juggling multiple goals
It’s exhilarating when you finally catch on to the power and freedom that comes from saving money to pay for things rather than using credit cards and loans. But, unless you’re a professional, it can also be overwhelming as you try to keep multiple objects airborne without dropping one (or all) of them.

Sure, you no longer question whether to save a certain percentage of your income every month, but a new question emerges: which goals should I direct the savings to? Just thinking about all the ways you need and want to use your hard-earned savings can quickly lead to discouragement.  How will your savings ever stretch far enough to accomplish everything?

The best way to tackle these feelings is to start making lists, evaluating things, and, yes — crunching the numbers. It is possible and realistic to juggle multiple savings goals at once. You just need a plan.
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liquidation sales
After filing for bankruptcy last fall, the well-known international toy retailer, Toys R Us, recently announced it will be closing all 740 of its US stores. Toys R Us is one of the hundreds of companies that filed for bankruptcy last year — including Radio Shack, Wet Seal, Payless, and Perfumania. The trend isn’t ending anytime soon, as many other retailers are scheduled to downsize this year too.

If you enjoyed shopping the aisles of these nostalgic stores, this might be sad news to you. The upside is that you’ll still be able to purchase many of your favorite branded products online, whether on company websites or from e-commerce giant Amazon — which is where a lot of our business has been going, already.

With so many store closings, another positive outcome for shoppers is the potential to save big during total-store liquidation sales. Since it’s easy to get carried away when you hear the word “liquidation” and see clearance banners go up, here are some tips for shopping responsibly to get the most savings during these last-chance sales.
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Automation is a buzz word among financial advisors. And for good reason too. There are simply too many benefits of automating your finances for someone who cares about accumulating money to ignore. Whether direct depositing money into a savings or retirement account when you get paid, setting up automatic bill-pay, or investing in no-hassle index funds, automation can mean less stress, guess-work, and precious time managing your personal finances.

Complete automation can also have some serious disadvantages as well. Becoming aware of them can help you make more informed decisions about how — and how much — to use this strategy.

Here are three possible downsides to “set it and forget it” finances.
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401k vs roth ira
Almost every week, I read an article telling me how big of a nest egg I need to retire comfortably, and almost every time, I think about my own retirement funds and try to compare it to the guidelines. Yet, every single time, I ask myself:

Is the retirement savings being referred to a post or pretax amount?

It seems like minor detail, which makes the point all the more important. Pretax retirement savings does not equal post tax funds. Make sure you take this into account when you do your retirement planning, or risk a true awakening when you can least afford it.
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This was post is sponsored by H&R Block.

Filing taxes used to take me 15 minutes. I would wait for the first day taxes could be filed, log in online, fill out a few simple forms, and just wait for my refund check. Then life happened. I created an online business, started a family, owned a few different types of investments, and more. I’m sure I can still file my taxes easily online, but I no longer have the confidence that I can take advantage of every tax break available to me.

Now I solicit the help of a tax guy. He’s great – confident, attentive, and knowledgeable. He’s also expensive. What I don’t like the most is how it now takes me a few hours to gather documents, drive out to meet him just to tell him all the nuances of my past tax year and then to email him every once in a while to make sure he is working on my return.

But what can I do? Enter H&R Block Tax Pro Review.
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Telemarketing has been around since the early days of the telephone. Now that we have caller ID and the “do not call” registry, unwanted cold calls have become less of a problem for most of us — but that doesn’t mean they’ve completely disappeared.

In fact, with the rise of automated telemarketing — otherwise known as robocalling — it looks like the annoying calls have simply evolved. If these automated calls could simply be chalked up as the digital version of cold calling, it would be the least of our worries.

But many of them are deliberate scams designed to trick people into sharing their account details, social security numbers, and other personal information. Based on consumer reporting, the Federal Trade Commission estimates there are 2.6 billion of these calls each month.

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