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  • Jeoff says:

    I have several HK,USA and BVI Companies with active bank accounts in Hang Seng,HSBC HK.HSBC Beijing openned back in 2001 and 2002.All linked to internet banking As a result of recent crisis most of the accounts are idle now. I can not sell the companies as the bank accounts will be automatically closed. If you have non-criminal ideas of how to use them you can become my partner and to use both the companies and the accounts accounts. Regards Jeoff

  • gentlekat says:

    Not sure what this bank is like in their brick and mortar buildings, but their on line experience is without question the worst banking experience I have EVER had with a bank. I saved 43K with this bank that i put there in case of emergency. Well I had an emergency and they froze my accounts. They said they would be unfrozen within 2 days. It took 6 and then they suspended my local bank so that I could not transfer the money. After 5 phone calls, and over 4 hours on the phone (yes, my phone counts the minutes), I still don’t have access to my money. I am on hold now waiting for over hoping that I can get my local bank account restored so that I can access MY MONEY. The measly interest rate they pay is not worth all the hassle. As soon as I get this straightened out I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN.

  • john norris says:

    need to question whether something is reality or a scam i am located in Houston Tx and unable to contact an HSBC bank in this area

  • James says:

    I prefer the HSBC over any other bank. I shopped around for a while a few years back and had quite a few bad experiences. I eventually settled with the HSBC who have the best savings rates (that are available to the public) in the world.

  • Karen says:

    We have HSBC online Banking here in Canada and I have been trying to transfer money from one account to another for days, with no luck. I just keep getting told that it can’t do it and to call their 800 number. I went to a BMO where they say I can use my HSBC bank card. Well, guess what. You can withdraw, deposit, and check balances but you can’t TRANSFER money. We are 3 hours away from their closest bank, so when we get there in the very near future we are closing out the accounts and moving our money back to the Royal Bank. Our High Interest savings account started out at 3.35% and is now down to .75%. Not worth the hassle anymore.

  • Joe says:

    I bank with HSBC for business, both Mainland China and in Hong Kong and have a personal premier account in Hong Kong as well. We opened the HSBC Direct USA account in order have some banking back in the States hence credit. I have come to find out that this was a mistake as it is very difficult to transfer funds Bank to Bank (non US and non HSBC) as the verification process takes sometime and the second interface is just one more obstacle and actually does not work properly. Our Business and personal banking in Asia is perfect but the HSBC Direct USA has been frustrating as it seems to be tailored to the local corner bank on Main street USA and i am trying to close it right now.

  • Peter says:

    Calvin is right about HSBC being the second largest bank to the ICBC. HSBC Direct is getting pretty popular these days around here in Caanda because we just don’t have the options that you guys do in the States.

  • Calvin says:

    HSBC is the biggest bank in the world that is available in the states. Other other one is ICBC which is a China only one so unless you speak Chinese, HSBC is the way to go.

  • MoneyNing says:

    Ben: Just sign up for one since the cost of it is pretty much $0. If you don’t like it, you can either cancel (or just leave it open in case they have a good rate later on).

    Richard: I share the pain about the rates, but some still have much more than 2%, and they all still beat the 0% at my local bank.

    Allison: By market cap, it is the second biggest behind Industrial & Commercial Bank of China I believe. For a while, it was behind Citigroup and Bank of America but we all know what happened to them.

  • Allison says:

    Is HSBC Direct the biggest bank in the world? $1.2 trillion sounds like a lot of assets.

  • Richard says:

    Ben, I have a HSBC account and I can vote for their savings account (if case you need another vote). It works just as well as every other one so it all boils down to the yield for me. It’s sad to see that everyone is lowering their rates but at least this one still has more than 2%+. The worldwide presence like the review says is what drove me to them too.

  • Ben says:

    Like you, everyone of my family members have a HSBC account. They are the only institution my parents would bank with. It’s nice to know that they have more than $1 trillion in assets since I also have some stock in the company.

    I need to check out the online bank though since I wasn’t aware that they have one.

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