Traveling for business is a part of many people’s careers. While they’re not usually thought of as a vacation because of their purpose, business trips sometimes involve interesting locations, venues, and upscale hotel accommodations that can be enjoyed during your down time. If you’re unable to travel other times of the year because of finances or family obligations, these can be great opportunities to squeeze in mini-vacations that are more affordable since the largest expenses (transportation and lodging) are paid for by your employer. The next time you have to travel for work, try a few of these tips to turn a mandatory business trip into a relaxing, adventurous vacation.
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I dragged myself out of bed at 5:18 a.m. this morning (after I’d hit the snooze button twice), threw on my workout clothes, and went to the gym before the sun was up.

Despite the fact that I once viewed early mornings (not to mention a.m. workouts) to be a unique form of torture, I am trying my best to create a pre-dawn gym habit in order to set each and every day up for success. That’s because your morning habits set up your day for better or worse. Hitting the snooze button until 20 minutes before you have to leave for work is a good way to feel behind all day long, while getting up early and fitting in some exercise will help you feel empowered to handled any problem that crops up.

Did you ever want to improve how you start off each and every day? Here are four morning habits that successful people adopt to stay on top of their days, their careers, and their lives:
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road trip
I don’t normally get into penny pinching, but I do like to try to get good value for my money when I’m planning a big expense. The good news is that I normally find a few areas to save money on when I do make the effort. This was again the case when I took eight days to drive from my old home in Pennsylvania to my new home in Idaho.

After the moving truck was loaded and on its way, we packed up the car with what was left, and headed out. Here are some things I did to save some money while we traveled:

Drive Moderately

One of the ways to improve your gas mileage while on a long road trip is to drive moderately. I didn’t go over the speed limit in an attempt to keep my gas costs lower. This was especially important, since we had items tied to the top of the car and bikes on the back of the car.

I also make it a point to maintain my car so that it runs smoothly and gets the best gas mileage possible. Over the course of 3,000 miles (we tool several detours to see things a little out of our way), those savings can add up.
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fresh produce
Healthy and sustainable living is a trend on the rise. More and more Americans today are adopting a healthier lifestyle to improve wellness, help the environment, and just overall feel better. And a healthy lifestyle starts with healthy eating. In the past, Americans were all about the quick and easy meal. After all, a cheeseburger and soda from McDonalds was a staple in the average diet. Many people today are substituting the grease with healthy and clean eating today. It’s definitely one trend that is here to stay.

We all know the benefits of eating healthy and nutritious foods, but we also know it can be tough on the wallet. Fresh and organic foods can be double the price of processed foods, making it very difficult to fit it into our budgets. But if you are committed to healthier living, there are definitely tips and tricks to help you eat well for less:
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With my son beginning his junior year of high school in the fall, the cost of a college education has been in my thoughts a lot lately. I’m saving each month in order to help defray the skyrocketing cost of his post-secondary education, and he’s saving money from each of his paychecks from his part time job as well. In addition to saving up our own funds, when the time is right I’ll encourage him to seek out and apply for as many scholarships and grants as he possibly can.

My son and I attended a college informational presentation recently, and one of the topics was scholarships and grants. The presenter told a story about a young woman who received a scholarship by default because she was the only applicant. In fact, that particular scholarship had not been awarded for the three previous years because there were no applicants. Scholarships and grants are out there for the taking, college hopefuls just need to go find them. Here are a few places to find such information.
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Everyone already talks about how expensive having a baby is. Still, the reality can be even more costly than you originally imagined. Most expecting parents already know to budget for a crib, clothes, and diapers, but many other expenses pop up during the infant stage that many never thought about. Here are a five I felt caught me off guard.

Many Types of Bottles and Nipples

If you choose to formula feed or even feed your baby breast milk later, then you already know you will need a bottle. At most baby stores and major chain stores, there is a whole aisle devoted to the different types of bottles and nipples. What you need to prepare for financially is that you might need to try out three to four different kinds of bottles before finding the one your little one likes. My niece refused so many popular brands of bottles, even the ones that were promoted for breastfeeding babies when she went back to work that my sister-in-law spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the right bottle.

I thought I got lucky because she gave me all of those bottles to try out. My second daughter loved the Playtex bottles, so we bought a package of them. Fast forward two months later, and my daughter had a hard time with the next level up nipple. We ended up getting a completely different set of bottles and stage 2 nipples just so she would drink milk again.
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