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  • webbrowan says:

    it’ll be good for the layperson to see what differences that they get from investing in Goldman now that this avenue for financing savings has opened up for them. Otherwise, it’s just another bank and another account for them!

  • Jacob Erwin says:

    I love GS Bank’s service. It’s not everyday that I can be a customer to a prestiges investment bank with so much history. While all you people are bashing at the firm, I collect my interests just the same.

  • Sedi Bahkti says:

    I don’t care who the company is as long as my money is FDIC insured. I will sign up once they become the yield leader. In the meantime, I’ll keep lurking on their page to check their current rate.

  • Joseph says:

    I’ll check the bank out, sure, but the rate will need to be quite a bit higher than the competition before I consider. The yields are just too low these days for me to be jumping around offerings and I already use Ally Bank at the moment.

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