The two boxes looked identical, except for the price. Both contained a sound system we were considering purchasing, but the price sticker on one said, “Open Box,” and had a price of $90 less than the other.

My gut told me the right choice was to save the money and buy the Open Box item. My wife, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure. She wanted more information before we decided. So I found an employee, and asked some questions.

Before buying an Open Box item, make sure you understand any risk associated with it, even if you are able to save a bit of money.

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Last week, I shared three tips for saving money (and perhaps some sanity) while going on a road trip with toddlers. When you’re traveling with young kids, for any length of time, it’s important to keep both of these in check.

I am back again this week with three MORE tips for saving money while on a road trip this year.

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Relocating for a job can be expensive. This is a concept all too familiar to me at the moment, but through my recent experiences I have learned a lot about frugality, determining what’s most important, and making wise financial decisions in spite of emotional attachments to your possessions.

I’ve also learned a little bit about saving money while on a cross-country road trip. Here are three tips from my 5-day journey from Michigan to Washington state.

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Earlier this year, my husband received an unusual letter from his credit card company. He had not used his card in two years, and the bank alerted him that he had two months to make a purchase on the card, or else it would be cancelled.

This particular card — which he’s carried for over 15 years — has gotten dusty because we share a Upromise reward credit card that we use for all of our spending. We pay that card off monthly, and have no other need for credit.

At first I thought there was no need to keep an unused card around. We didn’t need it, and it was just one more thing to keep track of. But when I looked into the consequences of losing such a long-term piece of my husband’s credit history, I realized that keeping the account open was the smart thing to do.

Here’s what you need to know about canceling your unused credit cards and how it can affect your credit score.

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As tuition costs continue to rise, you as a parent will need to make tough decisions about whether or not you’re willing or able to pay for your child’s college education.

While paying for their college tuition may be a dream of yours — and one that can definitely benefit their future and set them on the right foot to being debt free — you want to make sure you’re not compromising your own financial life in order to fund their education.

If you’re thinking of funding your child’s college education, here are 3 important questions to ask.

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Too often, we complacently think that difficult times can’t affect us. We are sure that terrible things won’t happen to us and that they only happen to others. And, for many of us, that ends up being true. However, the case is likely to be different when it comes to the possibility of experiencing a financial shock.

According to recent information from the Pew Charitable Trusts, 60% of American households experienced a financial shock last year — many of whom were not prepared.

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