enjoy life on a budget

If you feel you need to have a lot of money to really enjoy life, I am afraid you are sadly mistaken.

The greatest things in life are those worthwhile experiences and subtle occurrences that sometimes most individuals simply take for granted. While Madison avenue may think that having expensive “stuff” and the like are what lead to happiness, below are some ways you can still enjoy yourself without spending a fortune.
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email phishing scam
I’ve written about how to avoid falling for a phishing scam, but it turns out I need to pay closer attention to my own advice. I’m placing partial blame on being half awake and not yet caffeinated, but a few weeks ago I opened and almost responded to what I later discovered to be an email phishing scam.

Here’s the embarrassing, yet eye-opening story and what I’ve taken away from it.

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stressful job

Every job comes with a degree of stress. And, what may be stressful to one person may not be stressful to another.

Only you can really determine whether or not you find your current job stressful. However, there are some considerations to take into account as you evaluate your job and whether or not it is worth the stress.

CareerCast.com recently released a jobs report that included the most stressful jobs. In order to rate these jobs, CareerCast.com looked at 11 stress factors. These factors include:
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beauty on a budget

As a woman, you definitely understand what I mean when I say that beauty doesn’t come cheap. From makeup to manicures to haircuts, maintaining your appearance can really put a dent in your budget.

In a 2013 report, it was found that a woman will spend approximately $15,000 on beauty products in her lifetime. That’s a staggering number considering beauty products and services aren’t something we necessarily need to survive (although I might disagree).

Even so, beauty is fun! Plus, it’s hard not to splurge on it every now and then. If you’re on a tight budget, here are five beauty tips to help you stay beautiful without breaking the bank.

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A recent article from Travel Weekly has created a lot of buzz about the future of airline ticket rates. In it, the project management director for PROS, a revenue management software provider, hinted that some larger airlines are on the brink of adopting technology that will charge each customer differently based on the virtual data it gathers about them — or at least their name-less profile. Smaller airlines have already been experimented with this type of platform on their own websites and sales channels.

It’s called dynamic pricing (or surge pricing, or micro-target pricing), and most airlines already practice it at some level. For example, carriers change class-based rates based on demand, peak travel times and holidays, and even when people book their flights (late booking is typical of business travelers).

But this newer version gets a little more intrusive and controversial (there’s even talk that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) might get involved to examine its impact).
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baby sleeping
Many parents underestimate just how many things they have to teach a child. From the early basics of manners and potty training to more advanced things, such as having empathy and how to deal with hard life situations, the list goes on and on. That’s why many people neglect areas like financial training.

I know my parents rarely talked to me about money and money management. In fact, my own mother encouraged me to accept my college’s $40,000 loan offer, despite college costs being less than $7,000 a year. Thankfully I didn’t take the opportunity to waste that sum and graduated without any loan debt.

What else should parents be teaching their kids in regards to finances? Here are four lessons everyone needs to learn and pass on to their own children to get you started.
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