having all 4 CDs in them. Also set up a savings account. Been in IT since the early 80’s and an online investor since the 90’s = no problems.

I then got a huge “welcome package” of every conceivable form Keogh, SEP, Roth, savings, checking, etc. in the mail. Really, I have to wait for this mess, why not provide it online? None of the forms were prefilled with info. already supplied – hmmm, another firm I ultimately went to sent only the needed forms and prefilled.

So, I looked around found a better rate. BUT, by then my $ were already in the Ally savings account. I began moving it out. This $ amt. is more than my yearly gross salary. Well, when I went to remove the last bit out ~$80k, they had the wrong available amount on the transfer page – it did not include a previous transfer – really, other online financial institutes show you what is available including pending transactions.

When they saw their error, they stopped the ACH transaction. Ok, you’re mistake. But, I want my $ out. Contacted them. Your $ will be back in your account by Monday afternoon. They contacted me Monday afternoon. Nice person. But, your funds are not there yet…. They will be there after tonight’s batch program runs – uhh, ok.

Tuesday AM, Ally contacts me 30 minutes late. $ are there, set up the transfer. So far I could have just scheduled this on line had they had an accurate date to begin with.

Tuesday PM, get an e-mail from Ally, well, you first have to fill out this form……

In summary, Ally is clueless on only supplying what is needed, on supplying prefilled forms when information has already supplied – not biggies, just not competitive. The biggies, can’t display how much $ in the account including pending outbound transfers (what is available), and can’t tell you when an ACH is going to happen with any accuracy. 3 phone conversations and none mentioned this form to remove $ – Sad.

My rec., go somewhere else for banking. I actually found slightly higher rates and, actually more important to me, a on line bank that has their processes in place. I still use my other financial org. for stocks, etc. but will never use Ally again.



Loraine Willbanks February 20, 2015 at 11:45 am

If you still have the email you received, I would love to get it. All the correspondence I have had with this bank is through their Customer Service Reps. I don’t know what country they have sourced out to, but these people can barely speak English and absolutely are NO HELP whatsoever.


jessica August 7, 2014 at 9:12 pm

Beware of this bank. Please read the reviews here and on many many other webpages. There are hundreds of pissed off customers. This bank is a nightmare. I tried for over a month to open an account with them, but finally gave up after getting lost in a sea of paperwork and incompetence. the customer service people are polite and friendly, but the system is broken and they were endlessly asking me to jump through hoops. many many people report having wasted huge amounts of time trying to enroll, or actually enrolling and finding it frustrating and super difficult to deposit or access their money. Having read the reviews, I am now glad they never opened my account. Bullet dodged.


Minh March 17, 2015 at 5:47 am

Thank you for the warning, many people are not prudent enough to read reviews prior to depositing their life-saving into an unknown bank like ALLY. I was thinking about depositing a large amount because of their rating but now, I have second thought. I might just stick to the traditional banks, where I know I can get a hold of my money.


benny March 17, 2015 at 9:00 am

Most pissed off customers are not smart enough to truly know the nature of online only banks. I had large deposit with them and withdrew it for my house donwpayment. The amount is over 150k, no issue at all. To enjoy high rates and low or no fees without headache, you have to make things simple. After all, it’s an online bank. They have never seen you and they will never see you. How do they know the one on the other side of phone, fax, cellphone, computer is not a hacker, scammer, money aunderer, identity theft? You can’t blame them for being over cautious.


Brownie Larue August 14, 2014 at 11:09 am

I have been a customer for a couple of years now. I have a savings account and a few CD accounts. I have not had a problem with them, but their customer service is very strange. After 5+ questions to verify my identity they finally ask you what you want. Then they seem to be carrying on multiple conversations at once as they pause alot and ask you the same questions over and over. I have trouble not screaming at them to ask them if the have some kind of problem remembering my answers. I ask for a simple change and it’s like I’m at a car dealership and they have to go verify it with their manager. As we speak I have been put on hold twice so the lady can verify the changes or do whatever. Maybe I don’t have enough money in my account and they are using some kind of crazy algorithm to decide how they carry on a conversation and how many conversations they can run simultaneously. I have told them what I thought a couple of times. Luckily I only call them a few times a year.


Lynda August 25, 2014 at 5:20 pm

Customer service is non-existent. I made a typo on a payment rendering it $45 short and rather than inform me they just put a ding in my credit and reported the entire payment 30 days late. When I called to complain I got someone in India that just kept reading me their policy from a computer screen and couldn’t even seem to understand my complaint. Do not do business with these people.


Bob A. September 12, 2014 at 12:04 pm

I have only been with Ally for a few months, but I found it to be quite simple to use. I have a savings account only at this time, and make simple account transfers when I have money left over from my monthly budget. To date, I have no problems with Ally !


Theresa September 16, 2014 at 7:26 am

We decided we would buy a vehicle from one of Ally’s customers. (It was financed through Ally.) I will only say that it has been 20 days and we are STILL WAITING for Ally to process the cashier’s check that was sent to them for payoff!! Yes! I said CASHIER’S CHECK! My banker said she has Never seen anything like this! Needless to say, we have called Ally bank so much to check and see if the check has processed that they know my husband by name!! This tops it all though…… Ally’s own customer service agent said today that she WOULD NEVER USE THIS BANK for ANYTHING!! That is sad! When a bank’s own employees say its bad then you know it’s bad service! It goes without saying that the fellow we are buying the car from (James) said he will NEVER use this bank again! If you are reading this…..RUN FROM THESE PEOPLE!! DONT USE ALLY BANK! They do not have their stuff together.


Helen Roberts September 25, 2014 at 7:58 am

I am currently financing my 2013 purchase of a FIAT 500 auto with Ally and have not had any problems.


Lacie Lembke October 7, 2014 at 12:39 pm

I had a pickup financed with Ally bank. Made all my payments like I was supposed to. when the contract was up instead of sending me the title, they sent a tow truck yesterday to repo my truck. The driver illegally came onto my private property and entered my vehicle without my permission and removed the keys. I know my rights and knew he was wrong, I told him he illegally took my keys and he was trespassing and i asked him to return my keys and leave or I would call the sheriff. He refused and turned violent. Extremely violent. As he tore out my driveway he ran into me with his truck. I ended up in the hospital over this. My 7 year old daughter could have lost her mother because of this bank. They are no better than the thugs on the street. I am a 5 foot tall 106 pound woman that was home alone. I was terrified for my life. This man did not ever attempt to slow down and would have killed me with no remorse. But I am happy to say I am ok and that low life scum didn’t get my truck. Only my keys. So now I get to be scared that he is going to come back and do God knows what. Nobody deserves what this bank has done to me.


RN Lambeth October 20, 2014 at 10:29 am

“WOW” just saw an promo by ALLY, that said GRIN and SHARE, trust ALLY!!!!!!!@#x??..awhhhh…(I think it should be GRIN,and BARE…!!!) Last week paid off my vehicle (Months / Year early!!);PD extra amount each month also) with ALLY / GMAC..OK ……; so I called them today(customer service this am,OCT20,2014)to check status on my title….READY for THIS !!!! I WAS ADVISED THAT;
I HAD PAID WITH “unauthorized funds”(paid through online Chase “THE WHOLE NOTE PERIOD,SAME THING…same way)and that the check was being “HELD” for approved funds for TEN (10) days!!!!!, and that I had OVER PAID by 20 cents!!!!, and they would be cutting me a check in this time. NEXT TIME…need a Better “ALLY”…I will go somewhere else…..My money has been from that same account in the tune of est.$34k for my vehicle, and all of a SUDDEN for est $400 balance(1/2 much as a payment) my funds are NOT ACCEPTABLE?????? “WOW”…. all of a sudden the GOOD GUY customer is the “ENEMY”, Not an “ALLY”…GET IT….”WOW”….


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Alexander November 17, 2014 at 12:54 pm

Ally has been giving me problems for a while but I’ve had one last issue this week that has made me decide to go somewhere else.

First of all, the mobile app is horribly buggy and crashes or doesn’t work the majority of the time. I have to force quit out of it and restart pretty much every time I want to even log it to check my balance. Considering that the mobile app is the only way to get money into your account unless you want to physically mail in your checks this makes every deposit a huge hassle.

Even once you get the check deposited it takes upwards of a full week for that money to be available because apparently all operations at Ally, a completely online bank, stop once it’s past 5 pm on the East Coast. I can deposit a check at 2 pm on a Wednesday where I live and it won’t even show up as submitted until Thursday and then it’s not approved until Friday night. But since nothing happens at Ally on the weekends, even though that check shows up as approved, you can’t use it until Monday or later if it happens to be a three day weekend.

All this is normal for them even if you don’t let something bad happen, which brings me to this weeks incident. A week ago a tried to use my card and it was declined. I didn’t think much of it because the card is kinda old and the magnetic stripe is worn, so I just used cash. A week later when I tried to deposit a check I saw my account was over drafted because of transactions at a gas station in Canada. I’ve never been to Canada. When I called customer service they were nice and understanding and refunded my money, but I guess they never felt the need to call or even email me about the fact that they had deactivated my card almost a week earlier.

So even though they were understanding, they put a hold on the check I deposited for “excessive overdrafts” and now it will be an extra five business days before I can use that money. The only overdraft I’ve ever had was because someone besides me spent my money.

In general Ally is sloppy and unprofessional. It’s their policy to deactivate your card for fraudulent charges, not tell you about it until you call them, and then to punish you for overdrafting your account.

Stay far, far away from this bank. They will cause endless headaches for you.


bennyw November 18, 2014 at 10:43 am

I have been one of the happy Ally bank customers for years but I feel compelled to leave negative comment here.

The mobile app (Android version) sucks big after major redesign in October 2014. It’s indeed horribly buggy. It doesn’t allow you to login. Even you found a way to work around to it, you could not deposit any checks. In all, this app looks like that it was designed by inexperienced developers and tested by inexperienced QA guys. It’s totally unacceptable for an online only bank. About half month later they published an update which was supposed to fix these major bugs. But only partial of the issues were fixed. A good portion of people still can not deposit and login issue still persists so far (11/18/2014). I could barely manage to suffer for half month of no mobile bank service and somewhat login inconvenience so far. But I can not imagine how people survive without the ability to deposit any single check for more than 1 and half months. Oh yes, you can deposit with a computer but not everyone has a scanner. And yes, they do allow you to mail checks to them with free prepaid envelopes. But the mail time delays fund availibility more.

For those who have doubts about what I say, check Ally Bank app review here . Maybe some will see this comment long after, scroll back to see reviews starting from beginning of October 2014.

No mobile bank service for some people for one and half month and still counting. Good job, Ally.


David November 21, 2014 at 10:21 am

Ally told me it would close my account if I did not provide a physical street address. I value my privacy, and I have a post office box which receives all my mail. This is a common practice in the United States and has been so for a very long time. Anyway, I told Ally to go ahead and close the account. There was no attempt to transfer me to an account recovery specialist, no understanding of privacy; it was goodbye to the customer, full stop. This is a despicable bank. That must be the reason why so much official effort is being made online and elsewhere to portray Ally as “number one,” as if this bank is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It isn’t. To Ally, the customer is an adversary.


Clarice C November 26, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Absolute mistake of the century. huge huge mistake i made opening a bank here. all cs reps are without any knowledge. website doesn’t have sufficient information. no one know anything. took 2 months to open a bank account. constantly being told things that are not true. all my bill payments are late. i have no access to transferred money.

well time to move on. there is a reason why traditional banks will always remain the bank of choice

shame on ally bank.

i am preparing to sue


HRPuckinfutz December 21, 2014 at 6:45 am

Ally bank is horrible if you want need to make purchases internationally or try to transfer money overseas. They do not transfer outside of the USA. They do not provide 3D secure debit cards for international purchases. They decline purchases attempted from outside the US, such as trying to book a hotel on Agoda. That cost me hundreds of dollars extra for a hotel room. They block almost every attempt to use Western Union to transfer money with my debit card to my fiance in Thailand in order to pay for the wedding. And their interest rates are well below what they advertise. This bank is useless for anyone who needs to make transactions outside the US. And their customer service has a severe IQ deficiency. Avoid.


Staci January 18, 2015 at 8:36 am

My boyfriend and I have had a checking and savings account through Ally for a few years, and we just can’t take it anymore. We’ve gone back with Suntrust and are in the process of switching over our funds and direct deposits, which Ally is not making easy for us.

They are SLOW at everything. We used to have Bank of America, and their application for mobile deposits was great and the money was available the next business day. With Ally, we almost always have to wait several days. And now, as a punishment for overdrafting our checking a couple times in the past year (we had overdraft protection from our savings but I guess Ally still takes it personal) Ally is holding any check we deposit randsom for 5 business days. Since I am switching, I had changed my direct deposit info through work, and because the process takes a while, my work sent me a paper check until direct deposit into my new account was ready. We used the app to deposit it into our Ally account (since we didn’t have debit cards yet for our Suntrust account), and it is showing that check included in our balance… however, our “available balance” does not include the check. There’s a note that the check is being held due to “excessive overdrafts.” (two… in a year… that were paid from my own savings account!) Now for a week we don’t have access to MY PAYCHECK! This is one of the most BS practices I’ve ever heard of and it’s infuriating.

Also, the savings account we used to have through Ally was suddently closed without warning because we were transferring money too often throughout the month. We had both our paychecks set up to put 10% into savings, and if we wanted to make a large purchase that month or splurge on something, we would transfer from savings. Apparently there is a limit on the number of transactions you can make from a savings account (all banks may have this?) and because we exceeded that limit, we were fined… and because it happened again months later, Ally closed the account and gave no notice. One day we logged on and the account just said CLOSED. We had to call to find out why. They eventually mailed a check for what was in the account when it was closed (that you have to use the app to deposit so they can hold it randsom!), and both my and my boyfriend’s direct deposits got screwed up and 10% of our paychecks went who knows where… I think mine was added to my next paycheck and he got a paper check in the mail weeks later.

For being an online bank, Ally sure does have a lot of technical issues. I use their Popmoney service to pay rent, and it takes about 5 business days to process the payment… not impressive. Sometimes this service isn’t working, and we have to make other arrangements with the landlord because who knows when Ally will fix it. Then occassionally their online banking site and the mobile application will have an error message when you try to log in saying they are having technical issues with their online banking services and to check back later. But you’re an online bank Ally… if you’re having issues with your online services, you’re JUST HAVING ISSUES. It’s not like there’s a branch your customers can go to to make transfers or check their balances. This saturday their site had that message for most of the day. Rediculous. They want to punish you with fees and inconveniences for your mistakes but just give you an “oops, sorry” for theirs.

Another HUGE problem with this bank is that without branches, you can’t deposit cash if you ever need to, and you can’t deposit certain kind of checks through the app. You have to MAIL these checks to Ally and then wait for them to process… My boyfriend got an insurance payment check for his car that was totaled and we needed to start looking for a new one so he could get to work. Before we even tried the app he called to make sure it would work so we didn’t get stuck waiting for a deposit that was never going to happen. The customer service rep said we’d have to mail the check to Ally for it to be deposited… almost two weeks later we finally had the money in our account. Likewise, if you are ever paid in cash for something, or receive gift money, there’s no way for you to use that money to pay online bills(without going to Amscot), shop online, add it to savings, etc. When we were with BOA and I was making tip money I could pop it into an ATM and it would be available in my account immediately. You’re just screwed with Ally, unless you have someone you can give the money to who will write you a check, and then you want to wait 5 business days to access it.

Ally is just a really crappy bank. It starts out seeming really convenient and nice because of the low fees(other banks still have lower fees), but it’s just not worth it. There are far too many inconvenient things about it and the way they treat you like a child who can’t manage your money responsibly so they have to punish you… it just doesn’t give you any warm, fuzzy feelings for them. I’m so glad we’re switching. I have some student loan money I’m expecting to be deposited from my grad school soon, and I’m looking forward to what a fiasco it will be to transfer that to my new bank.

Do yourself a favor, and even if you don’t think you’ll ever need a physical branch for your banking, go with a bank that has one anyways. It’s so easy for Ally to treat its customers like shit because they never have to see any of them face-to-face. They’re not people, they’re just customer numbers. There is value in having an in-person customer service option. It may seem like this value is lost in the age of technology, but I’ve learned the hard way never to take it for granted.


bennyw January 20, 2015 at 3:39 pm

I don’t think you understand the nature of an online only bank properly.
First, your complain that Ally bank has no branch? Do you know what an online only bank mean?
Second, there are lots of scams and frauds on the net. For an online only bank, you can’t blame it for being extremely cautious. Over drafting your account indicates that you might have money shortage issue. The risk of receiving bogus checks is increased from the bank’s perspective. 5 business day on hold is a reasonable measure to manage the risk. In fact, 5 business days is not long enough to make the bank risk free. Probably it’s 60 days. You may ask why Ally bank has the strictest policies. Because they heve never met you and will never meet you. Will you trust a person you have never met the same way like a person you met him/her at least once?

I believe you can have only 6 transactions per month for saving accounts of all banks. It’s regulation that all banks have to follow. Ally bank does not create that rule.

Looks like you want to have the easy access like conventional banks and great rate and low fees that online only banks offer. It simply doesn’t exist.


RDM February 8, 2015 at 6:16 pm

The whole six transactions of a month thing is a Federal law. It’s not an Ally policy. Also, it’s counterproductive to try to compare Ally to a brick and mortar bank. I suggest you extensively research the financial institution you decide to use before making the switch.

It’s not necessary to write an essay. It’s more productive to be succinct and coherent. I’m sure the customer service people reps loved dealing with you.


Tom Klix January 22, 2015 at 7:39 am

This is the worst finance organzation I have ever dealt with. I tried to get a simple payoff letter. That took 60 darn days!!! no fax no e mail no service Snail Mail only. Then they sent me a piece of junk that the Secretary of State would not accept!!!! Now I am dealing with them again .. no fax, no e mail. we will MAIL it to you. good bye. Terrible Terrible Terrible .. never again tk.


Christopher January 22, 2015 at 1:55 pm

I have been banking with Ally bank for right at two years now… And I am soon to close my accounts and refrain from ANY further dealings with Ally!! And I have many reasons for doing so, mainly because Ally bank does not understand that my money is mine. It is not up to Ally Bank to dictate or tell me how I can or cannot spend my money. On more than one occasion Ally Bank has pains me into corners costing me jobs and other financial gains. Even after extensive phone calls trying to come to a compromise for the situation an ally remained uncompromising, reciting policies and procedures and all this other stuff that kept me from getting my money anytime really reasonable manner… Ally Bank reminds me of our Obama administration but I have no rights and they will dictate to me how they see fit. Ally Bank sucks fat cock…


Jane Doe January 28, 2015 at 12:13 pm

Thanks to all for saving me the hassles. I got excited when I saw their ads/claims. I applied for a checking acct online….with a promise of 3 day turn around…ok…..heard nothing then got a letter ten days later saying I was denied an account. Seriously?! Denied a checking account? Reason: ‘Unable to verify your identity’. OMG I have a 40 year history of excellent credit. That pretty much told me all I needed to know.


Baseball Bob January 28, 2015 at 1:25 pm

I’ve had excellent service from Ally Bank for an interest-bearing checking account until very recently. Their rates are good, and I like the ATM fee refunds from other banks. Transferring to other accounts is easy, and the support staff have always resolved my issues quickly. However, sometime in December 2014, they made some security upgrades to their web site, and now, I can no longer log in to my Ally account via the mobile apps on Iphone or Android, and even logging in with a desktop computer is hit or miss depending on what type of network I’m connecting through; VPNs and Wifi tend not to work too well. The tech support person explained that it had something to do with the incoming port number changing each time the site is accessed, but no solution has been found yet, and my account keeps getting locked out.


stu shloss February 3, 2015 at 12:38 pm

My brother-in-law had financed a car through Ally Bank. He moved in with us while he was treated at Sloan Kettering Hospital in NYC. Unfortunately , he lost his fight with cancer. I contacted Ally Bank to let them know that his car was at our house and he had passed away. My wife and I spoke with over 10 people over the next 4 months, and not one expressed any sympathy our loss, and it was obvious they could care less. Our experience with Ally Bank could not have been worse had they tried to torture us. I understand why GM has dropped them as the default financing arm for their car dealerships. The stated reason was poor customer service. We can confirm that.
I would not recommend using Ally Bank.


Dave February 6, 2015 at 1:42 pm

I tried to open an online savings account with them. I called in advance to see if the credit freeze I keep active at all times would be an issue, and if so which bureau I would need to temporarily unfreeze. The person on the phone had no idea what I was talking about and said it would be fine.

4 days later they call and say I would have to lift the freeze, so I do ($10) and they run their check again. NOW they say that since my credit report doesn’t have a phone number listed, they would need a copy of my driver’s license in order to open the account.

Of course, they have no branches anywhere since they are online only. But for some reason they also have no online functionality to let me upload a scanned image of it … they only support mail and fax. So welcome to an online only bank with 1970’s only technology.

I told them to cancel the application and opened an account with Barclay’s instead. Opening the Barclays account worked online with no issues and took 5 minutes.

Ally Bank is the worst.


RDM February 8, 2015 at 6:05 pm

So far it’s a very easy process switching to Ally. I’ve read some of the horror stories, but I am only do a Savings account to take care of the nice interest rates. I’m keeping my regular Chase account to do my day to day financials. I hope I never have to talk to them on the phone though! Sounds like a nightmare.


Sandgrubber February 12, 2015 at 1:35 am

I have tenants and carry a loan on some property I sold. I made the mistake of trying to set up accounts so my tenants and the guy who owes me money can pay me online. What a mistake. My tenants got so pissed off trying to use Ally that they just mail me a paper check. PopMoney seems to have lost the last payment that was made on my loan. Ally will not do transfers from one Ally customer account to another . .. you have go through PopMoney. If PopMoney loses the money there’s no obvious way to resolve disputes, and if you are the person who is supposed to be receiving the money that got lost, you’re stuck. DO NOT USE ALLY IF YOU EXPECT TO GET PAID ONLINE.
I’ve also had the problem of support for my mobile phone getting cut off. That’s trivial compared to problems in receipt of payments.


Maureen February 18, 2015 at 8:10 am

I’ve been an AB member for almost a year now and overall I really like my experience with them. Granted, I only have a savings and checking account, but nonetheless, I’ve been happy with my online banking. I mostly use my savings account because of the awesome interest rate which compares to no other bank, including mine with Regions. My heart goes out to everyone that has major issues with them; I guess for me, it’s just kind of hard to believe because I’ve only dealt with them a couple times, but every single time, I’ve gotten very nice customer service reps on the phone who were able to resolve my issue. I have, however, used the phone app once and I did have trouble logging in, but 98% of the time I do my online banking through my computer anyways, so I’m doing okay without the app. Other than that, I like banking with Ally Bank. =)


Jennifer February 18, 2015 at 11:48 am

I opened a checking and savings account with Ally on Monday, and today (Wednesday) I am closing them because I am already fed up with dealing with this banks’ mistakes!

I was transferring my balance from another bank to Ally and Ally ran the transfers twice! This resulted in me being overdrawn at my other bank by $14,000!!!!! When I called they told me it was my fault because the form I filled out to open the Ally account asked me what my opening balance would be, I wrote $14,000 so they automatically transferred that money as soon as I linked an external bank account to my Ally account. They never asked me permission and never even told me they were doing this transfer! Meanwhile, I thought I needed to transfer the opening balance over so I set up a one time transfer, resulting in the money being withdrawn twice from my old bank account. Beware, they will transfer your money from other banks without asking your permission!!!!

I am immediately switching back to my old bank.


Loraine Willbanks February 20, 2015 at 12:01 pm

We have a 5th wheel financed with Ally. We contacted them in Nov. about having someone assume the payments. They indicated there would be no problem. They did send an Application for Transfer of Equity to us. We finally got someone who wanted to take up the payments and we faxed the application to them. To date their customer service people cannot tell us what is going on in the process. Each time I call I get a different answer. These people do not know what they are doing. When I ask to speak to a manage they tell me that they cannot forward my call. No manager available and other excuses. There is no phone number to call and speak to anyone else about this matter. My husband has had a heart attack and now has been diagnosed with Cancer since we made this purchase and we need to have this matter resolved. We are under enough stress without having to deal with something like this.


Lisa March 10, 2015 at 1:03 pm

I have had an Ally Money Market account for awhile now. Rates are great and the website is easy to use. Haven’t had any issue transfering funds to the bank and am looking at opening CD accounts with them, too. I want to move all my funds to an online bank, but I’m a little concerned by all the negative feedback here.


Shannon Shields March 20, 2015 at 11:16 am

We had Ally vehicle loan paid it off and had the hardest time getting the release of lien. Transferred multiple times to individuals who could hardly speak english. They couldn’t tell you when or if the release had been process 19 days after payoff.

RIDICULOUS….will never do business with them again. HORRIBLE customer service….


James DiAntonio March 21, 2015 at 3:54 am

Have been with Ally since they became Ally. No problems until recently. The really messed up a CD renewal.
I was very upset, they thought it was humorous. Of course, it wasn’t their money. I will start looking for other options.


Dottie March 25, 2015 at 8:19 am

I have been a customer even before they changed name to ALLY –
I have had great service – never any problems – would like to find
another Bank I could rely on as well.


Karen March 25, 2015 at 10:30 am

I opened my Ally savings and checking back in 2011 and up to now i had no real complaints. deposits via mobile device were fine, interaction with cs was fine, overall all was well until they upgraded their applications and website.
the mobile device continuously errors out and unable to use on my note4, and the website is a joke, moving screen to screen (account page to bill pay screen) takes over 3 minutes and that is not counting trying to actually pay a bill.
when called to inquire they advised that their IT team are “working” on the issue but that has been over 4 months more or less.
either way i am moving my account to another bank. there is a credit union that might fit the bill.
personally opinion but good luck to everyone else.


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